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Date published: Thursday 31st October 2019 9:08

That was fun, right? But what shall we talk about now? Mail us at


Conclusions on Liverpool v Arsenal
After much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that football is f*cking bonkers.
Alan, Córdoba


…I am writing this before the pens. What a game. Nobody deserves to win or lose that.
Ryan, Liverpool


What a game, what goals, unbelievable penos. From an Irish point of view delighted for Kelleher, but youth clearly holds no fear. Absolutely brilliant game of football.
Robbie DFC


…I have missed the irresponsible score one more than you Liverpool, and Arsenal too for that matter. Much needed bonkers fun, especially as I spent the evening in A&E surrounded by Arsenal fans.
Dan, Plastic LFC


…Last night, Harvey Elliott played for Liverpool at Anfield. Tonight, he’s probably out trick or treating. Happy Halloween.
Stewart, Chicago


…The Carabao Cup is rubbish. Not if you watched Liverpool and Arsenal. Great spirit from the Liverpool kids. Nice to hear the Arsenal fans being positive during the game and getting behind their team. I didn’t understand taking Ozil off. Not quite the best player on the pitch as Carra said at half time but important nonetheless. But the brass balls to name an 18 year old as fifth penalty taker. Take a bow Jurgen Klopp. The message it sends to the other young players at Liverpool is amazing.

It’s weird hearing the Liverpool fans singing Divock Origi’s name. In years gone by he would have played more games alongside the likes of Baros and Diouf and he would have been a laughing stock but he really gives something to this team.

Liverpool started with senior players who’ve not played much lately. Keita, Ox, Lallana, Gomes, Millner and Origi. Reserve players at Liverpool. Would they walk into the Arsenal first team?
Rob, Gravesend


…Well, that was fun.

I was weirdly looking forward to the Liverpool v Arsenal game. A chance to see how the kids and fringe players would perform at Anfield. It had end to end written all over it.

It had it all, but without that suffocating nervous fear of losing. It was liberating.

A chance to see the exciting kids, Naby Keita, the Ox firing them in from outside the box, a late Origi goal, a goal fest and penalties without any consequences.

Great stuff.
Ps. Emery seemed to take it a bit hard, mind.


…That was literally the most fun game ever.

It must be a horrendous shock to the system for young defenders when they’re suddenly facing up to the likes of Ozil. Hopefully none of them take the whipping too personally and do their best to learn and improve.

How good is Harvey Elliott? Would love to see him play against full sized premier league defenders to see how he copes. Thought he looked very tricky.

You could obviously look negatively at that game but ultimately the youngest players just got a great lesson in never giving up. That’s a excellent experience to go through and should benefit them all long term.
Minty, LFC


So we want more?
Liverpool…Arsenal…what a match.

I wish in games like these the referee could stand in the halfway circle right before penalties and get the crowd to react if it just wants them to keep playing…

“Next goal wins??” He asks the crowd.
“Next goal wins!!” thunders across the pitch.

There should be some type of recognition of when a sport is too exhilirating for its own rules.
Dave in Chicago (feel better Dad)


Not everybody is happy…
So… just finished watching the Liverpool – Arsenal game and I’m not angry, not upset, not too much of anything really other than continuing, downward disappointment.The young players were excellent in spells, but lost possession too often and too easily again, did not track back again, left huge holes at the back for Liverpool to exploit again, you get the picture.

Different faces, same old Arsenal, but now I realise that the 71 double side, the early Graham years, the early Wenger years, these were the anomalies. For a big side, we’ve always been a bit rubbish, always lacking the application to be perfect, always lacking the character to truly excel. This is why we don’t have a European Cup, this is why we haven’t dominated an era, we just have that old Etonian ethos of being a little better than everyone else, so why prove it with fripperies like consistently high performances, long winning runs, a decent defence? We’re like Boris Johnson, we say we’re good so just take our word for it and don’t bother looking at the detail.

We just do not have the players, the coaches, the mentality or clearly, the manager to make us better than where we currently are; regular 5th, 6th or 7th. We don’t have a captain, we don’t have a defined style or formation, we don’t press, we don’t counter, we don’t have strength, we don’t have speed, it doesn’t matter who we play or sign or sell… we now seem to need to score six to win a game we were two up in. I actually expect to see Emery’s final press conference with him peeling of a Mission Impossible mask to reveal he was Wenger all along.

But football is like an addiction, no matter how dirty, debased or dull it gets, we don’t give it up. But it’s deeply dispiriting being an Arsenal fan these days. Still, it’s better than rugby.
Dr W


Oh Marcus…
As that free-kick was sailing in, I was on the cusp of writing a mail to F365 essentially asking “how many of those free kicks does he actually score in training?”

Doesn’t matter anymore, I guess…
Harry B


Man United conclusions
Mctominay has really grown as a player. His perfectly timed yellow card on Jorginho, who was running the show until that point turned the game completely.

This is a glimpse of what a United team can look like without Pogba around. That virus thing that Mourinho mentioned.

I have really enjoyed being a United fan over the last week and a half.


If we’re criticising Fred, what about Keita?
In yesterday morning’s mailbox, Maurizio LFC laughed off the suggestion that Fred needs “bedding in”. Which has me pondering: does he apply the same logic to what has been an equally underwhelming start to a career at a new club for Keita?

Bearing in mind he is Liverpool’s third most expensive signing ever (or are United’s big signings the only ones that are subject to criticism?), he hasn’t exactly set the world alight in the same time-frame as Fred’s duration at United. He seems to either underwhelm in any chance he gets from the start, or hobbles off injured again- and in tonight’s case he actually done both. He came too with a huge reputation after a couple of good season’s at Leipzig, which is a higher platform than Shakhtar’s general monopoly of the Ukrainian League, but hasn’t reached the standards that were surely expected when they struck a deal a year in advance.

I don’t intend for this to be a dick-measuring contest, but if Fred is eligible for criticism for not living up to his price-tag, then Keita should be too.
Brian, Wexford

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