Mails: Remember Fulham at home and cheer

Date published: Sunday 8th November 2015 2:11

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Time for 16 questions…
I have decided that instead of 16 conclusions I am gonna ask 16 questions.

1. Why do we still credit (or is it discredit) Mourinho for losing when he was stadium banned? Why do we add the game to his records when we don’t do the same to players who are suspended?

2. When are Chelsea going to turn that corner everyone has been blathering about and kickstart their season?

3. Isn’t it time we really took Leicester City as seriously as they deserve to be?

4. Is this the game that’s surely showed us Bournemouth (did everything they could but still came short) will be going back down?  

5. Kudos to Stoke for their win but are we gonna see them playing like a Barcelona C they were touted to be?

6. Was that the most sterile performance of the season, with 63% but  0 shots on target? Ayew kidding me Swans?

7. Did you see Big Sam’s face-in-hands moment? I can’t be the only one thinking that sums up the season for Sunderland, doesn’t it?

8. If Slaven Bilic isn’t the most likeable manager after this weekend, then no manager will ever be, will they? He seemed incensed with many decisions during the game but weren’t his post-match comments about the referees the most distinguished in a long time?

9. Why is there a feeling of discontent with Southampton even though they are only 7th?

10. Can Watford dust themselves off and come back stronger? I bet we all know the answer don’t we?

11. Hasn’t the rabbit escaped from under that Pulis hat (I know it’s a cap)?

12. Could the international break have come at the worst time for United? Weren’t they just starting to gain some momentum (and goals)?  

13. Isn’t it funny that on the weekend that not many goals were scored Man United go on to score two?

14. Why have Everton drawn so many games this season? Where was the oomph of the previous game?

15. After how many goals are we suppose  to appreciate that Ayoze Perez is rather good?

16. So even Norwich City are above Chelsea? Can I laugh now?
Posab (Can we have goals this Sunday, please!) Botswana


Believing in LVG
Just wanted to to write to commend a well-written piece on United and ‘the exception becoming the rule’. I would have to say I am firmly in the glass-half-full camp.

To LVG’s detractors and critics I would say one thing. Fulham at home 2013/14. Looking at that game you can really see the solid base LVG has built. Yes we are sh*te to look at in attack most of the time but we are WINNING games! Gone is the dread whenever the opponents have the ball and that confidence at the back is the most noticeable thing LVG has brought.
Neil, MUFC, Dublin
<Rooney does need to jog on though>


LVG’s grand plan
I’ve finally figured out what Van Gaal is trying to do. He’s trying to match Arsene Wenger’s impressive Invincibles season!

That’s why we’re not conceding. He’s cementing the defence, preparing them for the long run of 38 games next year where we will concede even fewer goals (perhaps) and won’t lose a single game!

Now he seems to have achieved this, we’ll start scoring more for sure!

Also, I believe the current system is designed to allow De Gea to leave next summer. If we’re not conceding because the other team doesn’t have the ball, we could probably get away with playing Wayne there!

Si < P38 W29 D9 L0 Just a rough guess> MUFC
P.S. I know some people suck at detecting sarcasm, that was it above.


Honesty no longer the best policy
Yesterday, when clean through on goal, Remy hurdled a wild challenge from Stoke keeper Jack Butland, lost his footing and a good goalscoring chance was gone. It was 100% a penalty as Butland got nowhere near the ball. If Remy had left his leg in, rather than being honest and staying on his feet, it would have been a penalty and probable red card. His honesty cost Chelsea the game because of a terrible refereeing mistake.

I should point out that I detest Chelsea and all they stand for, Mourinho is possibly the most hateful man in world football, and Jack Butland is a Cheltenham Town hero. But that still doesn’t mean that the ref didn’t get the decision totally wrong yesterday. Every single footballer who saw that incident will be saying to themselves “Why would I stay on my feet when the ref won’t award a penalty?”. And thus the cycle of cheating and play acting will continue.
Jamie Bedwell, Cheltenhamshire


…I’m a Man United fan, so I delight in Chelsea woes as much as anyone, even more so since I dislike Jose’s petulance.

But, that Remy non penalty infuriates me. I detest referees whining about players diving. Almost every instance of players trying desperately to stay on their feet in the penalty area when they are being fouled results in a no penalty decision. If for nothing else, Remy could have been given a penalty for dangerous play from the goalkeeper. The referees just seem spineless and love giving decisions when a player is rolling around like a petulant 2 year old, it just seems in these cases if the decision is wrong they can blame the injury feigning player for misleading them, a no-lose situation for them. This is why players dive, the referee decision making process, not because they’re all pr**ks, well I suppose most of them are too.

Also, kudos to Alan Shearer, called it perfectly on Match of the Day for a change. Ian Wright in return was being his normal k**b headed self and saying no contact – no penalty.
Dave – Nuneaton (okay Leicester/Vardy – this is getting stupid now – stop it)


…Loic Remy showed character, desire, skill and impeccable balance, made the total effort in fairness – the very definition of a great athlete. A more prolific scorer (and/or less honest man) would have let the foul happen to them. I’m sure we can all name a few. His ethics saved the keeper from getting the penalty/red card.

I love it. There is still hope.
Gerard Neil, EMFC


…During the Chelsea- Stoke game, Remy was criticized for being “too honest”. Make your mind up, ‘pundits’. It’s wrong if a player dives and it’s wrong if he doesn’t. What is right, then?

Very confused,



Time to cheer on Chelsea?
Question for Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool fans. How long before you start to support Chelsea?

As it stands there are teams massively over performing expectations (I’m looking at you Leicester) who are probably not realistic threats for the league title, but as it’s going they might nab a European place. At what point do you start to want Chelsea to beat these teams, in order to cement your own position rather than the old feeling of always wanting Chelsea to lose?

Or do you just enjoy the demise so much you want to wallow in it for a bit longer, even at the detriment to your own teams chances? I get the feeling a lot of fans would rather see Chelsea go down and lose their Champs League place.
Alex, (longest unbeaten league run in the UK!! You can shove your paper roses up your arse!), Ayr


Tyring of excuses now
Three on the road to Liverpool. One on the road to stoke. Seems like all Yokohama tyres is good for is picking up nails.
Paul, Nigeria


…Everything was okay with Chelsea until Yokohama tyres came.
Kayslay MUFC (Who else is there to blame now?)


A cheap shot
That’s why you don’t play for us any more Heurelho. Not because you’re foreign. Because you’re sh*t.
TGWolf <sign Vardy up Levy> THFC


Oh when the Toon…
Steve McLaren said ‘we couldn’t play football today.’

As opposed to when exactly?
Stew, Chicago


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