Mails: If Denmark and Greece can, so can England

Date published: Tuesday 17th November 2015 10:27

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Only one place to start…

Sean Gorman (we will see you in France.) MUFC.  Ireland


Jon Walters, you beautiful, beautiful man.

Also, anyone heard from Jack Grealish?



Jonny Walters,

Jonny bleedin’ Walters,
Never stops,
“Get in there Jonny!”,
Never f*^*in’ falters.
Always goin’,
Hasslin’, pokin’, runnin’,
Runnin on empty but still f%<kin’ goin’.

“Touch of Brady”,
“Head of Giles”,
“Heart of Keano”,
Bit of Rivaldo about him, I reckon.

Jaysus he’s welcome round our’s anytime,
A pint, cup of tea, biscuits, whatever he fuckin’ wants.
Thank the f***in’ lord for that lovely ma of his.
Mary Walters I bet her name was, God bless her.

Sure I can see it now,
We all can see it, 40 shades of green.
Fields of Athenry, Stade de France.
11 green soldiers given’ it socks.
Givin’ the Spanish an awful bloody time.

90th minute,
There he is,
Big Jonny Walters,
Some f**kin’ header,
And some f**kin’ tan.
Dan (Seriously though he’s fu<^*ng brilliant!!) Dublin


More on England
Finally some balanced thinking regarding England from Sarah Winterburn; Dan,  Greenwich and EdQTR. I have long been sick of the ‘England are awful and I am mad’ mantra being spouted, along with the subsequent conclusion that we will never win anything. We used to be very good in ’66 and perhaps in ’90. We have a single trophy to our name. We are not minnows. We are not Man United who’s fans bemoan how they are not the force they used to be. We are in the tier just below the top teams in the world. That’s us. If you can bring yourself to get excited like Ben Doherty then why not?  But why get angry as if we should be better? I am a city fan. I know what it was like to expect nothing. But when we won the FA cup and our first PL trophy, there was no feeling like it, because it was way beyond what a city fan could have dreamed of. England might play a blinder next year, there might be a golden generation just around the corner. Who knows. Let’s not behave like spoilt English brats who are being fed lemons. Wales,  Ireland and N. Ireland can get behind their team and hope. So should we.
Quackeththeduck. (Insert something profound here)


​To Smyth, MUFC (#believe), I actually think you’re slightly pessimistic. England have done well but have just often fallen short. Off the top of my head, since ’96 we’ve beaten Argentina in ’02, Germany in 2000 (but we both went home from the group stage), came so close to France in ’04 (should’ve been up 2-0 but Becks missed a pen that should’ve been a sitter goal for Vassell but Rooney cut inside, then Heskey and Gerrard gift Zidane with a couple moments), and had we won that, we wouldn’t have had to play the hosts and lose on pens. Actually, if we just won ONE penalty shootout in the last five since beating Spain on them who knows what could’ve happened? If Denmark and Greece can win the Euros, England can too.
Adam Corbett


I appreciate I may be late for this, but the piece about the Golden Generation irked me. I’m a member of England fans and have been going to games for well over 10 years now, and I can honestly say that the Sven-Goran Eriksson era was the most dull and depressing football England have ever played. And yes, we under achieved. Big time.

The thing that got me the most was the style of play. We would play against some 5th rate side and pass the ball sideways, sideways again, and then sideways some more. It was so boring. And the result was: as soon as we came up against a semi decent side, but one who on paper that were not as good as us, we would lose. Remember Portugal?!!

To suggest that the players at the time were made to look better by those around them is ridiculous, most of the England players at the time were in the top performers for their clubs – I even used to mock my Liverpool supporting friends by referring to Liverpool as Gerrard. When you look at the team we had there were maybe 3 positions we didn’t have a “world class” option: A goal keeper, a left winger, and a defensive midfielder (I had an argument with my colleague about G Neville, but I’m counting him as WC). And this is after Scholes retired!!

So why do England fans like myself not shout for Roy’s head like with past managers, 3 reasons:

1)      The players now are not as good as those from before, and losing to Spain is not “under achieving”. I expect there would have been a backlash if we failed to qualify for the Euros.

2)      We now actually play football, rather than pass to death sideways.

3)      I’m not a big fan of Roy, but who else is there? BR?
Dan, Afc


Watching the Becks charity match thing, I found myself fuming about the ridiculous notion we have in this country that every single player in form needs to be playing for the national side.

Watching Scholes made me realise that he is, and always was, a number 10. He needed to be up alongside someone (remember his early partnership with Wrighty?), in the action, ghosting around between defence and midfield. We put Lampard in central midfield and shunted Scholes out on the left so we could fit all our “good” players in. WHY?

If England were Spain, we’d end up with a Garth Crooks style shoe-horn team playing 0-10-0 allowing Iniesta, Silva, Mata, Cazorla, Busquets, Alonso, Herrera, Pedro, Fabregas, and Thiago Alcantara to all play.

We don’t HAVE to pick on form. Look at Germany. Would Podolski and Klose have made the England team for the world cup? No way. One was old and out of form, the other just out of form. And yet they play for Germany, and they score for Germany. They understand the system, they fit the team, they do the business.

Mark Thorby, Norwich.


Bring on the relegation battle
If you think professional football or even sport is just about winning then your wrong. Yes the aim is to win but have you seen a one sided game, like England vs San Marino: boring.

Ok i will be honest i am a Chelsea fan, we are not doing great but if we manage to turn it around and battle for a European place (best scenario) or actually have to battle it out with the so called mid table clubs or even continue to be terrible and have a relegation (imagine the excitement for everyone) then i will be happy. Last year was such a full blown conclusion (a bit like watching F1 after the first corner), by the time we were crowned champions the season had drawn to an uneventful end. Football needs to be competitive, hopefully somebody will keep up with Leicester City this year and premiership will continue to surprise us.
George (do i need more brackets) Colchester


Respect Louis
All this flak and criticism towards LVG is getting ridiculous! If Scholesy can do better how about he drops down a league and show us how its done.

Yes LVG’s United play in a more methodical, continental way but that doesn’t mean its a worse playing style. The 2009 PL title win (and many afterwards) were built on 1-0 wins. Under Fergie United weren’t constantly hammering teams 4-0. Any remember us getting outclassed by Bilbao? Narrowly beating Fulham (when Carrick should have conceded a penalty) or Southampton under Poch coming to OT and literally playing us off the park?

LVG is doing exactly as he needs to. At the start of the season he along with most United fans looked at Rooney and Memphis as our main goal scoring threats and expected around 40 goals from them. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked and we’ll be lucky if they get half that amount. So instead LVG has decided to focus on moulding the team into a strong defensive unit – when we do get a goal we can be pretty sure it will lead to 3 points.

The other day I was listening to Schmeichel saying United are an attacking club and any new coach should respect that – that to me is totally ludicrous. The coach has to coach according to his vision, for instance Arsenal could be seen as a defensive team but Wenger didn’t adhere to past traditions he followed his own vision and imprinted his own brand onto the club.

Finally the sheer disrespect of LVG (a multiple title winner) is astonishing. If anything we should be picking his brains on how we can improve our national teams chances because his experience of European, Spanish and German football is probably up there with the best and I bet that knowledge contributed to his own excellent performance in the WC 2014.
Ibrahim (constant criticsm from successful ex players makes us look liver Liverpool – and thats not a good look) Ali Khalid


Just terrible
Reading Mediawatch and Paul Merson suggesting Anthony Marshall playing on the wing makes him look like ‘A fish up a tree’ got me thinking. Is he suggesting Martial is a Perch? #Tumbleweed
Chris ITFC, (Good luck Ireland) Liverpool

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