Mails: Liverpool fans giddy, rest are jealous

Date published: Friday 9th October 2015 9:55

It’s a Mailbox of two halves. Liverpool fans are incredibly excited, but everyone else is jealous and even fearful. We also have plenty on the internationals…

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Have Liverpool appointed a new manager or something?
Jürgen f***ing Klopp.
Drake (Buzzing for the rest of the season, dreading tomorrow’s deluge of Kop/Klopp puns) LFC


Whatever happens. Who cares.

The simple fact is this:

Arsenal, United, Chelsea supporters…

You. Are. Gutted.
Stephen Walmsley


I am a grown man approaching 39 years of age. I enjoyed Liverpool’s dominance in my early years, the occasional trophy win since and the very rare occasion of challenging for the league title after Christmas. I recall the joy of finally seeing off Alaves, Istanbul, victorious trips to Cardiff, Houllier’s red scarf, Torres, Suarez, Barnes, Beardsley and Sean Dundee.

And yet, I cannot recall a time when I felt so childishly excited as I do now with Klopp’s appointment.

I’m sure the excitement will spill over and no doubt some Liverpool fans will embarrassingly and predictably assume a title win is just around the corner. However as a seemingly rare breed of sensible Liverpool supporter, I am simply excited. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t anticipate winning the league any time soon as finishing above Bayern is one thing and finishing above Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and that other team is something else altogether.

I’m just excited about his first ever team selection, press conferences, getting the best out of players, standing toe to toe with officials, his relationship with the fans, the Klopp/Kop/Flop/Bop/Mop/Crop/Pop headlines and more than anything else his smiley bearded face.
Russell, Worcester


Jürgen Klopp is Liverpool manager. With THAT smile. That GORGEOUS smile. And telling us all to stop being doubters & become believers.

My word. I’m on board. I’m SO on board.
Kris, LFC, Manchester


After seeing Jurgen Klopp’s first interview for Liverpool (here, here and here) there is a distinct sinking feeling for United fans. The man is very endearing, incredibly difficult to dislike. Liverpool will now storm up the league table regardless of Klopp’s actual performance. His arrival and Brendan’s departure alone will lift the squad and make Anfield a lot louder.

Granted his English vocabulary is limited compared to ol’ Brendan but going by Klopp’s interview – the Liverpool manager has gone from being a pretentious, verbose, superficial git who regularly uses words like “outstanding” to a down to earth, energetic maverick who tells reporters how “cool” his Liverpool experience is so far.

As a United fan, I absolutely loved the good times Bodgers gave us but it was always going to be short lived. Rodgers is generally known to be a very good trainer but that just about all he has in his locker besides his worldclass sales skills. Klopp is also a good trainer while also being personable, tactically astute and most importantly, winning some of those trophies that generally are the whole point of football remember? Not to mention the fact that he has an ‘outstanding’ beard and is not at all vertically challenged.

With Chelsea in malaise, City looking favourites (*cough, cough* – Aguero’s hamstring), Arsenal capable of anything on their day, United improved but iffy, and Liverpool getting a vitamin B shot this week I expect the EPL race to really heat up after international break.
Mandisi (How About Those Irish ey?) MUFC


I am an Arsenal fan and am truly happy for Liverpool today. Finally they hired a manager that has experience winning major trophies. Klopp will make Liverpool a very good team and will sign the right players for his exciting system just like Rafa. I just hope he can tolerate the English media.

A good Liverpool team will only make the league better.

I can’t wait for Mourinho vs Klopp .

Now all that is left is Guardiola to ManC and we will have all my favorite managers in one league.



As a great comedian once said, “you can live without water for days, but you can’t live for a second without hope.” I’m alive again.
Glenn, LFC.


Gonna gegenpress the f**k out of the lift button,
gonna gegenpress like f**k as the bus drives off,
gonna gegenpress the f**k out of my keyboard.

Dom Neo, LFC, Singapore.


On the school run this morning I walked past a man in a Manchester United shirt. He looked a bit anxious.
Jeremy Aves


Never liked Jurgen Klopp anyway. Totally overrated bearded charlatan who’ll be found out in England.
Chris MUFC


It’s not ALL positive
Does anyone see the similarities between Klopp and Rodgers?

  • Takes over a club that, a while ago, had a “golden decade” or so winning titles
  • A team that local pundits and the like fawn over, hoping for the good old days
  • Does increasingly better from one season to the next culminating in a bloody good season, or in Dortmunds case 2 seasons (admittedly, back to back champions and a double in the latter, pretty f**king good that!)
  • But, then started the slide – rather dramatic on Klopps part which could point to a few things – bad transfer market activity, injuries to key players etc.

Interestingly, Dortmund’s run of poor form and it’s reasons behind it could be mirrored by Liverpool’s loss of Suarez and subsequent injuries to key players in Sturridge / Gerrard and it’s similar loss of man power coupled with the inability to inspire the troops / get the best out of those left is where I think the two managers are similar.

Could it be that the two are great managers when their respective teams are considered returning forces and top of their game, but, not that great at team and man management when deprived of their key assets and the chips are down?

I guess only time will tell…Klopp to get a champions league birth first season, challenge for the league but finish behind the leaders second season, sacked after being 15th by Christmas in his third season.
Skye, AFC


As a United fan I’m pretty disappointed that Klopp has gone to Liverpool. As others have said, he’s a very likeable guy, and it’s going to be difficult to dislike him.

However, I thought I would give some thoughts on how it may pan out. Obviously Klopp has a way he likes his teams to play football. He mentioned it in his first interview. He likes fast paced, full throttle, players to give everything. What I will be interested in seeing is how he adapts this to the premier league. It’s been a big discussion over the past couple of weeks with English teams doing poorly in Europe, there are no easy games any more, no games you can relax for the last 20 minutes in. Plus, there is no winter break in England like his Dortmund team had in Germany, to recover from their fast paced, style of play. He may get away with it this year seeing as a fifth of the season has already gone, but next year, if he tries to replicate his Dortmund teams style of play, I’d be mighty concerned about the team getting tired and burning out come New Year.

Still, a manager with his charisma can only be good for the league.
Pete, Manchester.


But it warms my heart to see how positive every single Liverpool fan is about Klopp. These are the same fans who three months ago were hailing Roberto Ferrrrrmiiiiiiiiinho (do you know any Lpool fans with a scouse accent?) as the 2nd coming of Christ and were looking forward to pushing hard for the league title this season (whilst obviously sniggering at Spurs because if they do it loud enough everyone else won’t notice Spurs consistently finishing above them in the league – talking about a top 7 begins to get a bit silly right)

Fast forward a couple of months and we’re seeing ‘Klopmas’ hearing that 4th place in the league and winning the Europa would be ‘par’ and apparently they all have been self aware about that twunt Rodgers but pretending his David Brent impressions didn’t bother until now.

I’m not saying Klopp won’t be a success – Just find it mad how blindly and enthusiastically optimistic all these liverpool fans are.Most football fans are an optimistic bunch – But seriously, I’m jealous. Everyday must be Christmas for these people.
Tom Pellizzaro


After reading a number of his ‘zany’ quotes, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jurgen Klopp is the German Ian Holloway.
Robert, London.


Boring international stuff
Ireland. Oh my Holy Jesus

I’m struggling to make sense of what just happened. We showed tiny glimpses of attacking ability in the first half in between being battered. The goal led a charmed life, a disallowed goal and all. And then on comes Long to smash it past Neuer, shades of Keane in the world cup in 2002. Then Muller of all players missing an open goal. Given off injured early too.

I want to think Martin O’Neill left Long out on purpose to spring his energy on tired defenders. But who cares what or why. We did it. We f*cking did it. Roll on Sunday!
Alan, an Irishman.


You can have your Premier League with its money and moaning.

Ireland beat the World Champions last night!! International football is brilliant!!

Come on you boys in Green!!
Dave P Dublin


F*ck me…. after all the permutations Liam put up in the mailbox yesterday regarding Ireland possible qualification route i never thought beating the f*cking world champions was possible!!

Before kickoff i didn’t think we stood a chance. I will never ever doubt this team again to dig in and grind out a result. Another big game on Sunday.  Who said international football is boring!!COYBIG!!
Simon P, Dublin


1. Shane Long is a god among men!
2. Darren Randolph has a cannon of a right foot
3. Martin O’Neill is great craic altogether on the sideline
4. McCarthy’s best game in the green jersey
5. Cyrus Christie was brilliant
6. Actually they were all brilliant
7. Bleedin’ bloody deadly!
Sean, Dublin


Somebody threw this stat up online last night but I think it bear’s repeating.

3 of Germany’s starting XI didn’t have World Cup Winners medals while 2 of Ireland’s starting XI didn’t have league starts this year!!

Want to hear another stat…

Goals Scored: Ireland 1 Germany 0

Robbie DFC
*Championship > Champions League


I dreamt that Ireland beat Germany last night. It was beautiful.
Gough, LFC,  Dublin


I have been supporting Northern Ireland all my life. I’m 32 which means I missed 1982 and was too young to remember 1986. I have watched us get beat at home to Canada, get absolutely stuffed quite a lot and I was at every home game bar one of our record breaking non goal scoring streak. And you know what it was all worth it for that moment when the ref blew the final whistle and we qualified for euro 2016. Words cannot describe how I feel right now. I actually think I am in shock. I never thought this day would come. Anyway im away to figure out how I can afford to go to France.
Sam(Josh Magennis for the ballon d’or), Newtownabbey


So if Wales pick up a point on Saturday, Scotland will finally get the independence they so crave as they’ll be the only member of the United Kingdom not to qualify for the Euros.

Dave Mack


So Klopp at Liverpool, Guardiola eventually bound for City…

Wenger’s going to be in charge of Arsenal forever, isn’t he?
Stu, Farringdon


Italian job
Peter Klein – Chelsea sacked Ancelotti in the tunnel after the final game of the season a couple of years back. Even if Mourinho leaves and Abramovich tries to ‘snap him up’, I would be very surprised if he goes back there…
Mike D, Liverpool fan in London


Nick Miller fan mail

I know I’m late to class (my dog ate my sick-note), but I’ve just properly read Miller’s piece on Sherwood and I have to say mad props to you Nick, that piece was refreshing to read!

Literally a breath of fresh air to read (in case you weren’t aware F365 *snaps bitchy fingers* it’s 2015 and “literally” is now a figurative term *snaps bitchy fingers again, this time also bobbing head provocatively*)

Don’t take this the wrong way because I stay comin back to this site for my (bi)daily dose, but sometimes your self-awareness can become a little bit overwhelming and suffocating, with you lot taking your “don’t take yourself too seriously” acts a stretch too seriously at times. It’s what sets you apart and keeps (those of) us (who like it) comin back, but like all great things, it becomes a tad too polarising at times, and that’s when a simple piece like Nick’s (I mean he does Profile365 for crying out loud!!!) can be the fresh ginger palate cleanser to the half-priced (yet well prepared) sushi buffet of existential crisis mongering exclusively available on the remainder of your menu.

Much love, LOVE the links for Recommended Reading in Mediawatch (just start keeping tabs on a certain website not a million miles from here again) and keep proving the haters (not me, I promise) wrong (and publishing them checkmating themselves).

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