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Date published: Thursday 30th January 2020 9:14

If you have anything to add, you know what to do – mail


Liverpool’s levels
This Liverpool team just keep taking the game of football to never before seen levels. Surely nothing encapsulates this more that TAA last night. Back to goal, in his own box he’s thinking: “What’s the quickest way to start a counter attack? Turn and pass? No. Too slow.” So what does he do? Smash the ball against his own post, allowing it to fall to a team mate and start a counter-attack. Truly, football is being taken to new heights.
Mike, LFC, London


…I wanted to write this down in case it helps out any of the other 19 managers in the league.

Corner for Liverpool = Clear Goalscoring Chance for Liverpool

Corner for Anyone Else = Clear Goalscoring Chance For Liverpool
Ryan C, LFC


Where are we?
Lfc are on 70 points after 24 games. That’s double the number of points of teams fifth and below.

Average points per game: 2.92. That’s like having a near perfect GPA in school

Liverpool lead City 70-51. That’s like a lopsided basketball score.


we got held to a replay by Shrewsbury, who would have won but for some great saves by our keeper.

We got trounced by Villa 5-0 in the other cup.

We failed to beat Napoli in the CL.

And most importantly, we haven’t won anything yet. (This season)
(Keeping fingers cautiously crossed till win #8 is in the bag. 30 years of scars is a loooooong time).


Liverpool fans need to step up
The FA Cup replay against Shrewsbury give the Liverpool supporters a great opportunity to step up and make several large statements…

Make the match a sell-out and you can achieve the following all in one night.

Show you support Jurgen’s decision on player welfare.

Show the kids that you really do think that they are the future of your club.

Say thank you to FSG for considering you when they lowered the prices for the game.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY show massive respect for Shrewsbury AND boost their financial coffers at the same time.

What a great opportunity to show what type of supporters you really are.
Mike, Australia


Man United musings
On the thugs and those condoning their actions in yesterday’s mailbox: Like racism there is absolutely no room for your actions or opinions…do one

On the actual game yesterday
The right result – at this moment City still edge Utd a bit. The gap is not the decade some are making it out to be. So coming close but just missing out is just about right.

Finally it happened – time will really tell if this works out. Hopefully should mean Lingard is out the door in the summer with Andreas ‘I play well while on tour or three games a season’ not too far behind.

Now that’s sorted we do kind of need a fourth striker – one who is a bit more independent than Rashford/Martial – hopefully we get someone this window.

Changing the League Cup
Here’s my suggestion – do the draw for the first few rounds, at the same time and have every team complete up to the round of 16 before the season starts, with the option to play abroad. Start the quarters when the season commences and give teams the option to play the semi-final as a one-off. Final is done before end of December.

Advantage include: You can determine, who you need to offload and what your team needs as the first few rounds are before the window closes, opens up a few days during the season for a proper rest. Tournament is over before January, reducing any fixture congestion in the business end of the season .
Roode, MUFC


A dressing-down of Jesse Lingard
When we played ‘the rondo’, (we didn’t call it the rondo, I think it was two-touch something). Anyway, as pants as we were at it compared to kids these days, we realized just because a fellow player had sent a ball your way, it didn’t mean you had save said player by struggling to control an over hit, inaccurate ball and getting caught out, and thus spending the better part of 2-3 minutes chasing a ball.

I felt the same way watching Lingard and comparing him to De Bruyne in yesterday’s match. I thought they were expected to play similar roles and be the creative forces on the respective teams.

Lingard does a lot of flicks, a lot of one touch back to the sender stuff, and can’t seem to be able to control, turn and release. The problem is, his flicks and one touch isn’t very good, it’s damn near awful really. I look at KDB, he doesn’t play at Lingard’s pace but plays fast enough where a move that passes through KDB is way faster than one that goes through Lingard. He takes and uses those 2-3 seconds the defence give him to make a better decision.

Lingard just instinctively moves the ball, never really taking those milliseconds to decide the best option immediately or even try to determine the best eventual outcome of the play, he basically, rarely takes charge. Which is a shame really, add an Eriksen level control and Lingard with his energy would be phenomenal. He is really the last remaining PFM sort of characters in the league. A whole lot of pashun, but don’t seem to realize they all simply spilling energy.
Dave (Coulda been an Iniesta of sorts), Somewhere


Man United have no control
I’m a nice man. An optimist. We all know where Utd are, compared to City but before the gallant defeat that Ole fans write in about, let me add some realism.

In 180 minutes of football, Utd had 5 shots on target to City’s 9. That’s pretty close. 3-2 to City it was close, wasn’t it. Wasn’t it?

City controlled those games, if they were ever in trouble they would have just upped a couple of gears. Just like Liverpool did, and do the damage they needed to do. When you have an advantage, these days, it seems the best thing is to look after it.

The problem is, Utd are playing at desperate full throttle and Ole is buying into the fact that Utd are close. He said that Utd have beaten City twice in six weeks. Nobody can argue with that, but if you kicked WhoScored and Opta square in the nuts and actually watched football with your eyes, you would see how far Utd are behind.

City should have hammered Utd in the league game (look at the possession and chances) and should have been at least 5-0 up in the first leg of the cup.

I’m not complaining (I am), keep Ole in the job as long as possible. These little, brave victories (losses) are just what will sink this ship if they keep him in charge.
Jimmy (Did Liverpool play tonight?) Spain




Pep is a cheat
It’s only half time in the United/City game, so I am currently encouraged by how it’s going.

The purpose of this mail is to point out how much I hate Pep Guardiola’s brand of football.

Seven fouls (given – obviously should have been more) to United’s four, despite almost double the possession. Not a single booking, despite every single one of them being a cynical attempt to stop a break.

Doubly so when it’s against my team, but it’s immensely frustrating to watch – I hate it. I hate it now at City, I hated it when he was at Barcelona and for the life of me I don’t understand how he still gets away with it after 12 years of senior management.

If every City foul that should be booked got booked they’d end most games with more than 1 red – Nicolas Otamendi in particular, would not make it to the end of any fixture…

Playing against City is like playing with a hand tied behind your back – the refs are so accustomed to Pep’s shenanigans that they bizarrely have a much higher threshold before they actually give a foul, and it basically has to be the last man denying a clear goal scoring opportunity before they’ll consider pulling out the yellow – it’s a bit like how Tony Pulis’ Stoke team was so aggressive they basically had to break a leg before the referees would blow for a foul.

I know people will say Pep is just exploiting a weakness in the rules and should be lauded, but I’m not having it. It’s cheating and his tactics just wouldn’t work without it – if the rules were properly enforced he’d have to find another way to earn a living.
Andy (MUFC)


Ta-ra Lucio
So yesterday some news that went under the radar was Brazil, Inter, Bayern and Bayer Leverkusen legendary defender Lucio announced his retirement from football and the age of 41, he won multiple Bundesliga titles, the World Cup in 2002 and was part of the Treble winning Inter side of 09/10, an incredible legend of the game.

It made me wonder, which players did fellow Mailboxers not realise were still playing and hadn’t retired yet?
Mikey, CFC

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