Mails: Morning after the nawty night before

Date published: Wednesday 11th May 2016 9:27

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The relevant first question
How much of a bell end has David Sullivan been tonight?
Leon, Basel


We had far too many of these, so well done all
After last night’s performance it is obvious Manchester United need a new coach.

Need a new COACH. Oh forget it.

Kind regards
Peter, LFC


Three shots
We had three shots. Three f**king shots.

In a game where we needed to win to get fourth place in the league, we couldn’t even get four shots.


Didn’t excuse the actions of the fans, but come the f**k on United
Turn up at the time set by the police, the FA, the local council, match officials and also agreed in advance by both teams and it wouldn’t happen. Massively irresponsible behaviour by Man Utd.

And apart from all that….
10th March – Man Utd ask permission to arrive late at Anfield. Result: Liverpool 2, Man Utd 1
10th April – Man Utd turn up late at White Hart Lane. Result: Tottenham 3, Man Utd 0
10th May – Man Utd turn up late at Upton Park. Result: West Ham 3, Man Utd 2

Six points and a possible Europa Cup lost.

Good work fellas.


Oh god, it’s an open letter (all letters in this Mailbox are ‘open’)
Dear Ed Woodward,

You have successfully turned one of the greatest teams to Liverpool (not the successful one the useless one 1993 to current). Every decision since Sir Alex left has been shocking wrong(except Martial and Shaw) You have made us a laughing stock on and off the field. United seem up for the big games but are useless when playing other lesser teams. We fail to win important games when it counts or matters like last night. We had more riding on that game while West Ham had a celebration to attend.

Forget the suspect buys that you made look at the players we are linked with. Only Real and Barcelona players with a few Bayern as well. That’s all good but we have no really chance of signing any besides they just use us for a better deal at their current club. We have become disillusion. If we do get said player he either turns out like Falco/Schweinsteiger past their best or Di Maria not interested at being at the club. Can we please get a better scouting system instead of giving current scouts season tickets to Real, Barcelona and Bayern? Buying individual players won’t win us the league, we need a team, players working together to achieve a “goal”. We don’t even have a style of play anymore and no confidence in the team especially if we go a goal down.

History will judge you, Ed, very harshly, our best midfielder is a 35 year. We chase players we can’t get and end up with Fellani’s of this world. The manager doesn’t know if he is coming or going…in both sense of that phrase. He can’t plan for the future cause there might be none, well there should be none. I doubt there is good enough communication between board and the coaching staff or how to go about going looking for the type of player required. There needs to be someone brought in to bridge that gap, it’s too obviously clear that you, Ed, know about the business side of things but has a lack of knowledge about football. For goodness sake we don’t have a playing style and players are always confused about position and formations United are playing. Not to forget every player had to and for no reason played out of position, I still am so confused about that.

The coaching staff needs to be moved on. I’m still unsure if it should include Giggs or not, glad I don’t need to make that decision. Giggs tho one of my favourite players of all time and definitely a United great has been a part of United worst period and he can’t escape without blame. I’m sure he has some say the about players, style off play and formations actually it would be worrying if he doesn’t. In fact how can he be trusted if no one values his say, think about it, Ed.

Every transfer window is said to be very important to your future Ed but none more than this. Liverpool are looking in better shape and the future looks great for them also Man City with Pep, Chelsea will build again and Arsenal well are Arsenal. This leaves the ball in your court Ed, What are you going to do? Stand idle? Chase big names AGAIN? Take some responsibility and show some intention Ed.
Lynton (never been so disappointed and let down by United)


Some rhetorical United questions
– Why, after two years and so much money, is LvG still incapable of putting out a team that can defend and attack competently in the same game?
– How suspect do Valencia and Rojo have to be before CBJ and TFM (who have both been mostly unsuspect) get the starting berth they both clearly deserve?
– When will Sky commentators (and commentators in general) start acknowledging when Rooney does something awful, instead of just something capable?
– When will Rooney’s manager tell him to stop “spraying” slow, lofted passes out to our ineffectual full backs?
– What does Giggs do?
– Does Mata know there is a fully-equipped gym at Carrington and that upper-body strength might come in handy?
– How bad must City have been this year that we might yet overtake them on the last day of the season?
– How little imagination exists within the United hierarchy that Mourinho, Giggs or lame-duck LvG are apparently our only options next season?
– Would it be a breach of De Gea’s human rights to block any potential move this summer?
– What must Martial think about his current team mates? And when will the inevitable Madrid tapping up begin?
– What on earth happened to Ander Herrera?

Answers on a postcard.
Adam (and why are we turning up late for games?) MUFC


And some more general thoughts
*Well, that was brilliant.

*Can I just say how much I like Louis van Gaal? He showed a lot of class in his pre-game interview, and with all the pressure was able to enjoy himself with Slaven Bilic on the touchline.

*And of course Bilic is wonderful too. Like Jürgen Klopp, he understands that football is a game of the heart. We love football because we love to love. Watching him cry, I had tears in my eyes too.

*Does the Olympic Stadium come with a free N’Golo Kanté? The Hammers better hope so. How many times this year have they given up goals when their central midfielders were caught up the pitch? A true DM has to be first priority next year.

*For most of the evening I felt sorry for Wayne Rooney. He had no chance in midfield in that sort of match. Not enough pace, not enough creativity, not enough skill. Each diagonal ball to the wing felt like an aging magician doing his last remaining trick. But somehow he had just enough energy and instinct to make a crucial pass in the buildup to the second goal. Good for him.

*Marcus Rashford is really an astonishing player. He’s so cool and poised. He can do the flicks, but knows how to play the simple ball when necessary.

*A cross for a leaping header is still one of the most glorious sights in football, and even more so when it beats one of the world’s top goalkeepers.
Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA


…I was waiting to write in until this morning because last night I was far too angry with everything, the pre match riots that ruined the atmosphere, my team playing like the shell of their former selves, random unknown tactics by my manager, and then the result. Although Windows did save me the trouble of watching the last 5 minutes by forcing an update restart so that was great.

Anyway! I feel more angry now I have had time to think about it. A game we must win for top 4 finish and for LVG to save himself, point out our weakness before the game of the height of the united team and then proceed to just smash the ball as far and high up the pitch as possible any chance a player gets. When I saw the line up I thought a great 4-3-3 very attacking with Rooney and Herrera charging through the middle keeping the ball low with the pace around them….please referrer to United second goal.

Instead Herrera I assume was told to just give as many free kicks away as possible allowing them to keep a constant onslaught of crosses (from Payet as well!) and then Rooney doing a Rooney hoof up the field! This plays to our weakness in both ways, this also pushed us back into our own half leaving Rashford to collect the ball and try and hold up. This says it all – (WH – MU) possession 41% – 59% – Goal Attempts 19 – 3

Half time something needed to change and that something shouldn’t have been an older, slower and tireder (from what Louie said before the game) version of what we had on the pitch. Schneiderlin didn’t have a great first half but he wasn’t the worse player on the pitch. Poor Mata again shoved out wide on his own, I kept forgetting he was on the pitch. Pace was needed to get in behind a poor defensive display from Creswell.

Last thing West Ham 12th man definitely showed up to the game which was great! What an atmosphere. Just a shame they did what they did before the game, utterly disgraceful! In no way do those fans deserve a publicly funded stadium next year after that.
Stoky Boy – MUFC


The behaviour of those fans, eesh
It’s sad, given all that West Ham have achieved on the pitch this year, that their fans and David Sullivan would make such a mockery of such a special occasion . Rather than celebrating a momentous final game at their historic ground, rather than allowing the sole post-game focus to be on their team’s demolition of Man U, Hammers fans shamed themselves and, by extension, their team.

Worse still is David Sullivan having the gall to first blame Man U and then attempt to deny that the attack on the bus took place. This was a chance to repudiate fans who resort to hooliganism, to let them know that this behavior is beneath any club and that it belittles the impressive achievements of their team. Instead he took the low road, as usual, pulling the team into the muck with him.

I’ve been pleased to watch West Ham’s unexpected rise this season, but this behavior has left me rooting against them. You’re better than this, Hammers. At least I hope you are…
Andrew English, LFC in Saigon


…Well done Hammers fans, a real credit and asset to the Premier League.

Somerset Dave


…Writing in on the BBC coverage of a he delayed kick off to the West Ham v Man U game, who’ve decided to play down the attack on the Man U team bus. Disgraceful ignoring of the actual news getting in the way of the narrative arc.

Furthermore, Sky and BBC giving air time to David Sullivan “no actual damage”, “get here at 4pm” is a another disgrace. It seems victim blaming is common place in misogynistic men like Sullivan.

Upton Park/The Boleyn Ground/whatever the fuck you want to call it this season is a great place to watch football and a credit to the game. Fans and owners like those we’ve seen tonight in claret and blue are not.
Matt, EFC, London


A fair request
Dear West Ham United fans,

A small request – next time you attack the United team bus please can you concentrate your efforts on the wheels? You might have actually prevented us from reaching the ground and turning in that display.



An emotional farewell
Raucous, visceral, gut-wrenching stuff. Beautiful in its own way. It felt like the crowd and the players were so in tune it was like we were a single entity. I’m not sure watching a game of football will ever feel the same way again for me.

What a game, and what a send off for the old place.
Ryan, WHUFC (formerly of the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower)


Where else could we end on United but with a poem? (and not just any poem)
Individual Era, from great to shite, we Ander Herrera
Rojo’s are dead
Claret 3-2
The bus thing was wrong, but what can you do?

Inky Pinky Ponky
Who was the biggest Donkey?
Daley shite, Martial tried
Inky Pinky Ponky.

Team Sheet of the Gods, I was in heaven
It (L)ooked (V)ery (G)ood, that first Eleven,
But God he had other ideas.
On the bus they took selfies, and had a right laugh
But started the game with a terrible half,
The second ended in tears.

In sickness and in health.


On Dale Stephens’ red card
So the FA have decided to uphold Brighton’s Dale Stephens’ three match ban following his sending off on Saturday. This despite all the replays showing he clearly won the ball before accidentally catching Gaston Ramirez’s leg. This incident not only influenced the outcome Saturday’s game, but also our playoff matches against Sheffield Wednesday and hopefully Derby or Hull. This seems an extremely harsh punishment, especially considering Mike Dean was initially going to show a yellow card before Ramirez knocked the card out of his hand. It appears that Ramirez’s decision to not wear appropriate shin protection will have a huge influence on two, possibly three games he won’t be playing in.

I cannot understand the FA’s decision in this case as it shows players that they can influence a referee’s decision. Vardy quite rightly was criticised for his reaction to being sent off, but you can understand why players berate the ref if they can see an obvious benefit to their team, as Ramirez’s actions have proven.

The playoffs may seem unfair after our excellent season to date, but we knew the rules at the start of the season and most fans would have been delighted to be involved if offered them at the start of the season following last season’s Hyypia induced shambles. It was no surprise that your tame Palace fan was in favour of them as his team always seem excel, unlike Brighton to date. Looking forward to Friday’s game now. Hopefully Andre Marriner is better at managing the game and the player’s safety than his Premier League colleague.
David Williams

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