Mails: Look at all these happy Arsenal fans

Date published: Monday 15th August 2016 9:36

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Pray for the MC
Oh dear, it’s going to be a tough Monday morning for the Mailbox Compiler. I’ll take a stab at the number of emails from hysterical Arsenal “fans” clamouring for Arsene’s head:

Al, Arsenal, Sydney


The return of Peak Arsenal
Is anyone surprised anymore? Another opening game defeat for Arsenal. In the last 6 opening day games we’ve won approximately once and that was against a Palace side who didn’t have a manager and were woefully unorganized, even more so than Arsenal were. We’re never ever correctly prepared for the start of the season, we always start badly and that always derails our season before it’s really begun.

Some of the decisions Wenger made today were just baffling, we pay £34 million for Xhaka, he looks great at the euros and great in preseason…so Wenger drops him. Same story with Santi Cazorla. Instead he played Ramsey who only had an hour of football under his belt in pre season, and had only been back in training for two weeks. A player with 2 weeks of preseason was never going to play well and was always likely to get injured, another simply amateur decision from Wenger. No doubt in response to this defeat he’ll rush 1, 2 or maybe all 3 of Ozil, Koscielny and Giroud back into the team despite the fact they’ve all only had a week of training. And then next week Giroud’s hamstring will go or Koscielny’s calf will.

We all know Wenger will get given his new contract after we go on a 4 game winning streak against the likes of Sunderland and Hull. He’ll keep letting the likes of Coquelin and Cech off despite their constant mistakes week after week. We’ll underperform and maybe sneak 4th due to the quality of Ozil. We still won’t sign a striker next summer and we’ll start off next season just as unorganized and unprepared as we were today. The cycle will go on and on until Wenger has decided to finally retire, which could be a long few years away.
Matt, Arsenal fan


‘I don’t give two sh*ts any more’
Cost of renewing membership – £45

Cost of new shirt – £55

Cost of match day ticket for opening game around – £50

Saying to hell to all of that and spending the day at Lords – Priceless.

Seriously, blaming the loss on inexperienced defenders? If I wasn’t a gooner, I’d find Wenger hilarious – as it is, he’s hollowed me out so much that I really don’t give two sh*ts anymore.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


‘I hate Arsene Wenger’
Elder generations say to me that I should be grateful for what Wenger has done for our club. Bear in mind he’s all I’ve ever known and brought Thierry Henry and the invincibles into my life…when it comes down to it, I hate the bloke. He’s patronising, arrogant and stubborn.

Wenger in.
George (Can’t express my disappointment) UTA


A few questions about Arsenal.

Why are we the only club in the PL who seem to have not benefitted from TV money?

Why is it such a struggle to see a signing through – something our rivals seemingly don’t struggle with?

Why are we so particular about only signing the perfect player – and therefore limiting our pool of potential signings immensely – when so many of our actual signings show themselves to be anything but perfect?

Why did we leave our top class new holding midfielder on the bench when he has had the whole summer to bed in while every other club proudly displayed their new signings?

Why are the French players in our club given the start of the season off, a courtesy no other club seems to have extended to theirs?

Why, despite this, will they inevitably get injured immediately when they get back?

Seriously, why so many injuries? Two on the first day!

Why are we always undercooked on the first day of the season?

Why do we look like a bunch of drunks after our manager has had the chance to give us a half time team talk?

Why are we the only club that seems to not care about leaders (making players who will not play at all captain) when we are so often shown up for our mental fragility?

Why can’t we use subs to change things up when they are going wrong at any point in the match?

Why are we the only club (business?) in the world where the employed manager is not accountable to anyone?

Why have we – one of the most established clubs in the country with one of the richest histories – ended up with owners who have not a single desire to be successful on the pitch, only on the balance sheet?

Why do we live through the same season every single season?
Jaimie (of course, the answer is obvious) Kaffash, AFC, North London


Oh, Arsene/Arsenal
Impressive that Arsenal managed to condense an entire post 2008 season into 90 minutes – complete with a mini-resurgence once all was lost.


Is Wenger the Donald Trump of football or Donald Trump the Arsene Wenger of Politics? I am confused.



Arsenal conceded 11 home goals last season – by my maths, they’re already at 36% of that total after 1 game.

Maybe next year eh? (Again)
Nick C.
Burlington, ON


I hope the punters that paid 80 odd quid for their category A tickets at the Emirates feel that they got their value for money and that their investment in Arsenal is matched by that of the club.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC


The blame for today’s defeat can be entirely placed upon liverpools inability to adapt to arsenals style of play in such a way that would make them inferior to us. Why should Arsenal have to change?
Mike, Skidney, Australia


I could easily write a huge mail on Arsene Wenger negatives but it all feels so pointless. Arsenal fans that have a brain want him gone. Non-Arsenal fans that have a brain can see he’s the problem (16 conclusions shows that). I love football and this man is honestly making it a misery.

One Arsene Wenger. Wenger in.
George (Judge him in May) UTA


Liverpool thoughts
Wow. That certainly kicked up a notch!

*Liverpool started very nervously. Seemed to be a lack of urgency and geggenpressing coming from the team.

*With that, Arsenal looked very bright. Their marshalling of the front three from Liverpool was impressive.

*Every player makes a mistake. Some players have an off day. Alberto Moreno’s first half performance was impressive in brain dead behaviour. You’ve just conceded a penalty with a lazy tackle. He jumped in rashly on Ramsey a few minutes earlier and got away with it. So what do you do? Let Walcott ramble in. A tidy finish after a very poor penalty from him. Moreno needs to go. Simple as.

* I’ve read on this site that people would sell Coutinho, doesn’t do enough etc. Honestly, that is why you don’t sell him. Two contenders for goal of the season already. A free kick that Beckham would be happy with. I did get a good chuckle listening to Neville say, Cech won’t be worried!

*Second half showed the fitness levels and we blitzed Arsenal. Unreal pass from Coutinho and an excellent finish from a very good Lallana.

*How many passes did Liverpool put together for that goal? Stunning. Stunning.

*Hopefully it’s just a slight knock for Coutinho.

* Mane. Wow. Just amazing. Pace, strength and an unreal finish. How good was that? Another contender for goal of the season.

*Then the old problems came. Silly goal to concede and Mignolet could have done better against Chamberlain. As Thierry Henry said, manage the game.

*As it continued, Klopp should have perhaps subbed on Can earlier. Silly mistake by Clyne to give away a free kick. Great delivery and a nice header.

* I’ve said it before, Origi looks like a world class talent in the making. Hopefully Klopp can get him there.

* Even after conceding three, I was impressed with Klavan. He made a couple of good interceptions and clearances.

*Pre season showed the benefits here. 5km further than Arsenal. Good sign.
Miguel Sanchez, LFC (Klopps glasses deserve their own Twitter account)


Hahahahalberto Moreno
If Jordan Henderson looks like a dog that’s been woken by his own fart, Moreno is the friendly idiot mutt who runs into parked cars while playing fetch.

My god is he rubbish.
Alan, Seville.


Pile of Roo
Just want to say well done to football365 for continuing to not pander to the rest of the media’s Rooney obsession. He was dreadful yesterday and Danny Murphy’s MOTD2 assertion that he was excellent was the most sickening image we have had all weekend. And that includes Gary Linekar’s reference to not wanting Alan Shearer’s face near his special area.

I quickly checked on Google how he had been rated and inexplicably good reviews all round. That bastion of truth, the Daily Star, appears to have awarded him man of the match. Not a bean anywhere about his blatant dive. Something he did a few times last year if I recall.

For England’s sake (and the delightful Juan Mata) I want Mourinho to drop him. Sadly after experimenting with dropping equivalent fan favourite club captain Terry last year and the negative reaction that received, I think Mourinho will stick with our Wayne forever more.


Why United won’t win the league
I don’t want to pour cold water over my fellow United fans excitement. Yes we won yesterday but the club’s biggest problem still lurks around. And it might also be around longer because of yesterdays result.

A loss in the first few games might not have been a bad result for Utd in the long term as it would have hastened Rooney’s exclusion from the team. Yes he scored but he was his usual terrible self.  The amount of times he did the most predictable thing and did his slow diagonal pass out to the right wing (not once did he attempt that pass to the left wing) was infuriating. Add in the now familiar miscontrols and it felt like a groundshog day reenactment of the last few years for Utd.

He will now probably stink up the joint for a few more weeks while a creative force like Micky Taryan sits on the bench loosing confidence. We have seen this movie before in Kagawa.

Its so frustrating that we have a team that could play some exhilarating football but it is held back by a reputation. I just hope we see that team before our creative players lose confidence. Like they did last year and the year before etc…We have been here before.

Ps: Cue the Harry Boultons and Guy Shrimptons of the world to hop in for the defence of their man crush.
Mike (I don’t rate Rooney that highly) MUFC San Fransisco


There is no doubting that Wayne Rooney is going to surpass Bobby Charlton as all time leading goalscorer at United by the end of the season. He has served the club well albeit sometimes holding us at ransom. However for some time now he has not shown the qualities that enchanted supporters and the opposition alike and at the moment seems to be a burden on the team. The only bargaining chip left is his captaincy but i wonder how long Mou will continue to put trust in him. The team we have now needs a proper no. 10 (mata/miki/Ibra) to get the best out of our pacey front 3. Rooney is just not that guy anymore. He is like that friend that doesn’t want to leave the house.
Salford Red in Nairobi(if only Ibracadabra were 25)


Laugh all you want
The new season has arrived and we lost to Hull. A promoted club at war with its owners who are barely able to put out 11 players. Certainties for relegation according to the media.

If this happened last season, I’d be devastated. But I’m not, I’m pleased for the Hull fans to have their moment to be top of the league.

However, it seems a lot of big club fans (mainly Arsenal for some reason) seem to have enjoyed our defeat. What they don’t seem to understand is that we don’t really think about retaining the title or even being in the mix. Last year we did the unthinkable, after years of average football, yo-yo-ing between leagues without ever really being relevant outside the east Midlands. We won the league, against massive odds, against the big boys. And we did it by 10 points!

Aim for this year is survival and to enjoy the champions league. Whatever happens, none of us will ever forget the last 18 months. The year Leicester city won the premier league. A defeat to Hull doesn’t take that away.
Toby (champions) Mitchell


Seems like every website has written an article this week about how Leicester are going to be terrible this season (MC – *ahem*) mainly because we sold Kante, lost a couple of friendly games against Europe’s top clubs and that other teams will be wise to our tactics now. It’s all just part of the modern media’s culture to praise when it suits them then beat them down to get more clicks and advertising revenue. Yes we lost Kante, we were anyway but got over 30m for him and he stupidly went to a club who aren’t even in CL this season and might not be next either so to be honest I just found it amusing. Losing him means a change in tactics that’s all. Odd thing about tactics is that teams had all season to be wise to ours and we still walked the league in the end. Just like teams had years to learn how to play against Guardiola’s Barca tiki-taka nonsense but still could rarely beat them so it’s a mute point.

The most hilarious thing I read was regarding our loss in the Charity Shield means we will have issues this season because a player scored a goal that Kante would have stopped (the write can obviously see into alternative realities) and that a 6’5 world class striker beat Wes Morgan in the air to score the winner means problems lie ahead. Journalists actually get paid to write this BS.

Also read quite a bit of negativity in the mailbox about Leicester too. I imagine they were mainly from fans who feel their club are entitled to win titles because their teams used to do that, yes I mean Liverpool and Arsenal fans, you guys seemed to be more annoyed than anyone about our success last season because how dare a ‘small’ club win a title and our ‘BIG’ (revenue) club not! Honestly get over it guys.

Anyway we won the league last season, we won’t this time but will finish in the top half, be in competition for European places and hopefully get out of the group stage in the CL, that would make myself and the majority of Leicester fans very happy.

Kudos also to Ranieri and the owners for being sensible in the transfer market instead of being ridiculous like most teams would have been in our situation. Long term the future looks bright and I’m looking forward to the season ahead however much the media will try to ruin it as soon as we lose a game!
William, Leicester


Yay, Hull
After the worst preseason, all my bitching and moaning about how crap it’s going to be, after thinking matching Derby’s points total would be nice, that happens.

Bloody love football me!

Up the tigers!
Rob, Leeds


We are top of the leave, we are top-of-the-league!
Temporarily Happy Tiger


Why of course
In Celebration of Negredo’s scoring return to the premier league, can we have that picture of him in his denim shorts again you published a few years ago please.

Thank you.
Forever 90s.


Weekend thoughts
A few thoughts on the weekend that no one is forcing you to read.

*Well done West Brom on their win.  They have two very good strikers in front of a very solid team.  The only thing missing was that Saido Berahino hadn’t been brought into the side to score against us before being frozen out again.

*Crystal Palace are f###ed.  The stat doing the rounds on Saturday night was that only Aston Villa and Norwich City have taken fewer Premier League points than Palace in 2016.  The summer appears to have done nothing to arrest the slump, and whereas last season we had our excellent start to fall back on, we won’t have that luxury again this time around.

This wasn’t necessarily a game the home side would have expected to win, but it is fair to say winning this match, against a team they’re likely to be battling with all season, was one they could have won.

*I know most transfer rumours are a load of rubbish and not worth paying too much attention to, but I like to see who, if anyone, Palace are being linked with, especially when Alan Pardew is talking about bringing players in.  However, there are few names being mentioned (Christian Benteke and Saido Berahino aside), and the majority of rumours tend to be of players leaving Selhurst Park.

Yannick Bolasie is likely to move to Everton today, for £28-30m; Mile Jedinak looks set to join Aston Villa.  Yet there seems little in the way of urgency to replace them – I appreciate the lack of panic but this is a little too far the other way.

*Losing Bolasie is a shame, but for that sort of money, it’s too good to turn down.

*Failure to adequately replace those players will lead to more of the incomprehensible team selections that we got to enjoy on Saturday.  Yohan Cabaye and Yannick Bolasie were left on the bench, for tactical reasons; Steve Mandanda was not in the matchday squad; Chung-yong Lee started, despite making it clear he wanted out and had felt mistreated by a manager who, he claimed, had at least twice sent him to warm up after all three substitutions had been made.

A WBA side playing away from home is nailed on to sit back and expect the opposition to dominate possession, something Tony Pulis cleverly identified Crystal Palace as not being very good at doing.  While he was not the only French player to miss a start this weekend, Cabaye would have been a massive help in controlling possession.

Many Palace fans were also hoping that Jonny Williams’ showing in the Euros would have persuaded Pardew to give him a chance in the Premier League.  He would certainly have brought energy to the side and made life difficult to Albion’s midfielders.

*Following their cameo in 16 Conclusions, I fully expect to see Palace third in the Losers section of W&L, behind Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.  However, Alan Pardew should be in the Winners section, given he’s managed to convince the club to pay him more money (his improved contract signed before the FA Cup Final) for no discernible improvement in either his or the team’s performance.

I had a theory last season that he was convinced he was going to be sacked once the American investors were fully settled in, given how many new financial backers come in to English football with their own ideas of who should be in charge, and Pardew’s days would be numbered.  He weathered that storm, and but the only thing that’s got better is Pardew’s bank balance.  Feel free to quote this next time he or any other English manager complains about them getting rough treatment from clubs compared to foreigns.

Despite all this negativity, I don’t want him sacked, especially not after just one game of the season – the ideal scenario is that he, a cult hero from his playing days, finds a way to improve the club’s fortunes and attains cult status as a manager too.  It’s a tough balance though, as while dismissing him after one game would be knee-jerk, leaving it too late would mean a new manager has less of the transfer window left to bring in players.  This is a big week for Pardew’s transfer activity, as patience with him is starting to wear thin.

*Next up for the Eagles is Tottenham away.  Perfect chance for Hotspur’s strikers to rediscover their scoring touch.  For Palace, with or without new signings, it’s going to be more about the performance than the result – a proper shift in here will bring back a lot of goodwill.
The literary Ed Quoththeraven


*Great to see Robert Snodgrass healthy and back in the Premier League. In some ways he’s a limited player, but given time and space, his left foot can work wonders. And what an immense performance from Curtis Davies, who looks back to his very best. Add in Jake Livermore’s out-of-position comeback story, and you’ve got a crucial three points for Hull City.

*Salomón Rondón continues his amazing streak. Every goal he’s scored for West Bromwich Albion has given his team the lead, except for the one which was a stoppage-time equalizer.

*Eddie Howe is the parallel-universe version of Tony Pulis. Like Pulis, he only knows one way to play, but it’s the exact opposite: possession, short passes, attack first and defend later. Pulis’ method is proven for survival, Howe’s isn’t quite yet. Last year they pulled it off, and they’ll probably have to do it the same way this year: outscoring the lesser teams, getting pasted by most of the better sides.

*The game of the weekend wasn’t Arsenal-Liverpool, which after the first goal went in was hilariously predictable. It was Middlesbrough-Stoke, a rousing affair that just lacked that final bit of quality. Boro’s central midfield and right side got absolutely shredded by Stoke’s entertainers, but there was no decent striker to get in position for chances. (Mame Biram Diouf got only 8 touches all game.) Meanwhile Gastón Ramirez, a flop at Southampton and Hull, was brilliant for the home side, as Boro played with purpose and intensity. Stoke look one Saido Berahino short of being frightening in attack, assuming, and this is a big assumption, Mark Hughes knows how to coach that kind of striker.

*Proof that José Mourinho is evil incarnate: he’s turned loveable, sweet, cuddly Juan Mata INTO A DIVER OMG
Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA




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