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Date published: Friday 30th October 2015 11:06

Some are getting nostalgic for the old United, while Liverpool fans are defending Klopp…

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Jose Mourinho: Coach driver?
Liverpool vs Chelsea – must-not-lose for Mourinho.

A simple question: Would Mourinho park the bus tomorrow?


Wait before judging Klopp
Klopp took over Liverpool aprox 20 days ago I think (easy to check but it’s early and I can’t be bothered). Point is that since then he’s been everything from Liverpool’s saving grace to the next Tim Sherwood.

A good time to judge him will be after the next Capital One Cup Game. Players returning from injury and backroom staff settled in will give an indication of his progress. Judging now makes you no better than the moronic ‘journalism’ we all strive to avoid by clicking on this website daily.

Basically stop fawning, gushing, criticising, bemoaning or praising Klopp until he’s had more than a few weeks in charge or you are no better than the reactionary cr*p-bags we love to hate.
Martin (Teixeira > Lallana) Jackson


Klopp can do what he wants…
To Rich (inspired by Al) Williams, Dorset – I don’t f*ckin care what Klopp does by the sideline as Liverpool are winning and go back where they MUST BE!
Marin (How sad it must be to hate someone who just shows his happiness?!) LFC Bulgaria
…In response to Rich (inspired by Al) Williams, all I can say is I wish the novelty of Klopp would wear off.

That way maybe he can just get on with managing the club and trying to get the team back into some half way decent shape. The way the press has gone over the top is crazy.

I’d rather watch him jump up and down than that ridiculously fake stoic fist in the air that was clearly planned by BRodge. I’m sure he tried out a few different poses at home first.

I read an interview with Tom Hanks lately where he said neither he or his wife had big portraits of themselves in their home, or big posters of their movies because “what type of person would do that?”

Muzza (come on the All Blacks!!!!)


Missing Fergie’s United
I’ve read a number of mails trying to explain why Rooney is sh*t. Thought I’d weigh in on the topic myself.

First of all, United just don’t create too many chances, under Fergie, United were creating a lot more chances and always played with two traditional wingers (not inverted) and played a lot on the counter, these conditions were ideal for Wayne as he has never been great at hold-up play, or turning a defender. He scored a majority of his goals either on the break, or via headers. Thanks to the inverted wingers, no counter-attacks, and him losing his pace his goals have (to an extent) understandably dried up. His confidence also seems shot, causing him to make a poor first touch even worse.

Even last season, when he played the majority of his matches in midfield, he still got about 15 goals, which I think is partly down to the fact that we didn’t always play with Mata, and we had Di Maria, who loved a whipped cross and created lots of chances though he was quite wasteful.

I’m not even for a moment suggesting we rejig our whole system to accommodate him, but I think he would still thrive if played with traditional wingers, counter-attacking at pace midfielders breaking forward to compensate for his lack of pace.

Personally, I think we should have sold him when Fergie retired. But Moyes needed to make statement, and it was probably too early in his regime to sell a player like Rooney.

I miss the days of Fergie’s United, fast aggressive football, rapid breathtaking counter attacks, traditional wing play with more or less a 4411 formation. Man.
Kanishka Davda


Rooney has been our Gerrard…
It’s obvious that Scholes wants Giggs to take over at United already and even though I would love that to work (Giggs is easily my favourite ever United player) I think he and a lot of United fans need to understand that LVG is a quality manager and he knows what he’s doing. Even the most dedicated football fans who know their stats in way more detail I’ll ever bother to research suffer from the inability to consider what has happened in past seasons when making opinions.

Rooney always has sh*t spells. I’ve being watching him forget how to control a ball on and off for about five years, we all have. But the simple fact is he scores a sh*t ton of goals and works his arse off in every single football match. After being dropped by Fergie and having to work for a man who had successfully sued him…I can name about 100 footballers who would think “f*ck this” and get themselves sold for £££. But Wayne Rooney is the reason (along with de Gea who’s been stealing all the headlines) we came 7th and not 17th. He stepped up and I would like to see him do that again. He’s basically been our Gerrard since Ronaldo left, he’s only 30 and I reckon there’s a small chance he could be as good as he was 2-3 years ago.

I do think Rooney has been terrible since August (but anyone who thinks Rooney wasn’t good from late 2013 – mid 2015 is lying) and I’ve been one of those moaning about wanting LVG to drop him but I’ve come to realise that unless we spunk £60m on Muller then Rooney is the best we’re going to have for a few more years. A 19-year-old (who looks amazing, Nani did too at first) becoming another Ronaldo after four years under Ferguson is less likely to happen than Rooney being great again.

So basically, change the subject already. Mourinho, Wenger, Pelligrini, Klopp and LVG know what they’re doing. They’re the true PFMs.


Why Arsenal don’t need points from Munich
I noticed this starting in your ‘Big Weekend’ section, and I want to nip it in the bud – the Bayern away game is not crucial for Arsenal.

Let me explain. Let’s say Arsenal lose, and Olympiakos win. They are six points ahead.

But Olympiakos need to go to Munich – who themselves will still need to win to guarantee top spot. Say they lose (which is a pretty decent bet) that leaves Arsenal needing to beat Zagreb and win by better than 3-2 in Greece.

If Arsenal draw, and Olympiakos win – true, it will mean we go to Athens having to only win – but it is not a massive difference.

Of course, if Arsenal lose in Munich, it will be out of our hands. But I can pretty safely say Bayern will beat Olympiakos – putting it back in our hands.

Sorry for the dull email, but I can see many people claiming that we have to get something in Munich – which just isn’t true.
Jaimie ‘life and soul of a party’ Kaffash, AFC, north London


Back to have another pop at Lamela
Can’t say it doesn’t hurt to be dismissed as a PFM dinosaur by fellow Spurs fans because my opinion differs from theirs. I didn’t think my point was too outrageous, even for some hardcore Lamela apologists to swallow. Anyway…

Ok, Jonny Keller, Lamela is not ‘sh*t’. Maybe my choice of words was a bit hasty there – he had a good season in Serie A, and yes his rabona was rare and special (although I do feel describing it as such is a little creepy). Secondly my description of his average game cycle was obviously not gospel – I was trying to make a point that his decision-making is often poor, he is ponderous, he is lightweight and the positions in which he loses the ball means that it often presents a counter-attacking opportunity to the opposition. His being our highest assister last season doesn’t make this any less true. I don’t dispute he can find the odd excellent through ball. Just that for every moment of quality there are two of naivety. For every good game there is one where he is anonymous and one where he is a liability. I’m not sure where you get the bit about me hating the silly foreigners. Maybe you didn’t get to the bottom of my mail where I named nine of them who I would rather have in the team.

As for Alex G, you start by dismissing my claim that Xherdan Shaqiri is better as ‘bizarre’. Ok, debatable maybe but why bizarre? He’s been a key player for his national team for five years. He was one of the best young players in the world only a few years ago when Bayern signed him up. He has not set the Premier League on fire yet, but given your dismissal of Lamela’s entire first season maybe you should forgive him that? You say Lamela is slightly built – this for me is the crux of the problem. He’s had two years to bulk up and get used to the physicality but has not been able to. He’s started six games this season – just over half – which very much says squad player to me.

I may have exaggerated slightly in my original mail, but he is the most frustrating player in our squad and after two years at the club he should be more adapted to the league and more consistent. In my opinion he’s not cut out for the Premier League.
GM, Spurs


Lamela could improve; others have
In support of Alex G, THFC telling people to lay of Lamela I have to heartily agree.

One of the worst aspects of the Premier League is the instant judgement of whether transfers are good or bad.

‘Verdicts’ on transfers are handed out after a few games. Transfers are called a ‘flop’ after one month when the player had a minor injury and missed most of the game time. There seems to be no consideration that the player may actually recover from this injury, nope they are a flop because they couldn’t do it straight away.

Some will blame the British tabloids for engendering this attitude in fans. I blame fans for reading the tabloids. Hippy crack would be better for your brain…and that crap could ruin you.

To illustrate my point, here is are some of the players that drastically improved after some time in the Premier League:

– Tim Howard. Man Utd Flop to Everton Ironman.

– Mezut Ozil – labelled a flop. Perhaps the most creative player since football began in the early 90’s.

– Bafatemi Gomis – 1st Swansea Season, played over thirty games for just 7 strikes. Scoring 1 in 2 now.

– Cristiano Ronaldo, from exciting prospect who fell over too much angered Ruud Van Nistleroy with his lack of end product, into all-time great.

– Edu, serious injury ruled out first season. Key player in the invincibles.

– Lucas Leiva, worst Liverpool player to one of their best. See also Henderson (who figures on this F365 list of similar players).

– Niko Kranjcar – middling first seasons at Portsmouth. Great second season, went onto be a good player at Spurs.

– Luka Modric, okay under early days with Ramos turned Real Madrid target under ‘Arry.

– David Luiz, from being controlled by a playstation using child to key player.

– Eden Hazard, from pretty good player to best in the league at what he does.

– Vincent Kompany – see above

– Willian, hardly knew he was a Chelsea player until a few months ago. Now one of their best.

– Fabricio Coloccini – started off bad enough to be relegated, got used to the English game and became so good he became a key player and stuck at the club long enough to get too old for the EPL again.

Hope I’ve made a point. Oh, there’s and F365 article saying the same thing about Mr. Arsenal too…
Hugo (NUFC)
Why the fear of foreigns?
I’ve been struck over the past few days of the current punderati assassination attempts on foreigns. This has ranged from Rent a Quote ‘Arry doing three columns for the price of one on why Sherwood should continue to allow Villa to lose, JNs melancholy column on Motty to Danny Mills on 5Live. I have thought of a few reasons as to why this has been pushed down our throats:

1. General public perception to refugees/migrants. We all know immigration is currently a political football and currently watching the government deal with it is like watching Tony Hibbert and Dirk Kuyt play head tennis…

2. Frustration of the national side. We are underachieving and it’s the fault of the foreign players.

3. Fear of my job. There will be a load of handsome, well-spoken football pundits from the PL era and it won’t include me.

I’ll be honest, number 1 is just in there for me to get a Tony Hibbert reference. Football is not real life and I doubt the situation in Syria influences GNev (nor should it).

Number 2 is relevant for every year bar 1966, 1990 and 1996. Maybe the symptoms are similar but England being sh*t is common enough for us to deal with.

So number 3. I honestly believe that poor pundits are petrified of well-spoken foreigns taking their jobs in the studio like they did on the pitch. That’s why we have calm performances from JJ and Danny Murphy because they know they are valued but the likes of Mills churning out xenophobic chat because they know when Arteta or Rosicky retire that they will be take over in the pundits’ chair. Ultimately, we are now in a situation where the pundits are in a self-preservation society. And that doesn’t lead to a great amounting insight or freedom of speech.
Matt, EFC, London

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