Mails: Jose needs to adapt or leave Man United

Date published: Monday 1st January 2018 11:15

Happy New Year everybody. Let’s start with a Mailbox full of angry Arsenal fans and more. Mail


Mourinho needs to change or go…
Happy New Year to all at F365 and readers alike!

Niceties over, I’ll start 2018 by moving firmly into the ‘Mourinho out’ camp unless he can adapt, an attribute Fergie cites as his most important. I’ll bullet point this to minimise my usual rambling.

– you can’t put players on the naughty step, refuse to play them and then bring them back and expect seamless transition. Shaw and Mikhi are the victims, Mikhi was desperate to impress against Saints.

– Drogba was a one-off, expecting Lukaku to be the same player won’t work and having hardly any game plan to cross the ball doesn’t give him practice at taking chances.

– we have the players to counter-attack at pace but your negative safety first approach is obvious in our slow transition forwards. Change this or we will drop like a stone.

– stop blaming players, refs, fixtures, the opposition, the weather, lack of funds, the transfer market or previous managers for your issues. It’s getting boring.

Fix these issues and I may start to believe. Maybe.
Paul, Man Utd


Stop writing about the biggest club in England who are faltering!
Why are you so heavily linked to Man Utd?! I’m sorry but it’s over the top even if they might be possibly, slightly more popular then Liverpool and Arsenal. I mean seriously why sooo much coverage?
Bill in Vancouver


The Premier League is FIXED
After watching happenings in the last few weeks, I come to the conclusion that the league is fixed! The pundits, the media, the FA and all the other teams want City to win.

Forget the lucky last minute winners for five consecutive games. The biggest evidence of fixing is when Palace have a penalty that shall cut City’s lead by 1 point and the idiot hits the worst penalty in history. Blast the ball to the roof of the net damn it! If you have to go middle then hit it high. Why was this Palace idiot even taking the penalty when we had players like Benteke, Zaha, Townsend, Cabaye and Puncheon?

It is disgusting seeing teams putting 10 players behind the ball when playing against Man U and fighting to score last minute goals but against City the effort disappears and they concede with ease. We could be talking about 5 points ahead had the 5 or so teams held on for draws against City. But NO! City has to score last minute to underline their status as the greatest team in the history of the world!

And what would the media say today ?
City was tired…
They were unlucky not to win…
The penalty was a dive….
Sometimes you win some and lose some…

When the same draw happens to Man U against a lucky Leicester, an overly defensive Burnley and a defensive Southampton the same media and pundits shall roast Mourinho for being as poor as LVG and Moyes.

If teams gave city the same effort they give Man U this league would be an open affair.

However this is a fixed league.

Utterly annoying.
Abner (Nakuru-Kenya), incensed Man U fan


Man United cannot topple City through spending
United will only ‘overtake’ City in footballing terms if City self-destruct. It will never happen due to actions United can take. To try a very simple analogy, imagine you own a successful sandwich store. You have loyal customers, a great location and have had success for years. Tidy turnover, best sandwiches in town.

Then in comes a new enterprise, owned by a billionaire’s son. They build a facility twice the size of yours, with twice the technology. They import the finest ingredients every day. They hire and pay staff twice what you’re paying, so half of your staff are considering leaving. And while you’ve still got some loyal customers, new folks to the area are drawn to the bright lights and nicer digs.

Your options are simple: you can keep going as you are, ‘milking the asset’, spending what needs to be spent and posting a nice profit, and accept that you’re now the second best. Or you can try to seek new financing, leverage your own house, claw together every penny and hope that maybe for a year or two with huge spending and debt you can take back the number one spot. But knowing that the son can always just double what you’ve spent, because Daddy has had a good year in the markets.

You’d never invest. It is a fool’s errand trying to spend against City. They will always win. Arsene gets this. FSG gets it. Even Abramovich gets it. And I guarantee big Ed gets it, on behalf of the red-haired goblins he’s beholden to.
Ryan (happy New Year, it’s just sandwiches, erm, football!)

Wow to Hodgson

Where the hell was this guy when he was managing England? Or Liverpool for that matter?

Still can’t stand him, but credit where it’s due. He came *that* close to beating City, in a season where that’s one damn difficult thing to do.

He’s worked wonders at Palace so far, much to my complete and total amazement. My memory fails me ( middle-age) , but I think the Ed said in reply to one of my Hodgson hating mails a while back that Roy would be a good fit for Palace. But this good?

Football. Funny old game.
James, Liverpool


Raging at Mike Dean
As an Arsenal fan, I feel I have every right to be angry about that atrocious penalty decision by one of Arsenal fans’ favourite referees, however, a draw was a fair result and that is not my issue with Mike Dean on this occasion.

My issue actually is regarding Cech’s yellow card. From what Petr said after the game he politely asked the referee why he gave it and subsequently got booked for doing so. I can believe he was polite because the man comes across like that and I say well done for raising his disappointment about how rude Dean was !

Dean needs to be disciplined and suspended…. not because of the extremely poor decision but for bringing the game into disrepute for his condescending attitude .
Chris, Croydon


…It’s obvious that Arsenal won’t win anything until they learn to raise their game against Mike Dean. Over the last ten years, Dean has got the better of Arsenal more times than not.

Today, once again, Dean just wanted it more and took his chance when it came. If Arsenal had taken their chances with the same efficiency, they could have come away with all three points.

Oh well, happy New Year.


…I have completely had it with Mike f***ing Dean and his joke decisions. That was an absolute disgrace of a decision. The whole game goes by without Dean being the center of attention for once (obviously took offense to F365 removing the “Where’s Mike Dean” section) and he had to steal the spotlight. The only thing bigger than the man’s incompetence is his ego.

I don’t care if referee’s have a tough job, that was not a tough decision. The fact that it stole two points from Arsenal will prove decisive at the end of the season (they finished last season one point behind top four). And you can bet joke decisions like these would be forgotten.

VAR can’t f***ing come soon enough. The sooner it comes and puts on a check on these incompetent or egotistical tw*ts, the better off the game would be.
Falooda in NY (bring on technology in the game, f**k tradition)


…The sooner we get it the better. It’s a hard job being a ref so they should get all the help they can.

That said, Mike Dean can f*** right off. Had to have the last say in 2017 didn’t he.


No value for money in top-six football
One aspect of team’s tactics against the top six by defending deep with no ambition is that spectators who have seats at one end only get half a game to enjoy.

I took my brother to Wembley recently to see Spurs struggle to break down a dogged West Brom.

We had seats near one corner so for one half we could see Spurs clever interplay getting them nowhere very fast but at least we could see it.

In the other half the same thing was happening but we could hardly make out what was going on. West Brom only ventured into the Spurs half twice in the second period.

The home side will always attack the away side but normally fans can expect to see the occasional counter attack or even a period of sustained pressure by the away side, but it is all too common now for away teams to just stay put on the edge of their own penalty area in the hope of gaining a precious point.

I understand that it is a legitimate game plan and it is Spurs’ job to break the opposition down but it is actually quite boring to watch, and primarily only visible for one half, which is my point. £60 for a decent view for 45 minutes?

OK maybe it was less entertaining on this occasion because Spurs were pants on that day and if I had gone the games where we spanked teams I wouldn’t be writing this.

Have any other fans felt short changed by this attack versus defence game?
Roger, THFC

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