Liverpool may have slipped again but City would’ve f**ked it

Date published: Friday 22nd May 2020 9:07

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Erm, Eamonn
While Eamonn is absolutely right that Liverpool may have got 0 more points, or 5 – anything can happen – trying to put a logical form basis on this is a bit weak. I agree generally that playing those games is not the same as handing the title, but come on.

The fact that Liverpool haven’t gone without a point against The Ev since 2010 is description enough as to why the post is a wee bit ill founded.
Theo, LFC, Liverpool



Fairplay to Eamonn, he sticks to his dubious guns.

But I felt a bit let down by his ‘they could still lose it’ title chasing LFC last nine games predictions. As there’s another half to this ‘what if’ potential reality…….what are City going to do?

I mean I’ve a decent idea of what you’ll say, but I’d still like to know.
Cheers, Rob.


I burst out laughing when i read this headline:

“Liverpool may easily not have got enough points for the title”

Come on Eammon. We all hate Liverpool, we all dislike their smug fans and we all had a bit of fun when Gerrard slipped and Karius threw the game. But there is a zero chance in this universe that Liverpool do not win the title. They have lost twice or something in TWO YEARS ! They are TWENTY FIVE points ahead with 9 games left. Lets get real, if there is a team that has absolutely smashed the premier league season, its this Liverpool side.

We fans do a lot of mental gymnastics to convince ourself of improbable scenarios, i myself put money on United winning the league even though the chances of that were realistically less than zero. But to take away a fully deserved once in 30 year title from the team that deserves it would be devastating.

Why, because i put myself in their situation. If after 7 years of watching garbage, United were leading by 25 points with 9 games left, would i honestly say they do not desrve the title? Would any fan of their team in that place. Zero chance of that happening.

Doesn’t matter if the season is voided or cancelled, the title should go to Liverpool. Remove your biased glass and know that we would never protest if this was Leicester, or the team you support.

Again, i can hope Liverpool get relegated next season, doesnt mean its in the realms of reality.



Dear Ed’s,

Can we get more Man City fanfiction from Eamonn?

It doesn’t matter if he’s a City fan or not but I just love that his entire fictional narrative—in which he concedes Liverpool acquire points anyway—rests on a City team that had form like a heart beat monitor winning all of their games and taking the league on goal difference (because five points for Liverpool means they and City would tie for points at the season’s end).

There’s so much drama he needs to write! Liverpool have an 8 goal lead advantage in goal difference, so Eamonn you gotta get all the fixtures to work mathematically (I’m sure you’ve worked it out, of course, what am I thinking…).

In the new fic, please be clear about the following: how is it that the apparent damning “form sins” of Liverpool losing to Atletico Madrid and dropping 5 points in the league over a whole season mean that they will win only ONE more game over their last nine but City—they of losing 2-0 to United in their last game and of impressive results like drawing to Newcastle and Palace—will for sure win every remaining game? That’s just a dead certainty? No need to argue it? Put it in your fanfic Eamonn! Come on!

Especially address the part where, after City’s UCL ban is confirmed that they find the strength to care about winning all their games. Or, better yet, why deal with that mitigating reality at all? It’s your fic, so why don’t City get the ban thrown out and win every game 6-1 (like Villa) or 3-1 (like Leicester) and not when—in reality—they followed those games up with a draw and a loss, respectively. Whatever you gotta do to erase a 25 point gap, babe.

De Selby


I read Eamonn, Dublins creative disection of Liverpool apparently falling apart and saying where they will drop points, and fail to get the 6 they need to win the title should the season resume.

I’m not going to pick holes in his predictions, but rather point out that two can play at this game. Liverpool are 6 points from the title IF Man City win all their remaining games.

So lets use Eamonn’s template and predict Man Citys results:-

Home v Norwich – Ok, Home win.

Away v Watford – A resurgent Watford that humbled Liverpool, could easily be a draw.

Home v Bournemouth – Home Win

Away v Brighton – Brighton needs the points, so Like against Liverpool as Eamonn predicted, a draw not out of the question

Home v Newcastle – Geordies with their good defence, might escape with a narrow defeat.

Away v Southampton – Now we are talking, Southampton much improved and could snatch a win.

Home v Liverpool – Could go either way, but will say City home win.

Away v Chelsea – Could be tricky as Chelsea fighting for Champions League still. Draw

Home v Burnley – As you said, flying Burnley. Draw.

Home v Arsenal – Arteta gets one over his teacher, as they have nothing to play for, Arsenal win.

Don’t forget they are still in Champions Legaue, so may have also given up their defence of the title, like apparently Liverpool did in the champions league.

Do I think the above results will all happen? Of course not, anything can happen but I just can’t see Man City winning every game based on their form over the season so far, or Liverpool not winning the two games they would need to should that happen.



Back again at thayden
thayden, the entire predication of your initial bile filled rant was that some LFC fans were callously calling for football to restart in order to complete the season and win the league. My email pointed out that, based on precedent, LFC would be awarded the title should the season be curtailed so those calling for a restart couldn’t possibly be doing so for the purpose of the club being awarded the title because that is a given whatever happens.

That you’ve chosen to ignore this part of my email but instead made glib remarks about Donald Trump and Jay Rodriguez leads me to conclude that in addition to being a deeply unpleasant individual you’re also intellectually dishonest. A conclusion reinforced by the mealy mouthed backtracking and revisionism about your labelling an entire fanbase as ‘rancid’.
James Outram, Wirral


Johnny, be good
Interesting piece on Luke Chadwick from John Nicholson. On the subject of bullying, I thought I’d dust off some quotes from a piece about Alan Brazil in 365’s Football People on TV series:

“Loves the XXL and must surely enjoy an elasticated waist when not on duty.”
“Impressive large globular head which resembles a swollen liver, and, in the manner of a chameleon, or litmus paper, seems to change colour from pale pink to purple depending on the weather and the amount of drink consumed.”
“Some may tune in in order to hear an un-PC gaff and even find the host drunk, as has happened in the past.”

To put it bluntly, it was on reading this article that I stopped finding the PFM thing funny and started to think it looked a lot like bullying and discrimination. Putting aside your views on Alan Brazil, this looks an awful lot like punching down, making light of a small-time pundit’s appearance and alcoholism (assuming that’s the right term) – unpleasant stuff. Genuinely interested to hear if readers (or 365) struggle to reconcile the PFM concept and the Luke Chadwick article?

John Nicholson: “That many would find the Chadwick and Lee mockery so unacceptable now is a very good thing. It shows we’re building a nicer world – too slowly, yes – but at least in some areas we’re moving in the right direction… there’s nothing funny in bullying people. Never has been, never will be.” Really mate?
Skinnyman and “anon” (co-authored)


First football loves
Here’s a lovely conversation to think about over the weekend. Who was the first footballer you ever watched that made your jaw drop and you only realised how in awe you were when a bit of dribble fell into your beer?

I think mine was John Barnes. He was bloody magical on the ball and although he wasn’t as good in the early 90s when I started watching football he was still exceptional. I loved him so much that I asked my parents if we could go to Jamaica when I was about 6. They still remember my suggestion that we could visit John’s mum and it’s still a joke that pops up in chats with my family.

Stay safe all, just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t have to mean putting yourself or others at risk.
Minty, LFC


The Secret Diary of Gary Norville, aged 13 3/4
Monday – first day at new school and I knew it was going to be tough, loads of the blue enemy in my class and as soon as I walked in I knew who hated me. Ended up sat next to Johnny B who was a blue and yeah he was nice to me but I knew he would stab me in the back first chance he had.

Wednesday – first game of football and the short ginger kid, Paul, who was a red, scythed me down in the first 2 mins. I didn’t get it, he was on my team and he was one of us but he said he just couldn’t help himself. Our keeper Pete Michael was really nasty to me, he kept shouting I wasn’t as good as Pete Parker or something.

Thursday – deputy head Mr Handcock has said the subs from the football team was not enough to keep the team running…..I was outraged! Just because it’s a private school and all our parents are rich that doesn’t mean we should pay more than £1.25 for the school bus. I needed to mobilise the team, we are not having this and they can get lost if they think we are all turning out against Bolton Hogwarts in the cup final.

Sunday – made my debut for Melchester Utd against the scouse rats…….had a nightmare. Their captain Stuey G dominated the game and he kept laughing at my curtains just because his mum has let him shave his head. The boss, Fergie, wasn’t happy with me and kept saying “this wasn’t the way we used to do it when I was in the Peas” which I didn’t really get. I got the diffuser treatment all half time but we still lost the game.

Monday – big outbreak of nits at school and we are told not to come in. It’s a disgrace, I have been telling the school about this since I asked Roy Kane for a selfie and he head butted me. Ever since then I have been scratching my head. Even worse they plan to Restart next week, no vote, no debate, no consensus, I am mobilising the union again.

Thursday – can’t believe it, someone has broken into my locker and stolen all my Panini stickers, including my swapsies! I know who it is, that thieving scouse burglar Jimmy Carra, he nicks everything in school. Every time I walk into class now he keeps laughing and I know it’s him who keeps throwing popcorn at my head in Religious Studies.

Tuesday – just heard ginger Paul has been picked for Melchester, wtf! There is no way he is gonna make it as a footballer although he is quite good in woodwork so he could do that. It’s weird but for some reason I keep dreaming about kissing him…..urgh!

Friday – noticed Dave White hadn’t been buying any lunch all week and felt sorry for him cos he’s from Moss Side and on a scholarship. Gave him some change from my pocket, in return I made him buy some White Lightening from a couple of the older boys, Robbo and Palli are always getting drunk behind the bike sheds. Got drunk with Dave and he told me some story about him mum dating some rich Arab bloke but I think he was making it up.

Sunday – I don’t understand what’s going on at home, I am miles better than Phillip and Stacy but every time they win something my dad puts it on the mantelpiece. Stacy comes third in some netball competition, trophy middle of the mantelpiece, Phillip gets 5 wickets playing for Summerseat CC and boom there’s his medal hanging up. I win Trade Unionist of the year and he just chucks the certificate in a f***ing draw!

Monday – met a girl called Natasha at the roller disco, she said she will come and watch me play football. Fingers crossed, I would love to get to first base with her.

Wednesday – played in the cup final and the dressing room is buzzing, apparently there are loads of scouts at the game. I asked Roy who they were here to watch and he said “well it’s not you, you little pr*ck” lolz (we have a lot of Bantz). Anyway it turns out they are there to watch Bryan Giggs our fast winger who has a great game, even my new girlfriend is impressed as she is constantly cheering him.

Saturday – apparently Bryan got to third base with Natasha before I had even got out the dugout……
Graham Kirk (Yep I am this bored), Sunny Manchester.


Net curtains
Hi Snort, Saints

I’ve done a quick recky on Liverpool’s net spend since 1990. It’s:

Spent: £1,468.1m

Received: £936.6m

Net: £531.5m

For comparison, Manchester United since 2013 is:

Spent: £997.7m

Received: £313.6m

Net: £684.1

Liverpool have not had the highest net spend of any club trying to regain the title, it’s not even close.
Rob, Brighton


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