Laughing at Peak Spurs and Peak Arsenal

Date published: Monday 16th May 2016 9:30

Keep them coming to


Second nothing to celebrate but…
I will start by saying we shouldn’t be celebrating second place (even though its our best finish since 2005) or finishing above Spurs because this should have been a season where we were challenging for top spot.

However, it’s hard not to smile at the fact that there is a team out there that are even bigger bottlers than we are, and its our neighbors. Peak Spurs anyone?

This also brings into perspective all the praise that has been heaped on Spurs this season and all the players they got into the team of the season while our best player was snubbed. I realise our expectations should be higher than theirs but the team of the season should not be based on expectations but on actual performances.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC


No way Arsene will buy a striker now
Giroud scores a hat-trick.
Arsenal secure the second-place trophy and finish above Tottenham.
Wenger won’t replace him now.
I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.
Eoin (we will speak of this season fondly in years to come, I’m glad I was around for it) Ireland


The more things change…
Tottenham: somehow managing to trip over their shoelaces to end up disappointing everyone despite having a great season.

Arsenal: A great performance too late to actually achieve anything, their fans delighted to win a ‘trophy’ that doesn’t exist.

Plus ça change.
Tim Sutton


Just don’t blame Pochettino
Might just have been the Spursiest thing ever, out-bottling Arsenal, giving them second place, and getting absolutely smashed 5-1 by 10-men Newcastle. I just hope there won’t be a #PochOut brigade starting, because we all know it’s the players’ fault, but seriously this was abysmal. Fair play to Newcastle, besides the obvious dive + pen, hope Benitez stays and you come back to the Prem in a year.

Spurs had a decent season, especially great in January and February, and dreadful in May. Players went on holiday after the Stoke trashing. Can’t seem to do well without Dembélé. There’s a lot to do this summer, and I hope Poch and Levy are up for the occasion with many new signings. Meanwhile, Arsenal will get another season with Wenger and Giroud, since they’ll all forget about #WengerOut after today. Enjoy St. Totteringham Day, by the way. I’m resigned. ‘Till next year.
John Blakeway


Some obligatory laughing at Tottenham
Spurs, hahahahahahahahaha


Malcolm, AFC


…Peak Spurs?
Martin Mannion


…I thought after a night’s sleep it would pass but no, Arsenal ending up finishing ahead of Spurs is hilarious.

Genuinely and absolutely hilarious.

Never change, Spurs. The world needs you to be like this.
Kevin Walsh, Luimneach


…As we’ve been hearing all season, just think what this incredible Spurs team could do when all the big teams aren’t having an off season simultaneously. Special indeed.
Dom (Tottenham Hahahahahotspur) Littleford


…Normal service has been resumed. Happy St Totteringhams day everyone. We’re sorry it’s so late this year.
Jon (the more things change…), Boston


A neutral view on St Totteringham
Keeping in mind the expectations of the clubs, Arsenal have had a disappointing season and Spurs have had a good one, with a very disappointing end.

Last week we saw quite a few mails criticizing Spurs for potentially celebrating finishing above Arsenal. Now we see a lot of people rubbing it in their face that they bottled it. When will we stop telling others what is worth celebrating and what is not worth celebrating?
Sasank (Am I allowed to be happy if Man United win by something less than 19-0 on the final day?)


Arsenal should be ashamed
So, I’m a Villa fan, which essentially means I’ve spent the last season watching everyone else as my team have been an abomination…I’ve always had a fondness for Arsenal and Wenger, although even I now see Mr Wenger is what has held the club back these last four years…but today, I think the Arsenal fans need to pipe down and stop getting on at the Spurs…it’s a bit pathetic.

You’ve beaten Spurs to second place, well done, but you’ve lost the easiest chance to win the Premier League you’ll ever get and it was YOU that blew it. As soon as the pressure was on, you choked, numerous times…as soon as the pressure was off, you managed to save some of your blushes. Today is a prime example, against my beloved Villa, who are a bag of dog poo, you were barely good value for your slim 1-0 lead (remember, you’re playing the worst team in the league here) and looking uncomfortable…as soon as Spurs looked to be out of the running…BANG! You score three goals (Olivier Giroud is crap, scoring three against Villa is nothing to be proud of.)

Mock Spurs because you finished above them, but let’s be honest with each other here, you once again choked when it matter and will once again settle for Champions League qualification…a slight improvement in league position, which is mainly due to everyone else being scared of winning the league this year…and the same glaring inadequacies that everyone, (even my wife, who knows nothing about football, can see now…she watches Match of the Day about three times a year and she’s picked up on it!) has seen for years are still there.

Enjoy your bags of money and failure, at least your finishing above Spurs seems to be more important that being worst of the top four most years.

As a final thought, as good as the Villa away fans are, can we all stop trying to claim we’re “still classy”, “pride of the Midlands” or “only going for a year”…we’re relegated as possibly the worst team ever in the premier league (Derby were a promoted team not equipped properly)…we should just keep our heads down to avoid embarrassment.

Oh yeah and if Jack Wilshere goes to the Euros and someone like Danny Drinkwater misses out, it’s a disgrace, he’s played a few more Premier League minutes than I have this year!!!

Andrew [enter witty remark here] the Villa fan


Never mind Peak Spurs, this was Peak Arsenal
A few months ago I wrote in about how it would be peak Arsenal if we finished above Chelsea, Liverpool, Man UTD and Man City, yet still somehow not win the league.

Here’s the thing, it wasn’t meant to be a prophecy. It was supposed to be joke, and at the time we were sitting somewhat awkwardly pretty at the top of the pile.

Yet in true Arsenal fashion, we found a way to p*** it all down the drain. The championship was there for the taking, even those we would tradionally call our rivals seemed to agree that we should win, and they showed their agreement by proceeding to be different shades of sh*t through out the season. But nooo that’s not the Wenger way, we must be a disappointment and make men question their lives once more. In what universe is Giroud a championship-winning striker?? Or Theo Baby face Walcott for that matter??

I’m still angry, hoping for Wenger to just go and leave my poor broken heart alone. But a bright ray of sunshine at the end of the season, happy Saint Totteringham’s day to one and all may your summer be filled with greater cheer than you had this season.
Zak AFC, Nigeria (A disenchanted fan)


…Those celebrating St Totteringham’s day or whatever it’s called are entirely missing the point.

Other than bragging rights, what exactly have Arsenal gained over Spurs? We both have automatic Champions League places.

We may have finished above them but they were the last team the leave the chase for the title and for me, that is what really happens.

Spurs really went for the league this season and left it all on the field when they played Chelsea. They were understandably heartbroken after that match, having given their all and failed.

I would love Arsenal to have that sort of mentality but we don’t. Our players run round our ground patting themselves on the back for finishing second.

True winners don’t celebrate second place.

Spurs will be rightly disappointed and charting a path to another title challenge, while Arsenal will they’ve done ever so well, forget everything that’s happened this season and then proceed to make precisely the same mistakes next season.

So celebrate St Totteringham’s day if you want – I didn’t – the real winners in North London are Spurs and not Arsenal.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


A bit of both
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2015/16 Barclays Premier League Runners-up: Arsenal Football Club.

Question: is that ‘peak Spurs’ or is it ‘peak Arsenal’?
Steve, LFC. (London via Bootle – fire up that open top bus Arsenal).


Sign up Koeman now
The crawl towards fourth is finally over, and once the FA Cup final is played United may finally say goodbye to Louis Van Dull. Surely there is no longer a chance that he’ll stay on as manager.

Mourinho will probably get the job, to the dismay of some fans and the rejoice of others, but I feel that Koeman should at least be considered by the United board. Despite several high-profile sales in the last two transfer windows (Lambert, Lallana, Shaw, Clyne, Chambers, Schneiderlin), Koeman has led Southhampton to 7th (their highest-ever finish in the PL until this season) and they currently sit at fifth with sixth being the lowest they can finish. He also has a decent managerial record elsewhere with three Eredivisies and a Copa Del Rey to his name.

Hire him and United get a much more likeable manager who’s proven himself in the EPL, and one who’ll actually see that Schneiderlin is better than Fellaini and Carrick. With a decent amount of exciting young players (Martial, Rashford, Fosu-Mensah, Shaw, CBJ) and a few players desperate to do a lot better next season (Darmian, Memphis, Schneiderlin, Herrera), Koeman could have a very good first season at United, especially since he will be given a budget the likes of which he’s never seen before.

Koeman could even finish above United this season with a much weaker squad. Sign him up now.
Gaaavie, Cape Town


Final-day thoughts from Ed…
* Well done to Southampton, they’re a very good side with some exciting players. They’re very well organised and found several different ways to beat Crystal Palace yesterday.

* The foul for the penalty was outside the box, and there was a shove on a defender for the second goal. Disappointing, but ultimately not worth complaining about. Luckily, our one remaining game this season is against a team who don’t have a long and storied history of officials giving them soft decisions in big games. Oh…

* On the subject of the FA Cup Final, rescheduling Manchester United versus AFC Bournemouth for tomorrow means Marouane Fellaini will be available for Wembley.

* There were two positives from the game from a Palace perspective: Sullay Kaikai’s debut and assist, and Julian Speroni equalling the club record for appearances by a goalkeeper.

Kaikai has been on loan at Shrewsbury Town for most of the season, where he scored 12 goals in 26 games and made it onto the shortlist for League One Player of the Year. He’s a bright prospect and hopefully he’ll be in contention to feature next season.

Speroni, as you don’t need me to tell you, is beloved of Palace fans for how he stuck with the club through some incredibly low times (e.g. administration), and his consistent goalkeeping was one of the main reasons we were able to win promotion, so it was nice to see him match the number of John Jackson. As an aside, people of Twitter, calling Speroni our ‘most appeared goalkeeper’ does not make sense in English.

* The other thing that the last day of the season is good for, is reminding yourself who’s still at the club and probably shouldn’t be. The Palace side, featuring several changes, saw starts for Adrian Mariappa, Jordon Mutch and Emmanuel Adebayor, while Lee Chung-yong, Paddy McCarthy, Fraizer Campbell and Martin Kelly. With one exception, you can’t fault their application, but none of them should really play much of a part in a team that should be looking to finish mid-table and whose manager mentions Europe.

* Any Arsenal fan celebrating ‘St Totteringham’s Day’ should probably take a good look at themselves, and remember that they only got to ‘celebrate’ such an ‘achievement’ on the last day of the season. Third place for Hotspur still, overall, constitutes a good season, but second for Arsenal, in a season when Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United have all been so far off the pace, constitutes an underwhelming season.

* Bit harsh on Gillingham in 16 Conclusions – worth pointing out that the first few years of those were under the control of Tony Pulis, but what makes the continued rise even more impressive was that first Peter Taylor and then Andy Hessenthaler were in charge. In the season before Pulis took charge, the Gills finished 19th in Division 3; at the end of their sequence they were 11th in the Championship, a rise of 56 places.
The literary Ed Quoththeraven (it’s not a character, just a sequence of phonetic sounds that looks good on a t-shirt)


Poor by Sunderland fans, that
Couldn’t they at least have come up with a good pun for the flypast?

Tyne to go? Dear me.
Alex Stokoe, Newcastle upon Tyne


Spotter’s badge
In the 95th minute of the West Ham v Stoke encounter I witnessed something truly breathtaking. Charlie Adam managed to a clean tackle, it just happened to have been on himself. Lovely.
Matthew LFC Washington DC


Decisive moment of the season please
I was just thinking…

This is a question for the Leicester, Arsenal, Spurs fans amongst us. I’m a neutral in this debate, but for me the below has turned out to be arguably the most vital stand alone event of the season.

Was there a moment more influential in the final analysis of the top three, where they finished and how they finished, than Alexis Sanchez’s equaliser at White Hart Lane?

The fans of the above teams will possess more intimate knowledge of their respective team’s travails, but Sanchez ensuring a wonderful Spurs performance was rewarded with a third of the points it ought to have been has proved as decisive as it felt at the time.

So, Foxes, Gooners and Spurs, what was your decisive moment of the season?
Sean Peter-Budge

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