Mails: In this form, Rooney’s going to the World Cup

Date published: Wednesday 20th December 2017 9:50

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A fair question
What makes you more sad, the big teams not giving a sh*t about the League Cup or the top four getting to the semi-finals without even trying?
Ste McAdam


Rooney must go to the World Cup
After watching the Everton vs Swansea yesterday on Monday evening, with Everton notching up there 4th win in 5 games under Big Sam, it got me thinking why Everton could not start like this from the beginning.

Perhaps Koeman was pointing the finger at some players instead of trying to resolve the problem and control the situation himself, who knows, but managers sure do get it hard considering there job is the most stressful at the club.

I do have to give praise to Rooney though and as a United fan, honestly did not expect him to have 10 goals in 16 league games. Yes, I think 3-4 of them are penalties, but yesterday he missed one at the end of the first half but confidently smashed in the penalty they got in the 2nd half and is just looking much fitter and natural in that No.10 position behind the striker & ahead of midfield.

At first I thought he should of been the main man upfront, but Calvert-Lewin is running his arse off upfront and causing all sorts of problems for defenders, his work ethic is fantastic and it is making space for Rooney in-particular to get into dangerous positions.

If Rooney can finish the season with 20 goals (at the age of 32), Southgate would be a fool not to take him to the World Cup. He doesn’t have to play every game, or be the main man, but his presence alone will help the team for sure and Rooney will most likely understand that.


Good on Sterling for that kind of mental strength
So Raheem Sterling was attacked and insulted racially by another man before the game?
Shocking stuff.

I would not want to have that happen to me, and certainly not to my child, which is always a strong vehicle for practising empathy more effectively.

Indeed, for understanding the concept at all if it seems strange to you at first. I imagine that the perpetrator feels a sense of superiority to Raheem then, and chose to express this through the threat/intimation/initiation of violence and also hurling slurs?

Yeah, you totally proved yourself to be a class above the lad there, by behaving like a violent bigot.
It astounds me how often some people think that type of behaviour is proof of their alleged superior civility, whilst blatantly abandoning much if not all of the tenets of civility.

Raheem really showed good mental strength there on Saturday, and little sign of anxiety. I mean, he could be forgiven for having been rather rattled, or even tainted with a dark combative mood, but instead went about his business like a real pro and someone with mental fortitude hat certainly belies his media persona where we are given the impression mostly of a spoilt brat who isn’t cutting the mustard often enough in an English shirt.

So, well up Raheem and good for you. You and the rest of your beautiful blue sods can stop with all the pretty stuff now though, thank you very much lad. Well, the winning stuff actually.
Manc in SA


Over-celebrating in the EFL Cup
Come on lads, well done and all that and by all means celebrate with your fans but do it with a bit of dignity. You’ve reached the League Cup semi-finals not won the quadruple…yet. What I saw tonight was well OTT for where we are in the season.

Enjoy yourselves but don’t lose the neutrals respect by getting up your arseholes. Because, believe me, if you do, you will!
Chris, Croydon


VAR: The Aussies aren’t impressed
Interesting letter from Humza on the VAR in Germany. The Australian A-league has also implemented VAR this season. The results? Chaotic.

Each week there has been at least one game where controversy has raged over the VAR. Last week was the pinnacle (or nadir). All 5 games had hugely controversial moments thanks to the VAR.

The highlights -a Melbourne City player sent off for an elbow caught by the VAR. A Sydney player was seen stamping on an opponent but it wasn’t acted upon by the VAR. City had a goal given on review with the ball having crossed the line, initially missed by the officials.

– what looked in real time to be a very harsh penalty for hand ball, looked even harsher on replay. The VAR? Didn’t overturn it. Two refs getting it wrong. Newcastle won the game with the last minute penalty.

– Central Coast had not one but two players sent off after their initial yellow cards were reviewed. The first was probably correct, the second a terrible decision, the farce extended by both decisions taking 3+ minutes. The ref making the “tv signal” before reviewing the monitor and again before producing the red capping off the shambles. Even a Western Sydney player was heard imploring the ref to “get on with the game” as the second incident was about to be reviewed, even though he knew it may have prevented his team gaining an advantage. Of course the worst foul of all, by a Western Sydney player, wasn’t upgraded to a red.

In almost all of the above scenarios the biggest issue for fans was how long it takes for decisions to be made. The game is grinding to a halt.

I, and many others, barely celebrated Newcastle’s first goal, fearing it would be ruled out for offside. Then when it becomes clear the goal stands it’s too late to celebrate wildly! Imagine it, fans all over the league reporting their celebrations after EVERY goal are muted while they wait for the “goal” to be confirmed.

A number of goals have been rescinded, some spectacular, as footage of the 10-20 seconds leading up to the goal is reviewed.

Overall? It’s a disaster here, simply because the same refs who have dubious decision making have shown that even with time and replays they still make mistakes. The joy of scoring is being affected. Refereeing is just as inconsistent as before, but the game has slowed and refs have lost their defence, “real time”, or “game speed”.

Oh, and showman refs are in their element, making the dreaded “tv signal” , touching their ears to show they are listening to the upstairs ref, then the dramatic run to the monitor to review. I can only imagine the Latin refs at the World Cup!

Be careful what you wish for.
Adam Whitemore (not being able to celebrate goals!)


And a few replies to Dave
Poor Dave from Stoke. He is terrified of VAR. He brings up all the potential problems with VAR that have been discussed and dissected time and time again, brushing over the lack of issues these potential problems have created since VAR’s successful use in the Bundesliga. Dave calls the success “apparent”, indicating that he does not watch the Bundesliga and hasn’t seen just how successful VAR has been. Key, match defining decisions are made and overturned through VAR with minimal fuss, and I can’t recall any decision made through VAR that I disagree with.

Dave probably has memories of VAR’s disastrous introduction to football from the recent Confederations Cup, after which I was strongly opposed to it. However, seeing how much it has improved the Bundesliga I have been forced to change my tune


I agree that soccer doesn’t have as many natural breaks in play as some other sports. They will have to find some way around this when implementing VAR. One idea is that they could allow the referees to use their own discretion as to when to stop play (similar to how referees can choose to call a foul or play on). Maybe another contributor has a better idea.

The main reason for writing in, however, is to convey utter disbelief that Dave, Wherever thinks soccer is the only sport with contentious decisions. I don’t know too much about tennis, but in cricket and rugby there are often instances of debatable decisions *despite* the use of VAR. For example, the grounding of the ball when scoring a try or taking a catch cleanly in the slips. In these instances, VAR can’t give a yes or no answer – the final decision remains the decision of the refereeing team. VAR is simply a tool they can use to try to make the best decision possible.

All sport has grey areas. VAR won’t change that. However, considering the amount of flak referees have been getting lately, why would you want to give them the best opportunity to get these “grey area” decisions right while also reducing the number of obvious errors?
Thomas, Korea (the free one)


Natural breaks in the game already happen. Pretty much at any time, the referee can stop the game and ask the assistant on what happened. I rather take a video replay than a linesman. Yes, VAR will probably make it happen more often but it’s not a totally alien concept.

And yes, you are right that certainty isn’t going to exist in 100% is the situations. But personally if it brings in more correct decisions in the times where it is, then it an improvement as far as I’m concerned.

And yes I agree I don’t think it’s going to give the illusion of certainty personally. Replays still exist, and for entertainment people will watch them and debate and get angry at VAR. But like I said, an improvement in correct decisions for some instances will will be an improvement.
Yaru, Malaysia


Drunken mailboxing!
With Christmas coming up, I thought I’d ask mailboxers an odd question because I consider you some sort of odd second family. Have any of you after a rough night out ever opened the mailbox looking for nothing more than a little break from work only to see your mail that was likely written during the witching hour in that moment when you decided to switch from beer to liquor?

The opinions so strong and passionate at night always show a few gaps between the teeth the next morning, and I think my first thought is always, “Oh no, someone named Peter is going to eviscerate me for this stupidity.”
Niall, Denver


I actually just think he’s very good
As it’s Christmas and we are once again awash with talk of Jedi and Sith, as is now tradition for this time of year, it occurred to me that Daniel Storey and I need to duke it out in a lightsaber battle, for we are opposite sides of the same coin.

For I am Luke and he is Vader when it comes to our ratings of Romelu Lukaku. He doesn’t realise it yet, but one day, after cutting off my hand, he will realise I am right and see the light side of the force; Lukaku is sh*t.

It’ll all wind up with him chucking Sarah Winterburn down the lift shaft at 365 Towers.
Lewis, Busby Way (Jonny Nic will be Chewy)

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