Mails: Matic? What was wrong with Schneiderlin?

Date published: Wednesday 28th June 2017 12:05

Please keep those summery mails (or summary mails) coming to…


How is Matic an upgrade on Schneiderlin?
How is Matic an upgrade on Schneiderlin? For all the folks touting him as a sensible signing. It sure is but we had a defensive screening shield in Schneiderlin. He knew the Premier League and was phenomenal at Southampton.

Again, please help me understand. How is Matic an upgrade on Schneiderlin?
Sudarsan Ravi


Why do Man United face more scrutiny than others?
One reason why people are suddenly offering opinions on the validity of the Matic signing, is the same reason why everyone comments on EVERY single big-money signing made by United. No other club in the country is subject to such financial scrutiny. Maybe because success breeds contempt. Pogba was a flop after two months sure. Just a cursory glance across town to City’s record spending doesn’t exactly scream money well spent.

Nicolás Otamendi (joint-ninth highest fee at £32m), Eliaquim Mangala (similar outlay) and Robinho (eiht highest fee at £32.5m) aren’t/weren’t exactly raging successes in England, while the jury is still out on John Stones (second highest transfer fee).

That’s not even mentioning Claudio Bravo. Or Jo! If Wilfried Bony was signed by United for the same figure as City paid for him, and loaned out as quick as he was, there would be far, far more ridicule. Alvaro Negredo lasted only a season. Again if that was United, they would be laughed at.

Chelsea have acquired their fair share of duds since the Russian oligarch came to town too (Shevchenko, Torres), but again get off lightly when compared to United.

And I won’t even examine the record transfer dealings of Liverpool, out of fear of sparking a riot.

So why is it that United seem to get more criticism for “failed acquisitions” as opposed to other teams in England? I suppose it’s nothing to do with them being the most successful club in the country. Not at all.
Brian, Wexford


A belting Manchester United transfer window
In response to Ted, Manchester asking about the last time Manchester United got a really good deal in the transfer window. I would give you the January 2006 transfer window. (Arguments could potentially be made for Zlatan, Carrick and Valencia)

Anyway back to 2006, and United spent £15.73 million on two defenders who would go on to form the backbone of one of the best United teams of all time. Nermanja Vidic (£8.93m) and Patrice Evra (£6.8m) started slowly but soon went on to become firm fan favorites.
Vidic was a fearless leader, who formed, along with Rio Ferdinand, a partnership that in my opinion was the best the Premier League has ever seen. Evra was an all action player who covered the left wing single handily for long stretches of his career.

To get these top quality players who still had their peak years in front of them for under £16 million is extraordinary. In today’s market they would command fees of at least £40m each.(Conservative estimate. Vidic is at least 10 times the defender John Stones is) A true bargain.

All this being said, I do agree with Ted’s point that United very rarely get value for money nowdays. However is this not just a reflection of the general market, especially in England, with United just being the worst at obtaining bang for their buck?
Adam, Edinburgh


Betting is not an individual problem
I thought Victor A’s comments about becoming desensitized to the problem of gambling demonstrated perfectly how and why this is a societal problem rather than an individual problem. We’ve all thought people in America who sued the fast food companies because they ate too much fast food and it made them obese should have exercised self-control, when in reality being bombarded everyday with advertising and the actions of your peer group have made this the norm and therefore difficult to break.

I’m very happy that Victor has like myself no desire to gamble but if like many people you are susceptible to gambling addiction having being bombarded by adverts and having your peer group partake of said activity as a normal part of everyday life makes it incredibly difficult not to take up and then continue gambling.

It is great that the FA have taken the financial hit to cease promoting gambling as normal behaviour. Now they need to stop taking McDonald’s money and promoting obesity.

When does the football start again?
David Williams


England U21s: Brave, but hardly unlucky
The press will talk of a brave lions performance. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the game as I was on a flight but the stats normally speak for themselves, please feel free to tell me it wasn’t so:

Germany had 69% possession, 38 shots to our 17, 9 on target to our 4 and finally 13 corners to our 4. I hope I’m wrong but that doesn’t sound like a vintage performance overall.

Still, from what I have seen there is a lot to like about this U21 team. Mawson, Challobah, Gray and Abraham have all looked good at various stages as well as others. If our lads could get half the game time our competitors equivalents do, well be laughing.
Rob A (Chambers/Holding will be one to watch in the future I hope) AFC


People who say that U21 football is not an effective way to prepare players for senior international football were proven wrong last night.

In losing on penalties to Germany, Aidy Boothroyd has ensured this group of players is perfectly set up for tournament football for years to come.


See, England were naughty too
Alright, now that the Garcia report has come out in the open and everyone can read about every nation’s conduct during the bidding process can we please put to rest the idea that England’s bid was any more noble than Qatar’s or Russia’s? Everyone was playing by the same rules, everyone understood the rules, everyone greased the wheels in hopes of winning the bid. The only difference is that the amount of money was smaller, but the principle is the same, and ultimately the ones most willing to spend money won.

I’m actually very glad about this info coming out, because i was long sickened by the vitriol of the british tabloids, as well as individual people, who upon losing the bid started pointing the finger at the ones who won. All those comments and articles about how unfair the system was, how it was always “the Russians” or “dirty Arabs”. Let’s face it, we’re every bit as corrupt as anyone else, and it’s time to shut it.

So, the next time we lose a bid for a major competition (perhaps 2030?) let’s accept it with a little bit of outward dignity. We’re already quite disliked all over the world (indeed we are) so let’s not make it any worse.
Patrick (THFC), the ugly englishman


Worst goals
Laurent Koscielny vs Burnley.

A last minute winner should never be after it being booted at your hand by a team mate from a yard out.

Kudos goes for The Ox celebrating as if he has just split the defence with a slide rule pass.

Terrible, just terrible!


Lovely Rocky
You said things didn’t get much better for Rocastle at Man City… Are you taking the pissoir? This skill made Rocastle a legend in my school…

Leon (I’m a ‘it could be our year’ kinda guy) Mende, LFC

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