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Date published: Saturday 21st July 2018 12:18

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Liverpool precedents
I may be a tad late to the discussion about whether or not Liverpool are trying to buy the title, but I still feel the need to wade in and point out a few things that I feel have been missed.

First of all, it’s impossible to tell before a ball has been kicked.
Three of our four purchases have never kicked a ball in England before, so there is a certain risk with them. Aside from that, we can assume that Salah won’t score 40-odd goals again, so that’s worth legislating for. We’re also incorporating, potentially, 3 or 4 new faces into our first team, so they may take a while to gel.

However, back to the main point. Liverpool have been spending huge amounts of money for years. Collymore, Heskey, the ludicrous summer of Diouf-Diao-Cheyrou, buckets of money on Robbie Keane, and so forth. The difference now, it seems, is that we are identifying targets, paying the money, and said targets actually want to come. I don’t remember anyone squealing about us trying to buy the title in 2011 when we spent £75 million on Carroll, Henderson, and Downing.

Klopp, as has been ascertained in the Mailbox recently, is most certainly a hypocrite. I can just about live with that, if it means he’s trying to take the club forward. We’ve just seen what ten years of trying to stand still in the top 4 while sitting under a big pit of money looks like at Ar=senal, and I’d rather not, thanks.

Although it’s hard to judge now, it looks like we’ve had a cool transfer window, and if we get closer to the title, I for one won’t mind, as I’m sure no other team (bar Leicester) minded, that we spent a big wedge of money.
Yours, etc.
Ciarán in Seville.


United worried about Reds
When a player is signed that turns a glaring weakness into a position of strength its money well spent. I read some stats on the value of keepers and they were predicated on the average keeper. Liverpool didn’t have average keepers. They had collectively the worst group of keepers in the league and that makes the Allison signing money well spent. He will be the starter for the next ten years and that to me more than justifies the price tag.

Looking at Liverpool’s business from a Utd fan’s perspective I am very worried. And that is the highest compliment I can give.

Kind regards,
Oisin, Dublin (also if you think Buffon was signed in ‘01 for 30 odd million pounds, the Allison signing pretty much falls in line with football inflation)


…Can I just point out to Rami, London that last season the stats are:

Utd goals conceded: 28..Clean Sheets 19.
Liverpool conceded: 38..Clean Sheets 17.

That defines a MUCH better defence?

Any team with Young,Valencia,Jones,Smalling in it can never,ever be described as much better then anyones defence…except maybe Trump’s.

And bear in mind too that Jose played the most dour,uncreative defensive football of any of the top 6,,set out to defend over anything else & De Gea made a good 20 world class saves last season.

Hardly a huge gulf in class-goalie yes-but back 4? No chance.


Klopp’s rebuild
It’s anyone’s opinion whether Liverpool are buying the league. However, from a fan’s perspective (disclaimer), if one has got a house with a leaky roof, one has to plug it or the house gets flooded.

One may say, on average the furniture (eg strikers) get utilized more, but furniture don’t plug that leaky gap and get ruined when the rains come.

In the past three yrs we’ve played well enough to win 2 euro finals yet lost both because of basic defensive/goalkeeping errors.

I just know that if there’s a roof tiler who knows how to plug leaks, it’s gonna be worth not just the roof or the piece or tiling but maybe the entire house and all its belongings.

Pity we’ve gotten lucky with strikers but not with defenders and GKs. Most teams have it other way round. Oh well. Life is fair.


Mediawatching Mediawatch
Alternative take: Man talks to only manager he has ever had about his career.

Didn’t realise that Wenger simultaneously managed Bolton and Arsenal in 2010 and then again managed Bournemouth and Arsenal in 2017…
Barry (Pedant) Marelli


Fake news
I have read Mediawatch everyday, without fail for over 8 years. It is my go to read every day at 12pm.

Over the last year or so I have noticed a certain publication has frequented the hallowed pages more than others.

Every time I read another story by this publication, something in my subconscious eats away at me.

Finally, I have realised why this is

As a wonderful example of a platform that has both influence and the right intentions, I would be so grateful if F365 could remind these fine journalists of the M.E.N of this article. I would also be grateful if they could point me in the direction of their clarifications and apologies page, as I cannot for the life of me find this. It shouldn’t be hard to find given they likely have two or three full time staff members pumping out clarification after clarification. I feel for them, as their sources are clearly having a bad time of it of late.

Anyway, here’s to more ‘genuine’ and ‘real’ articles from these fine people.

Long live the M.E.N.
Andy B, RFC

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