Is Glenn Hoddle the worst pundit of all?

Date published: Sunday 9th October 2016 11:35

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Resign, Gareth
Gareth Southgate needs to resign now. He can then legitimately claim to be the England manager with the best record. P1 W1 GD +2.
TunaStubbs, Aberdeenshire.


Glenn f***ing Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle. Glenn f***ing Hoddle. What did we do to deserve this?

Seriously, I know Robbie Savage was crowned the worst pundit in the country last week, but Hoddle was robbed. The man cannot bare to offer any constructive criticism, particularly when it comes to Rooney.

And to think, he is one of the favourites for the England job. I despair…
Tim, Boston


F*** Jesse Lingard (not really)
Did Sarah Winterburn just write nice words about Jesse Lingard? Please don’t let Matt Stead see that, he might explode!
Rob, Guangzhou


Calling Guy
Has anyone seen Guy S?

Seriously, I haven’t seen him comment on anything (that I remember) since Southgate got the England job… could Guy S be a not-actually-that-subtle pseudonym?

It is strange how Southgate’s ‘why boo? I’m not sure how that will help him’ so neatly echoes Guy… And he DID pick a solid looking lineup, plus Rooney…
Rick (we’ve had crazier theories on 365!) Andrews


Shame on you, ITV
Blimey. The constant references of Giggs “coaching” Lingard when he was aged 10 and giving Giggs the opportunity to say Swansea were not ambitious enough for him. During AN ENGLAND WORLD CUP QUALIFIER!

ITV, shame on you!
Naz, Gooner.


Pundits and plaudits
Reading the mailbox of the last few days has made me realize how charmed I am to live far, far away from the reach of Chris Sutton, Robbie Savage, Michael Owen and the rest of that sad league of twunts – as much as I’m surprised that the excellent Mr. Nicholson has put some effort into defending them (an expert witness, delivering them clueless into the arms of the jury, if ever there was).

I think Peter G across the other side of the country in Pennsylvania might agree – NBC do a rather splendid job of delivering the entire Premier League line up, live, every match, HD, every week, and the quite excellent team of Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Mustoe, Robbie Earl and Kyle Martino providing pre-game, half-time and post-game analysis.

The only dark cloud on the horizon is sadly the idiotic and patronizing “Men In Blazers” duo of Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, but happily their show is shunted off to the nether regions of the network so I never have to watch it (I just have to mute the trailers when they come on).

I get my post-game from F365’s articles and editorial, from the excellent mailbox and the comments (50-50 insightful-to-idiotic, but where would you be without balance). I can read Mediawatch if I feel I’m missing out, but that doesn’t happen very often. OK, never.

If I want to read 2,786 comments saying basically the same thing, I can pop over to the online Guardian or Daily Telegraph and read what the the foamers have to say over there, but there’s a reason F365 is in my browser favorites and my first stop in the morning, and it’s all to do with Matt Stead, John Nicholson, Sarah Winterburn et al; the mailbox MC and yes, even Ed Quoth and Paula n’ Andy (I want to go to Polly’s Knitting Corner one day).

Bottom line – I never have to hear, see or read any drivel from those little bollix. It’s just that I feel the pain of the mailboxers who do have to put up with that every day.

Start a campaign to throw them out – call it Twuntxit.
Steve (Happy Birthday, Diego!) Los Angeles


More on pundits
Dear Mr Editor,

I know you are inundated with Irish people advising you of how much better the analysts in Ireland are (particularly those on RTE) than those in the U.K. and, while I agree that often there is an element of green tinted glasses tainting the reality, David O’s pundit XI, which included Kevin Kilbane gave me cause for thought.

On the BBC our friend Kilbane can be as bland as the best of them (well anything bar Al) but he also works for Irish radio this side of the Irish Sea where he quite often shares anecdotes & insights into the mentality of the approach and preparation to games, differentiating between the, quite rightly self deprecating & admittedly, average player such as himself and those he played who much greater ability than himself, as well as discussing the tactics and motivational techniques, good and bad, of the different managers he worked under during his career.

Mr Souness also springs to mind as someone who doesn’t say a whole lot when on Sky (albeit he says a lot more than 90% of his contemporaries) but who, when he works on Irish TV during the summer for Euro/WC tournaments, unleashes criticism that is invariably harsh, scathing and accurate.

The point of this nonsense (as I wait in a pub for a friend who should’ve been here 90 odd minutes ago (apt indeed)) is that I think the real cause for the unbridled beigeness that pervades British media lies not with the pundits but the producers who dictate the content of the programming.

And now that I realise I have defended the utterly indefensible in Shearer et al (too many individuals to name) I think I shall retire and cry!!
Matt Roberts


Much love for Kloppo
While watching the Brazil v Bolivia last night I had the same familiar thought creep into that back of my mind which has plagued Liverpool fans for the past few seasons. Liverpool had better win the league this year or Coutinho is gonna go.

Then I think of the style of football Liverpool are currently playing and I am instantly at ease. No longer are Liverpool reliant on one player.

Watching Lallana, one of our most important and impressive players this season, go down last weekend brought a sense of dread. To watch Klopp bring in Sturridge and make small positional adjustments to those on the field and watch Liverpool continue on as if nothing had happened made me realize something serious is going on with the club now.

Then my mind started to wander. I wonder how much we could get for Coutinho? 60 mil? 70 mil? 80mil? That’s not to say I want Liverpool to sell Coutinho. Clearly Liverpool are a better team with him right now than without him.

If he were to go though the money in Klopp’s hands could turn Liverpool into a real force. It is clear through observation and results that Klopp knows the kind of player he needs to get his system running.

Liverpool currently has a world class manager who can raise the level of players within the squad. Liverpool has a world class manager who I can relate to on a fanatic fan level. Liverpool has a world class manager who isn’t going to pick up sticks and leave.

Consistency is the most important thing in football and right now Liverpool has it in spades.
Brian (Joe Allen scoring against United…you couldn’t write that sh*t hahaha) LFC


Raymond the fitness egg
I read ‘Naz, Gooner’s’ mail regarding Raymond Verheijen aka ‘Professor Hindsight’, with interest.

He has bugged me for quite a while now. I understand he is a former international coach and he lectures all over the world, but I have a real dislike for how he simply attributes his theories to all and sundry without really ever being called into question or asked to explain his comments.

Other than Guardiola, he has been pretty outspoken about Pochettino and Klopp in the media recently, criticising their approaches to fitness and tactics and attributing injuries to tiredness and the hectic fitness schedules etc. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m sure the contributors to the mailbox will, but Pochettino’s injury record in charge of Spurs has been nothing short of staggering. I can’t think of a single serious injury we’ve had at the club since he took over that could be attributed to the high levels of cardio exercise he demands in training and in matches. Players who have been injured tend to be those players who suffer with niggly injuries, like Dembele with his hamstrings, or Vertonghen away at Palace last season, when he went for a header and a player landed on him.

The same can be said for Klopp. I can’t think of a long term high profile absentee since he took over, other than Sturridge who is made of tracing paper. Quite happy for Liverpool fans to correct me on this.

The annoying thing is, he piped up after Kane got injured. He twisted his ankle running at speed. It was a freak accident that can happen in any match to any player at any club, yet he’s allowed to yap on, with literally no real insight into our training methods other than ‘from a distance’ and bring manager’s methods into question. He never makes comments before something happens, always reacts to things that happen and reports on them without context.

I think he has an overblown sense of his own importance. His ‘groundbreaking’ theory that players who play more games over a short period of time will be more tired is fair enough, but it’s a broad brush stroke summary theory that is always going to have many exceptions. If he’s so confident in his football periodization theories I would have liked him to put his opinion out there before the event. Pochettino played the same tactics at Southampton, where he also had a superb injury record ‘coincidentally”, so where was Raymondo when Poch was appointed? The same applies to Klopp. I don’t remember Eggboy chirping up then and voicing his concerns.

Raymond, if you’re reading this, which is unlikely as you haven’t written it, lets hear some wisdom before the event, rather than just stating the bleeding obvious. That’s the difference between an excellent coach, and Jamie Redknapp.

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