Mails: Liverpool, Spurs fans just won’t kiss and make up

Date published: Monday 5th February 2018 2:45

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Two can play at Ross’ game
This will upset the Pochettino fanboys, but he’s a fraud.

Been in charge three years now and haven’t been to any cup finals, somehow finished 3rd in a two horse race when Leicester won the league, got absolutely thrashed by an already relegated Newcastle side and just can’t beat Chelsea at the Bridge, especially when it counts. When will people realise that he’s not going to win anything with Spurs, the perennial under achievers of English football?

They genuinely play some nice football but it’s all ruined by having a midfield who just run around a lot and hit the floor at any given opportunity, because they aren’t tough enough to play a contact sport and stay on their feet.

Four big geezers at the back who tried as best they could to stop Salah in the last minute, but he ran through them like they were a Sunday league side, still hung over from a heavy Saturday night out.

Constant diving; not just against us. Looking at you Deli Ali – when are the FA going to ban him for constant diving? The fact he patted the ref on the chest when he got booked is laughable! “Thanks for catching me trying to cheat, Jon!”

Give everything to Harry Kane as that’s the only real tactic they have. If Kane gets a bad injury, they will sink down the league faster than the worth of the pound in Europe.

Ross is going to be utterly ashamed at the end of this season when his beloved Spurs finish below us.

If that’s sexy football, then it’s a Nolan Sisters reunion. Trying to recapture their glory days of many years ago but just can’t do it. Feels some great sense of entitlement, despite achieving the grand sum of next to nothing in the last 50 odd years.

Nice football at times but considering how much money they spend in the last five years, you’d think they would have achieved something of note by now, surely?

And their fans…good grief, I’ve read nothing like it. They go on about the teams they play without any real mention of their own performance as they are too obsessed with the opposition to look at the flaws in their own game and why they aren’t quite good enough to be considered realistic challengers to…well…anything other than a top 4 place.

Counter Rant over
Neil (Klopp > Poch) Mulvaney


No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not letting that one go.

To dismiss the Sex Pistols as “full of energy for a short period of time but ultimately all mouth and no trousers, with a spiteful temperament and a sense of entitlement” is as ridiculous statement and shows a chronic lack of knowledge, on a biblical level, of what they achieved and the legacy they have left us. Not to mention the incredible music they have inspired.

They are much more than just a trendy T-Shirt, Ross.
Sid Snot


Penalty or not, isn’t there a bigger issue?
Let me, for the sake of clarity, state openly that I am a Liverpool fan. However I’m also a reasonable and level headed football fan so approach the whole were they weren’t they penalties with a degree of common sense.

Lamela incident is a penalty. Yes he makes a meal of it, yes there’s no intention from VvD, yes it was an accident and yes there was no impediment to a goal scoring opportunity but – it is a foul, it is in the box and it is a penalty.

Harry Kane “wins” that penalty – a phrase I despise and one that’s reflective of the state of the modern game. That doesn’t change anything – it’s a penalty 99 times out of a 100 and all the old clichés apply – “there’s contact” “he sells it” “it’s a dive” and, my favourite – “gives the referee a decision to make” (or in this case the linesman/third official/virtual video fan/commander in chief of flag waving – whatever we are supposed to call them these days.

This isn’t the issue however, or at least its not the cause of the level of vitriol to the officials – instead it’s the decision prior to that, in the build up, which begs one question – was Kane off side.

The debate is in regards to the touch that Lovren has – if he touches it then Kane cant be off side and this is where the confusion pours it’s salty self all over the discussion. Whenever we see a reply of an offside decision, the magic line that the broadcaster overlays on the replay to highlight the players big toe, right nut, index finger, projection of soul etc as being over the line and therefore offside are shown in freeze frame at the very second the pass is made. Its how we’ve been raised on offside for an eon and at every level of the game – at the moment the pass is made is the player in an offside position?

So how can so many people now suddenly be fully aware that actually this isn’t the way we have always reviewed such decisions? The holier than tho armchair fans who now state that it is clear as day? I’m not saying it’s wrong but you can’t see the issue? Like at all?

So for me, it’s not a penalty – as Kane was offside when the ball was played – regardless of what proceeded it. However I know I’m now wrong and after 3 hours sleep thanks to the American egg chasers, the world is now a cold, lonely and confusing place for me.

But at least I can admit it.

Also – and I am seriously trying to avoid being the myopic Liverpool fan so I really only raise this as it was in the same game – seeing Salah resist using the “right to go down” twice to score that beauty of a second goal only provides a reminder of how football can be when players are focussed on scoring rather than winning a penalty. Can you imagine the press reaction if that Dele booking for diving or that face plant of Kane had been Salah? It would only be surpassed by equal levels of smugness if Sir Harold Kane had been the one staying on his feet like Salah did.

My point isn’t that this is a Liverpool or Spurs thing, it’s the open and blatant tune changing of the British press to simulation, dependent on where you were born.
Eugene “Takes tin hat out of draw for the next mailbox”  Murray


Moment in the sun
I’ve never really understood people describing a linesman or referee as wanting their ‘moment in the sun’. Yeah, I’ll bet the linesman who (correctly) flagged for both of the penalties on Sunday loved his moment in the sun; suffering the abuse of thousands of angry Liverpool fans, and having his ability and integrity questioned in the media and by fans over the next couple of days.
Adam, Manchester


People in glass houses

All mouth no trousers. Surely that would describe Spurs perfectly. What was the last trophy you won? I mean you have Dele Ali who goes around acting the hard man, but ultimately fails to the point he considers diving, a striker that falls down easier then Sunderland football club. (I’m sorry)

People in Glass Houses Ross….

Miguel Sanchez, LFC Eire. (Where does the anger come from Ross?)


More Liverpool thoughts
I’m sure you’re in short supply of emails on Liverpool, so here’s a few more points

While I think Klopp is doing a fantastic job at Liverpool, and find it hard to listen to any of the lunatics regularly calling for his head, I think not buying an attacker in January has already come back to bite us.

With Spurs swarming all over us, he opted to bring Joel Matip on for Milner, pinning us back into our box and inviting pressure. Earlier, he removed the admittedly lackluster Mane and tired Henderson for Ox and Wij. As mentioned in 16 Conclusions, attack is our best form of defence, but Firmino looked absolutely dead on his feet. If we can’t occasionally replace him or even bring him off, we’re committing to surrendering the ball in the latter stages of big games.

Clearly, he doesn’t trust Ings, Solanke or anyone else to come on and do the same job, making Bobby the key to everything we do. So I hope he’s got plenty of energy to burn next week at Southampton and again in Porto a few days later.

What I love the most about Salah, is quite how he manages to balls up so many attacks and equally score so many fantastic goals. F**k KDB, this guy has been phenomenal.

Is there anything as exciting right now as watching TAA deliver a ball into the box. Really hoping he continues to progress.

Is anybody keeping tally of how many times opposition players turn up and score the best, and one of the only, goals of their career at Anfield?

Lastly, a quick bit on the penalties. I think the general confusion is what made me feel so aggrieved to concede them at the time. They might have come to the right conclusions in the end, but as the defending fan, the amount of time spent just drives your emotions through the roof.

There are two angles of the second penalty that seem to prove entirely different things. But for the first, I think we legit have to call this one offside. Think of it this way, if Kane isn’t there interfering with play, Lovren maybe doesn’t try, AND FAIL (FFS), to make his clearance. Second, if Kane isn’t there and Lovren’s failure rolls into Karius’s hands, do 11 Spurs players come charging up the pitch appealing for a backpass? I don’t think so.
Ryan C (Glad Kane smashed in that second pen and rescued me some fantasy points) LFC


Carry on Karius
Amid all the arguments for and against the penalties at Anfield, one major point seems to have been forgotten.I’m talking about the performance of our new number 1 Karius.This was undoubtedly his best game since he came into the EPL. A game in which he stood tall in the face of wave after wave of Tottenham attacks.There is a good goalkeeper in there.I hope he is given more time to prove it.

Imagine my surprise to hear Tim Sherwood mouthing off about “very poor goalkeeping” in the lead up to the Wanyama goal.Karius punched the ball away, Can failed to clear it away and Ox was slow to block Wanyama.What else could Karius do? I feel sometimes pundits are preprogrammed to say certain things even if they don’t actually happen during the match.The goalkeeping at Lfc has been a problem for so long that pundits (and supporters in general) now just refer to it even without watching the game.Karius for one, was not at fault for the goals.

We always blame Moreno even when he is injured, Gooners blame Wenger’s longevity and Man U supporters blame Jose’s defensive approach even when they score four.What (or who) do you blame without thinking?
Dominic ( Remember John Moss is the ref who gave out the Mane red as well)


I love reading the mailbox and it winds me up and makes me laugh in equal measure.  My only criticism is that you continue to publish mails from people who use the word “fraud” when describing a manager or player.   It really does bring the overall standard down.

I can’t be the only one to think this but it’s the most cretinous word to come into the modern game and basically sums up the gob-shite mentality of the modern social media/talksport
knee-jerk generation based football fan.  It’s even worse than ‘love-heart hands’ and that’s saying something.

As soon as I start reading a letter and someone uses the word “fraud” to describe anyone in football I skip to the next letter as I’ve come to the conclusion
that they know nothing about football.  Their opinion becomes void in my eyes.

We see it regularly on the mailbox page to describe top managers such as Klopp, Pep, Jose, Wenger etc.  I have a strong dislike for Mourinho and although highly successful, I think his management style is a little outdated, but if I was in a conversation about this with someone and they described him as a fraud I’d basically be thinking I may as well be talking to a toddler.

If you use the word “fraud” to describe someone in football you’re basically Jason Cundy with less money.

What a horrible thought.
Vinnie Brownlow, LFC


Leave Jack alone
You’ll no doubt get loads of these, but either Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London is fishing or he has started standing the wrong way round when watching Arsenal’s matches.

After suggesting literally the worst possible candidate in the whole squad for Defensive Midfield in Sead, for all the reasons pointed out buy others e.g. awful passing, no recovery pace etc. he now reckons it’s time for Wilshere to leave as ‘he’s gone from future Arsenal captain and mainstay to bench warmer in just one game.’

The ‘just one game’ bit is fairly significant in this statement especially when for large chunks of the game, even when the goals were flying in, one of the worst Everton sides in my 30 years of following football repeatedly by-passed Arsenal’s midfield like it wasn’t there…because it wasn’t. Yes some of the one touch football from Arsenal made me giddy, Mikki & PEA definitely suggested that there might be reasons for optimism (after ONE game!) and there is no way that Ramsey’s hattrick can be looked at as anything other than positive, but play like that against a better team and we’ll lose – see numerous games of ours this season.

I don’t think Jack is the answer by the way – we are still trying to play like we’ve still got Vieira in midfield – but he has legitimately been our most consistent player during his 8/10 game run and whilst he, like everyone of our other midfield options, gives Wenger a selection headache, I am sure it’s one he would rather have than not.

Usually agree with lots of what Graham says too, but not having those last two mails.
JimmytheGun (pretty sure Arsene still puts PV on the teamsheet/tactics board every week…its the only explanation)    


All of the talking points
Just had to write in today.. in response to so many points made in this morning’s mailbox.

re: Martyn
It’s not about whether the decisions were correct.. it’s about how difficult they were to call, and how they underline YET AGAIN how difficult it is to officiate this silly game, and these silly players and YET everyone continues to slate them for making silly ‘mistakes’.

re: Kieran
Yes, that’s right Lamela is not the only one… and all footballers are cheats, so let’s all stop being so bloody hypocritical, pretending some of them aren’t.

re: Paul M
When players stop the constant cheating we’ll assess refereeing standards. If we’re gonna make it as hard as possible for them to officiate, then they’ll make loads of incorrect decisions.

re: Yaru and A Resonable LFC Fan
This is the best advert yet for why VAR is a complete waste of time and would be the worst thing ever for this sport.

a) I love all the banter generated by this crazy game
b) There is a such a massive split of opinion on these two incidents, that if Moss used VAR to make the decisions he would be crucified either way, for getting it wrong even having utlilised VAR.

No, no, no, no, no. Just no.

And yes… lets retro ban for a whole season, for all cheating… including blatantly dishonest throw in appeals.
Would give the yoof a chance to get a game.

re: Adam P
Ohhhhhhhh YES.  Thank you.
Kane penalty miss was the catalyst to bring about the ONLY moment of quality in the whole 2nd half from the Reds… ‘That’ goal.

re: Rob
Yes we should should be talking about Victor and Mo..  Two utterly, breathtakingly fabulous goals.

nd to Ross..
That so accurately sums up the current Liverpool side.  It’s like playing FIFA against a spotty teenager.  And we know how much we hate that.

Although ‘booting it up in the air’ is a bit harsh.
Sean, UK


Big Sham
Rafael Benitez (Newcastle)
Unai Emery (PSG)
Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid)
Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus)
Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Munich)

Just a list of managers paid less per year than Sam Allardyce.

What do the above coaches have in common which sets them apart from Allardyce? They’ve all won at least one managerial honour at some point in their career. If only Big Sam could talk tactics as well as he talks contract negotiations, how to circumvent transfer regulations and how good a manager he is, eh?

Granted, those examples would probably be unrealistic targets for Everton. However, as the above are the highest earners in their respective leagues, by default he earns more per year than every coach in Serie A, every coach in Ligue Un and every coach in Bundesliga 1, as well as every single international football manager, with the exception of Marcello Lippi (China). Is there not one single better candidate for the job, across the world, than Allardyce? Rhetorical question – of course there is.

As a fan of a former club of his, having been on the verge of gouging out my own eyes rather than watch his “football”, the fact he is paid such a staggering amount and spends so much on transfers, to deliver nothing tangible while simultaneously slopey-shouldering any sense of responsibility, is completely baffling to me. He’s the absolute antithesis to the statement “you get what you pay for”. Is there another working manager in football whose self-opinion and media reputation is so far removed from reality?
S Mole


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