Firmino is just Eric Cantona with a European record

Date published: Tuesday 7th July 2020 3:06

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Heskey? Firmino is more Eric
Imran, Manchester(Big shock), compares Heskey and Firmino. Heskey was a donkey who got the ball hoofed up to him aimlessly under a hoof merchant like Houllier.

Firminio plays for a team who play on the front foot, have their central defenders play on the half way line and their full backs play as wingers.

Must have missed those years Heskey scored in big CL matches like Firmino has done v Porto,City & Roma.

Or scored the winner in a World club semi final and final like Firmino has.

I would liken him to Cantona.He is the orchestrator of everything(but,unlike Eric, Firmino has done it in Europe).

Top scorer in the league has 21-Firminio has 12(so far) and had 2 ludicrous goals disallowed-one for an “armpit offside” the other when VVD sneezed near De Gea who dropped the ball and Firmino curled a beauty in only for VAR to disallow it. Liverpool also have 2 other strikers competing for the golden boot.

Guy is more them just a goal scorer.Changed tight games from draws into wins and does a lot of incredibly good defensive work at corners.

51 goals in all competitions from your top 3 strikers isn’t to be sneezed at and only City have scored more goals in the PL this season.Liverpool have also scored over 100 goals in all competitions for the 3rd successive year.


Concrete Angel
There’s been some discussion and debate about the departure of Angel Gomes from United and whether it’s right or wrong.

The problem the lad has is that he’s an exceptionally good player technically, and easily good enough to play in the top flight, if not the upper echelons of the top flight based on technique alone. However, he’s 5 foot-bugger-all and lacks pace. The cold hard fact is that unless you’re ridiculously sublime as a player, it’s just not possible to make it with those physical short comings in the Premier League.

The comparison to make is with how Juan Mata looks when he dons a United shirt. He’s a wonderful player technically, very intelligent on the pitch, but he very rarely makes any impact on games any more because he’s just too slow and slight. The game has moved on, even in the last 5-10 years, and a lack of athleticism is almost impossible to overcome.

I hope he moves abroad, perhaps to Spain, to play a slower, less physical and more technical style of football. He might flourish somewhere like that, but I cannot see it happening at United or anywhere else in England.

Wish him well, best that he goes somewhere and plays, hope he succeeds, but I doubt we’ll be ruing the decision in 5 years time.
Lewis, Busby Way


Fine, you win. I’m clearly an idiot for thinking it would have been worth giving Gomes a go in a league match, I don’t know what I was thinking. Obviously, as a fan, I’m not allowed to disagree with anything Ole says or does or, seemingly, have an opinion which differs from Timi, lest I be belittled and labelled as obsessive. Never mind the fact that he didn’t actually provide any proper repudiations for my points, instead citing past youth players who didn’t make it at United, some completely false claims (Chelsea “haven’t utilised youngsters much” – literally the most minutes to academy players this season, but don’t let the truth get in your way), and comparing his use to that of other clubs (so Gomes couldn’t make it because Pep doesn’t play Foden? Or he should be grateful for not playing because Pep doesn’t play Foden?).

Maybe putting Gomes amongst the first team proper might have yielded better results for both player and club than chucking him in a lineup that rarely plays together (sodding Lingard was captain for one of them, for goodness sake, what does that tell you about the strength of the lineup?) If he underwhelmed, is it any wonder? Did any of our players impress in those Europa League matches? Against Astana he got the 4th highest our ratings, ahead of Greenwood I might add, which he also did against Alkmaar. As I consistently say on here, I’m always happy to forgive mistakes from young players growing into the first team, because there’s a chance that they will learn from them and improve. Lingard and Pereira are probably as good now as they are capable of being, so what is there to gain from playing them over Gomes every single time? Remember that oft-misattributed quote about the definition of insanity?

All I’m saying is that neither you, nor I, really know what he could have achieved in the first team proper because he was never given a chance. If you can’t see why it’s a bad thing to let supposedly very highly rated academy players, whom you have spent literal years training for the first team, leave because they were overlooked for consistently awful players, then I don’t know what to tell you. Forgive me for wanting to see exciting prospects have a chance to flourish at United instead of somewhere else. Also, if you’re going to be a pedantic arse with me, at least learn what effing league we play in – it’s not been called the premiership since 2007.
Ted, Manchester



Don’t drink the Pep-aid
Pep Guardiola. The best. Best manager, best coach, best GOAT. Messi gave this cueball his fortunate start, from thereon he made sure he handpicks teams that spend way, way, way more than his rival to manage. Let’s see who else has won their respective Leagues when their team spends 10X more than the next team:

Manuel Pellegrini
Roberto Mancini
Roberto Di Matteo
Good Ebening Emery
Frank Rijkaard
Tito Villanova
Luis Enrique
Ernest Valverde

Today, no big club would touch them, on account they are not very good. These men have won League titles and the Champions League, but really, it’s the vaults of copious cash that does the heavy lifting.

Pep is a good coach. He knows his stuff, technically clever, played at the highest level so he has empathy. But he lacks the one thing that all visionaries and legends have – balls. He will never go to the edge and chance it all. He needs to spend his way out of trouble. 50 million pound sterling for every goddamn backup player in every position is serious overkill. It’s Gary Oldman bringing the entire might of the French police force to kill Leon.

There is another manager that took this path of least resistance, and is paying for it now. His name is Jose Mourinho. I see Pep the potato ploughing the same furrow down the same path, eventually managing Everton in 2025.
Vinnie! Campiones! Pee!


As I was watching Spurs v Everton last night a thought struck me… what is the point of Everton?

Everton have been ever present in the Premier League and in that time (28 seasons and counting) they have never finished in the top 3 (and obviously never in the bottom 3). 28 seasons of never competing for the title and never being relegated. In that time Norwich, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Newcastle and Leicester have all finished in the top 3 but not Everton. They have reached 1 FA Cup final in the last 25 years and haven’t reached the League Cup final since the 1980s. Everton have never actually won the League Cup which puts them in the shadow of such luminaries as Oxford United, Stoke, Swansea, QPR, Swindon, Luton, Birmingham and West Brom.

Since the start of the Premier League both Middlesbrough and Fulham have reached European finals but Everton haven’t. Coventry City, Blackburn, Newcastle and Sunderland have all had a Premier League top scorer but Everton haven’t. They haven’t had a Player of the Year since the mid-1980s and have never had a Young Player of the Year.

The sun rises and sets, players come and go, presidents are impeached and pandemics threaten our existence but through it all Everton finish mid-table. Always and forever mid-table. I mean, seriously, what is the point of Everton?
Micki Attridge


Wet Sham
‘I won’t use the phrase’ followed by the phrase itself has to be the best way of getting the phrase into the e-mail to be able to claim you haven’t use the phrase. Especially when you use the word ‘but’ after you’ve just stated you won’t use the phrase immediately followed by the phrase itself. Sheer brilliance.

Whilst I feel your pain (mainly for supporting West Ham), Kevin, if every club was run with the idea of playing consistent and attractive football under a manager who gave a shit, what fun would that be? We require joke teams in the league with ridiculous owners and a very misguided direction of where the club should be heading. I empathise, albeit under slightly different circumstances, as we also have a manager on a downward trajectory – similar in a way to what it must be like to fall off a cliff – and we play football in a way that appears it has been designed by a child who has had all joy and creativity stripped from their personality with no idea or imagination on what happiness may feel or look like. I give you; Jose and Tottenham.

Let us revel in our hilarity status at the Ridiculed Clubs Club (we could also invite Newcastle too? Leeds if they get promoted) and, even though I won’t use the phrase ‘The Tottenham Way’, let’s remember we did once have an enjoyable way. I mean, yours was last century and ours was just last year but, hey, we can share our pain in this present moment and, I’d take a guess, for the foreseeable future. After all, you are WHUFC and we have Jose Mourinho being paid £15m a year to serve up a steaming pile of dog shit with no hope of him being released until we are languishing in 15th or 16th place. The 2020/21 season can’t come soon enough.
Glen, Stratford Spur


Sky is the limit
So Rich from this morning’s mailbox says commentators and pundits are ruining his enjoyment of football. While some of the BBC ones in particular are quite bad and should not be getting any of the TV licence money we are all forced to fork out, the Sky ones are generally excellent and have been for many years. They’re entertaining and opinionated – look at how many stories on F365 and elsewhere amount to little more than ‘Guess what Gary Neville / Graeme Souness said on Sky last weekend’ – and they’ll happily gob at you through a car window if you piss them off.

Other than the very expensive Gary Lineker, the BBC is mostly getting the dregs, the ones that couldn’t get a job with Sky. And even the best of them can’t really match up to the gold standard of American Football coverage, where the ex-players are incredibly well-informed and articulate (possibly due to having had an education beyond the age of 16). Anyway, it’s surely better than the current crowdless option of watching the entire thing in complete silence and then turning it off.
Martin, BRFC

nteresting thoughts this morning about BBC and Sky in regards to their coverage of the Premier League, for me I have always enjoyed Football Focus on a Saturday lunchtime, I grew up on it as a young lad, every Saturday like clockwork my Dad and I would sit down, eat our lunch and watch the show together, back then it was presented by Manish Bhasin whose voice I truly miss, not sure what he does nowadays but I hope he is still within television broadcasting because he was excellent at his job, I always felt that during the Manish presenting years (2004-2009) that was when the show was in its prime, the content and also that opening titles music, personal favourite intro track was Snow Patrol’s Open Your Eyes, such a tune and how that guitar section would blast out was just perfection.

Dan Walker is certainly not a bad presenter at all, but for me will never replace Manish, however when it comes to pundits, right now BBC certainly have some incredible talent on the lunchtime sofa, with the likes of Micah Richards, Alex Scott and Martin Keown, each provide their own personality and for me it works very well, I am also a huge fan of their EFL coverage in which Mark Clemmit presents those pieces, his voice, personality and overall charisma are worth watching the show alone for, over the years him alone is the reason I still tune in each Saturday lunchtime, would be interesting to hear other fans thoughts on Football Focus today and through the years.

When it comes to Sky, I do pay my fee each month for the coverage, but it does feel like it is not what it once was, say 10 years ago, even Soccer Saturday has lost some of its shine and Soccer Saturday was one of the greatest parts of Saturday television, on paper it was just five people talking about football but it was brilliant must watch TV, Chris Kamara is the life and soul of the show and is for me at least a national treasure.

Not sure where I am really going with all of this, maybe we are all getting older or perhaps the “prime” years of these shows are slowly on the downhill slope, similar to Soccer AM, but I really, really hope not.
Mikey, CFC


Statue of David
Ved Sen, MUFC asked, has De Gea ever saved a penalty?

Of course, the very first he faced in the 8 – 2 game against Arsenal. We thought he was the full package but unfortunately that was a chink in the armour.
Tee, Lagos


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