Mails: Liverpool and Arsenal should swap strikers

Date published: Saturday 15th July 2017 3:54

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Clickbait Storey
Daniel Storey normally writes great articles but still struggling his most recent regarding Klopp gambling on an all or nothing plan.

While Liverpool did concede a lot of goals last season, this wasn’t all down to the defence. It was as much to do with overall team style. A team that spends as much time marauding forward puts greater challenge on its defenders. Generally people look at teams managed by Tony Pulis as being strong defensively. Last year his team let in 9 more goals and had 6 fewer clean sheets. Why? He was trying to be a little more expansive. We saw United get a top of the charts 17 clean sheets (along with Spurs) but they scored 24 fewer goals and drew more games.

The point? There is a balance between the two – attack and defence – and truly only Chelsea and Spurs managed that well last year.

Liverpool conceded several goals when they got caught stranded, putting the defence under greater strain, but also conceded when the forwards stopped pressing. However, they lost more points from games in which they had 60% + possession but could not breakdown the opposition. Getting more early goals in those games would have put them beyond reach. Buying Salah is a step in increasing the pace, the press and making the early domination pay off and relieving the pressure on defence.

But lets face it, Liverpool have been rightly criticized for a pretty scattered transfer policy in the past. They brought in Klopp specifically to address this, get more out of what they already have and to only bring in players where it will improve the squad. To them criticize them for actually following up on that policy is a bit rich. It is always harder to bring in the players that can make a real difference. Keita is being targeted because he is the kind of player that will improve the team AND help the defence. The next tier of players will still be around. They can pick up Robertson, they still have Sakho and kind find an equivalent skill but better attitude replacement when needed, IF they don’t get their first choice picks.

I think Liverpool and Klopp have been very clear on their plans.

Clearly Daniel was going after the click bait type story that Mediawatch regularly hammers. Has Mediawatch ever gone after one if its own? About time it did.
Paul McDevitt


Liverpool/Arsenal swap
With Saunders saying Liverpool should go for Giroud, I think it makes perfect sense, especially if it’s a swap for Sturridge.

Given Sturridge’s goalscoring talents, good link up play and ability to drift, he would suit Arsenal’s fluid, chance creating system. Granted, Lacazette has just signed, and we’ve Welbeck, Walcott, Akpom and the surely soon to be gone Peter, he would replace the Giroud; become are number two. His injury problems would allow Lacazette to be our main striker, but his ability to deputise when fit would adequately suffice.

On the other hand, Giroud would suit Liverpool, because he is different. From his Arsenal days, he has learned to drift when playing with Sanchez and Walcott, and is quite able to press, despite his lack of pace. He would fit into the Klopp style, but also offer more of an aerial prowess against the stubborn teams, similar to Adrian Ramos at Dortmund. Granted, he would prefer first team football, but given Liverpool’s Champions League participation, he would be afforded more starts, or at least guaranteed game time every week.

Both clubs would get fairly decent back up strikers, different from what to they have now, if not better for their respective styles. Both players would remain at title challenging clubs, roughly in thw same position now, but with the chance to impress a new audience and change things up a bit.
Néill, (Just a thought), Ireland


Kolasinac > Walker?
Kyle Walker might be a very good right back (lb for England of course) but has the world gone mad?!

Arsene might take a beating, but I’m interested to see if Sead Kolasinac turns out to be equal or better.

Wishful thinking, but if he proves so, maybe the old boy still has it?
Borges (forever the optimist) AFC


Wouldn’t sell Real a virus
As a United fan i’d rather sell De Gea to Barcelona for a tenner and a ham sandwich than ever let him go to Real Madrid. All they do is try and bully us into selling our best players to them and then try and sell their unwanted scraps to us at an inflated price.

Most fan’s thought buying Lukaku was a big middle finger to Chelsea and in a way it was. Well the other hand was giving the big one finger salute to Madrid for trying to flog off a backup for the same price we charged the for Ronaldo. Now they can go find some other poor sap to help them fund there Mbappe move (probably Chelsea).

Whilst we’re at it, now that we’ve grown a pair Tottenham can shove their 60 million pound price tag for Eric Dier up their crack as well. Paying big money for average English players is a blue side of Manchester thing. 55 million for Kyle Walker makes Luke Shaw look like a bargain. If were going to pay Tottenham stupid money for English talent they’d better have a rhyming name or an English captains armband on them.

Cliff, from Australia


What are the scouts doing?
This is what I don’t understand. Clubs complain about being held to ransom over top players. But hasn’t it always been that way? When Fergie wanted RVP or Rooney or Ferdinand, he paid top dollar. When Arsenal wanted Ozil or Sanchez, ditto. When Roman wanted his buddy Shevchenko he did the same.

The only difference is that now more clubs can actually afford to join the party. But here’s the real truth: for every Rooney there was an Evra. For every Ozil, a Koscielny and even down at the Bridge Azpilicueta came in for a relative steal. Why is it now that the top managers will only take a punt on players once they’ve been through the testing grounds of a Southampton or a Swansea?

I mean, what the hell do United et al’s scouts even do? Watch MOTD and wait for Danny Murphy to tell them that Van Dijk looks a bit class? And yet we’re seeing Ihenacho go for £20 odd million? Bargain. Harry Maguire for £17m? An absolute steal in the modern market. And these are relatively proven Premier League players. I appreciate a manager’s tenure is a precious thing but shy bairns get no toffee, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise that ‘the talent isn’t out there for the right price’ is just bullsh*t.
Max, London


Cool your jets
Unhappy with the Transfer Window…in mid July?

I can understand why Chelsea fans might be frustrated with their youngsters still being seemingly ignored and or sold. Ake being recalled only to be sold does seem odd but Conte needed cover, it’s that simple. But, in my opinion the Spurs fans should have a wait-and-see attitude towards the lack of activity. Much like Liverpool, one can imagine they are working on targets behind the scenes. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise. And as F365 often tells us, there’s more to a transfer than one club just saying ‘we want him’.

Daniel Storey’s piece does raise concerns that Liverpool have become blinkered in their pursuit of particular targets but we’re in the middle of July! Sure, the sooner you get business done the better but I don’t think fans of any club want what we saw under Rodgers after Suárez was sold, lots of bodies brought in for the sake of it. Spurs, for example are about to take in 50 odd millions for their above average right back. In my mind it’s absurd to think Poch and Levy haven’t got a plan to reinvest that money on top of whatever budget they’ve got already.

Every summer is the same: fans freak out because their club hasn’t signed a new squad the second the season ends. It cannot be easy to find identify the right player and actually get him in for a reasonable price (reasonable being extremely f*cking relative these days). Everton for example have spent ‘big’ but have needed a bigger squad for about 10 years. Spurs need a larger squad to cope with European demands but that also means quality and that’s not easy to find and procure.

Let’s give it another couple of weeks at least before we all have a melt down, eh?
Alan, Córdoba.

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