Manchester United need to send out a message against Spurs

Date published: Wednesday 25th October 2017 10:44

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Manchester United really need to beat Tottenham
So after the Huddersfield loss at the weekend and constant criticism of the way Mourinho was being so cautious with his game plan, it got me wondering how the team need to stop fearing the worst once we go 1-0 or even 2-0 down in a game, and also to go for it against bigger teams rather than just taking a draw.

If I am not mistaken, Jose has only won twice against the top five teams (Cheslea, Arsenal, Spurs, City & Liverpool) home and away since he took charge at United last year. (a 1-0 home win against Spurs and 2-0 home win against Chelsea who had already pretty much won the league by that point).

Now do not get me wrong, Jose has been doing a bloody good job since he has been at the club, the guy won two trophies in his first year and we now have an attack and midfield that teams fear playing.

So why did he go for the 0-0 draw against Liverpool at Anfield the other week? When Mourinho first came to Chelsea in 2004, he was ruthless in those kind of games, he was not scared of going for a win, even if it risked shipping a goal or two. Think it was Jose’s second season in charge where they went 1-0 down to Liverpool at Anfield in the league and his team destroyed them 4-1, even Geremi scored.

I just find it strange how he really sucks against big teams now and I honestly wonder how Fergie managed to make the players do everything they could if they went 2-0 down to win the game 3-2. Not even draw the game, but win it. United scored their goal against Huddersfield with a quarter of the game to go, so why couldn’t the players and Mourinho even get a second?

I know Huddersfield played well and worked there arses off against us, but if United want to compete with City for the title and even Spurs who look incredible at the moment, we need to show more belief and confidence as a team.

United have to beat Spurs next week to send a message, and to do that in these kind of games, make the best form of defence attack. Do not play Jones anymore because he gets injured way too easily, play Bailly every game we can and get Rojo back in the team too.
Rami, London (Bored at work)


Why Klopp really isn’t like Redknapp
Ben, Happy Spurs Fan demonstrating how short memories can be in football. He’s probably the same type that is starting to sound like an entitled fan that doesn’t realise how recent Spurs success is.

That front 3 that was so ready made comprises of Firmino, who was considered a flop under Rodgers. He was playing out wide and having no impact before Klopp came along and changed his role. From my own eyes I would’ve told you the Brendan version of Firmino was too light weight for English Football until Klopp showed me how little I know about coaching compared to him.

Mane was widely talked about on these pages and elsewhere as potentially a big waste of money. Now he’s considered one of the best wide forwards in the league. It’s also worth remembering that when Mané moved nobody else tried to sign him – nearly every other wide player we’ve tried to sign in the past few years has been met by stiff competition (Salah the first time, Willian, that Brazilian who ended up in China). Yet Mané slipped under the radar entirely. Not by chance either, because nobody else saw value in the figures being talked about at the time I’d bet.

You also pay a massive disrespect to Redknapp; Bale was utter dross before he became Bale. I vaguely recall some bit of info that he wasn’t even on a winning side of a Spurs game for the first year of his career or something. Bale obviously had the perseverance and dedication that only top athletes do but along the way something helped him find the confidence to go out and become one of the best footballers on earth. Maybe Redknapp’s arm around his shoulder doesn’t seem like much to Ben, Happy Spurs Fan and manager supreme (obviously) but it seemed to have helped Bale.
Minty, LFC


Remember the name: Eddie Nketiah
The most exciting English talent since Harry Kane/Wayne Rooney?

Yes, I did watch the rest of the game. Yes, it was a sh*t show. Though I can’t remember the last time I read the Metro just to see the pictures of the victory.
Gooner, London


Crystal Palace have more deadwood than trees
Here’s an alternative to yesterday’s top ten of players who shouldn’t have stayed put:

*Jordon Mutch
*Bakary Sako
*Martin Kelly
*Lee Chung-yong
*Damien Delaney
*Wayne Hennessey

Ok, there’s only six, but that’s because the Palace squad is so thin any fewer than that and they wouldn’t be able to put out a full team. Even so, all six should have been moved on.

A reminder – Frank de Boer was sacked because he said mean things to Delaney and Kelly, who went telling tales to the chairman. Those two started at centre-back last night and shipped four goals to an admittedly flying Championship side.
Ed Quoththeraven


Credit to Levy
I think Daniel Levy gets a lot of unfair stick for his reluctance to mortgage the club just to pay wages that other clubs do. He has built a far more sustainable football club at Spurs that has progressed year after year. The missing piece was the manager, and Poch seems to enjoy being part of the whole development. Levy build the academy, which has clearly worked, and is now growing the revenue base with a new stadium. There are very few chairman in football, or sports in general, that have managed to do what he has achieved at Spurs.

Sure, at some point 100 grand a week might not seem like enough when you can get twice that elsewhere, but I am hopeful that the Spurs squad are invested in what is going on over there at least enough to stick around long enough to experience the new stadium. I am certain that Levy will give Poch whatever he wants once the revenue allows it, and at least partly close the wage gap.

It would just be nice to see a well run club with a stable manager and team win the league, kind of like the old days before all this craziness with mega rich owners playing real life championship manager.
Joe L


We had to sack Koeman
In the end it wasn’t the losses it was the manner of the losses and general play.

If we’d had a good go and lost by a goal or 2 then I think Koeman would’ve been given more time but we were pretty much hammered playing some of the shittest football you will ever see. Did you see Burnley at Goodison?

The fact it was the same every game showed he just couldn’t get it right so how long do we give him? Until we’re bottom?
John H


Found his level?
Jesse Lingard summed up in winners and losers, “Lingard would stand out at West Ham, Stoke or Swansea, but at Manchester United he goes missing far too often to be reliable. Sorry.”

He did stand out at Swansea!

Cormac, (Arrivederci Buffon!), Galway


A fine recommendation
I’ve just finished reading Paul McGrath’s autobiography. If you read one book in your life make it this book, especially if you or anyone you know have issues with alcoholism and depression.

Paul lives close to me and though I don’t know him personally he is a hero of mine. The words tortured soul don’t do justice to the poor man. If you’re reading Paul, I’d just like to wish you the best and hope your keeping well.
Irish PMF


Go on the Murray
Is it me or is Matt Murray (a former goalkeeper of Wolves!!) the best pundit on sky?
Barry LUFC


Oh Matt
Sorry to break it to ya ‘Matt.’ But Thomas Tuchel has been out of a job since the 30th of May. And Peter Bosz (old Ajax manager) has been doing the business so far this year.

Short note: always worth wikipedia-ing anything you think you know, before announcing it in a the mailbox.


I think you’d agree that a non-fan always has a keener eye for what’s occurring at a football club. A bit of a distance, dispassionately observing failures and being able to offer suggestions without having the ties of loyalty to your chosen team.

In that spirit – and with Jürgen’s days surely numbered at a floundering Liverpool Football Club – I have assessed the best possible options to replace the defensively-suspect, German hug-mad honey monster when he slips through the Shankly Gates for the last time:

Arrigo Sacchi – he’s brought back the boom times at Milan (particularly in Europe). Would he be willing to leave the Rossoneri and ply his trade in England?

Rinus Michels – his Total Football style at Ajax is beautiful to watch and has the attacking thrust that the Kop faithful demand.

Alex Ferguson – A proud history of Scottish managers have plied their trade with great success at Anfield. Would Liverpool Football Club take a chance on the young Aberdeen manager being as effective south of the border?

All food for thought, Matt.
Paul (avoiding any reference to an instance of less than salubrious behaviour from a Liverpool fan) Glasgow

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