YNWA? This means more? Liverpool don’t actually give a f**k

Date published: Sunday 5th April 2020 10:15

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

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The tables have turned
How’s Mike, LFC, London feeling now Liverpool have followed the same furlough route? I’m sure his view will change. Shameful LFC.
James, THFC, Essex


Cant wait to hear the reaction from: Mike, LFC, London when he hears the news of Liverpool furloughing their non-playing staff today after announcing £42m profits and an increased turnover of £533m.

Guess sometimes you do walk alone.
Andy – Kent


Oh dear Mike LFC London – oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Still you must be happy that Liverpool have won that particular crown back.
Steve- Manchester


‘This means more’ means nothing
Having followed my beloved LFC for more than half my life, I dreamt the day we would lift that damn trophy. This season when records were missed, it didn’t matter because the trophy is what counted, getting knocked out by Atleti hurt but hey, it’s the title that counts. No invincibles tag, no consecutive wins, no treble, no UCL and EPL double, it’s all forgiven coz hey it’s the title that counts.

But this, the furlough of staff while being profitable, this has killed the emotion. It doesn’t matter how much we spank teams 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, the guards of honour before every match, etc etc etc
Coz hey this was supposed to mean more, the club, the f**king ethos were meant to stand for something and now are no better than Ashley and Levy. And we will win more, we will create more history, but this EPL 19-20, it means nothing. Hopefully somebody has a rats ass of a common sense and does the right thing, because LFC for me may mean nothing now.
Vikas, LFC, India( desperately hoping to be wrong)


You’ll never walk alone?
Hey guys, it’s Liverpool and this means more.

No it f**king doesn’t. It hasn’t done for a very long time. This is why the most tribal fans look so incredibly stupid; because they are so brainwashed that they will turn a blind eye to anything; be it suppression of human rights or much worse; I am sure I’ve seen people argue that Wan Bissaka is better than Trent (joke laced in serious email). Anything for some reflected glory because some geezer you will never meet hoisted a silver pot above his head wearing the same shirt as you.

If you hadn’t already worked out that football clubs are nothing more than businesses then please remind yourself of the actions of Liverpool and the others who have furloughed staff. That doesn’t mean I don’t love football as entertainment or don’t want Liverpool to win the league. It also doesn’t mean I don’t admire lots of the positive community work they do. But let’s remember it’s all in the name of business. A big American bank I once worked for used to send us all out for community projects once a year and it wasn’t because they were all fuzzy and warm; it’s because they hoped a load of bankers cleaning up a beach would wipe the slate clean of all the bullshit we did the other 364 days of the year.
Minty, LFC


No-one is blameless
Just give the f*cking trophy to Liverpool. Let them furlough their staff, let them have an empty celebration in their own quiet open-topped bus running around Melwood while they all try to keep six feet away from each other all the while watching the government kick into their revenue bucket.

Who really gives a flying one about the league title right now? Or ever? This season is abandoned. Curtailed, whatever you want to call it. While the Liverpool and Tottenham and Manchester United fans spill bile every day about titles, history, or some such b*llocks, and their clubs pretend they are part of the “fabric” of their neighborhoods – it all comes crumbling down when push comes to revenue shove.

Liverpool don’t give a flying f*ck about their neighborhood. They’re happy to milk the home support while knocking down the homes that stand in the way of their stadium expansion.

Levy is just disgusting, no more to say about him.

West Ham didn’t care about the businesses that they essentially bankrupted by gleefully taking the knock-down price of a stadium they could never afford to fund and walked away from Upton Park and the “fabric” around that ground. I liked the Boleyn Ground. The pie shop and the pub. Where is those people’s furlough?

Cry me a f*cking river. Let’s have some soul-searching here. NONE of the Premier League clubs, my affiliation included, are blameless here, so don’t try to one-down me on crappy club behavior, because my club sucks, and so does yours. Yours maybe worse than mine, but we’re talking degrees of suck. Newcastle and Spurs suck chef’s salty balls and no surprise there because we know what Ashley and Levy are like. Norwich I can possibly understand. Liverpool should be ashamed of themselves. Bournemouth? Probably in the Norwich bucket.

Once this is over, we can have a mature conversation about how to reboot sport in six or twelve months when it’s safe to engage socially again.

Simple, really. Just give the title to Liverpool, you don’t even need to put an asterisk on it, because we all know what happened, and move on.
Steve, (it’s Gary Cahill who is giving his paychecks away) Los Angeles


Finding reason in the ‘disgraceful’ madness
I can’t believe I’m wading into this. Here goes.

The key issue for any business at the moment is not revenue or profitability; it’s cash. Cash is the reason so many big, ostensibly thriving and profitable businesses went under in 2008, and it’s what the government is trying to guard against happening now.

Revenue is vanity; profit is sanity; cash is reality. When the economy is moving, cash flows through it. When it grinds to a halt, every man and his dog needs cash.

So, to Liverpool and Spurs. I’d need to see their books to know this, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that their profit margins are made up of loads of accruals – TV payments, sponsorship deals and transfer payments, etc – which are often staggered over time, and with conditions attached to them. On transfer payments, we know clubs can get favourable deals if they’re prepared to accept staggered payments. Given Liverpool’s profits come principally from those three sources, where do they get their cash (not their income, their cash) from?

Marchday revenue and merchandising. Which have clearly completely stopped.

Now, it may be they and their owners have assets on their books that they could liquidate (unlikely; see points on cash, above). I’d certainly like to believe that option has been explored first and foremost.

I’d also like to believe that the players and senior management have offered to sort this in some way. Regrettably, this seems unlikely, too. We don’t know, of course, but it seems unlikely.

Wages, though, can’t simply be deferred because cash isn’t coming in. The choice between firing and laying off is stark but very clear.

This isn’t to defend any clubs who have or will utilise the furlough scheme (as you’re about to see); but hopefully it provides some context.

My personal view is that it’s pretty disgraceful that the owners, senior managers and players haven’t squared this off and it highlights how wrong it is that elite clubs keep a significant number of their staff on extremely precarious wages. Klopp, in particular, has spoken passionately and at length about the “one club” mentality and situations like this reveal it to be a bit of a sham.

Here’s hoping that Government legislates for better wages and more progressive taxation of elite clubs in the aftermath. Because I’ll feel pretty f**king grubby the next time George Sephton fires up You’ll Never Walk Alone.
Nick Glover, Scouser in Brum

(Short addendum – it’s extremely galling that despite everything I’ve written there about cash, it’s apparently there in abundance for players’ wages.)


Save the NHS
So cutting premier league player wages would adversely cost the NHS?

Well, maybe the government should just introduce an emergency income tax band of 100% on all income over £14,000 a month until the end of this crisis (or a little beyond).

Then thank you footballers for your support of the NHS. And not just overpaid footballers…

If you can’t get by on around £2,000 net pay a week when you’re stuck at home, so only need to buy food and pay mortgage / rent and utility bills, maybe you should check the standards your agent or accountant operates by and, also, get some perspective on the real world.
Jason (Spurs)


Ok, I’ve just read this and I’ve just drunk some wine with the missus but bear with me.

The PFA are seriously suggesting that if players take a cut the NHS will suffer to the tune of £200M. Ok, so if the cuts amount to £500m wages, then at roughly 40%(assuming no tax evasion etc) then yes that’s £200m. BUT, to government coffers as a whole not the NHS directly.

However if income drops by £200m are the gov really at this point in time going to take that out of the NHS? With the near enough £500 billion of extra potential borrowing, this is but a skid mark on the underpants of the wallet of the UK. Politically to even try it would be such a sideshow, the government would be daft to try it. (Mind you, you never know)

Yes the PFA are technically right. Removing £500m from players could erase £200m from government coffers. Not the NHS but government as a whole.

To try and create a narrative that to pay players in full, furlough much lower paid employees saves the NHS is utterly reprehensible, disgusting and makes me sick.

What do the players think? Did they approve this statement, I’d really like to hope they didn’t. Because if they did, I’m done really I’m done.

Supported Man U for 30 years now, but to be honest if this is the way it’s going, not going to a match or watching on the box I’ll spend more time with my other half and daughter thank you. Or find another hobby. That’ll suit me fine. I love football, like we all do but these leaves a nasty taste.

Maybe I might follow Slough Town instead with my mate, ok non league but not full of the greed and self interest. I know it’s always been there, but this is something else.

So to finish, if there’s sufficient outrage, it may transform football, even society. Or it might not. However I think people will genuinely look at this, and be disgusted.

So, Gordon Taylor just resign and take your greedy money grabbing hands elsewhere, you cretinous little Goblin. Premier league players think, just please think about what this looks like and what it means. And aren’t you just a little but ashamed.
Dave, Man U fan Reading (A little bit sadder today)


Somebody that we used to know
A few days back i wrote in, saying how Daniel Levy and Co. were being unscrupulous and heartless in taking government funding for their furloughed clubs. So, of course, 2 days later my club announces the same scheme…..

All this has simply left a bad taste in my mouth. A few years back, i used to be an ardent Formula 1 fan. Every Sunday evening for every race, I used to be in front of the TV, cheering on the likes of Alonso, Hamilton and Co. But then F1 fraternity started going to places where it had no job other than sports washing. The drivers and the wider fraternity started coming off as annoying cry-babies with their constant moaning about rules and regulations, especially the guys who were being astronomical salaries.

It didn’t happen immediately, but slowly and surely I started losing interest. It has come to the position that it only exists as a side-note now. I might tune in if i have nothing to do, but it isn’t the same all-consuming passion it used to be before. Today, F1 comes as part of football package, so i still watch it. But sure as hell, i am not going an extra penny for it.

I suspect football will go the same way. This episode has simply left a bad taste and has changed how I to look at football.

I hope that will not be the case. That PL clubs would reverse their actions and apologize for their actions. But I am not expecting it.

Yours Truly,


Into the void
I think we’d all begun to realise that this lockdown was going to last much longer than originally anticipated and as such the finishing the football seasons would be a logistical nightmare.

But, how mean spirited would it be to the Liverpool fans who have waited so long for a league title? To Klopp, who has emerged as shining beacon of both a man and a manager. Yes, we thought, we could find a way, no matter how disruptive to the following season it may be.

Liverpool have furloughed some of their staff.

Liverpool are the seventh richest club in world football.

F**k Liverpool. Void the season.
JP, Birmingham


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