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Date published: Monday 19th June 2017 7:35

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Not a sodding chance Ronaldo will be back…
I do not think Ronaldo will be back at United by August 31st. Even if he genuinely wants to, I think any deal is too complicated and out of even United’s price range considering they have three or four other positions to strengthen. However in rival fans clamour to laugh off suggestions that Ronaldo would consider stooping as low to play for this Man United, I keep reading about this supposed rejection in 2013.

Now, let’s take a little jaunt back to that horrible summer. Alex Ferguson, the man who probably was doing most of the cajoling to get Ronaldo back from Madrid, retired. Not only did United lose one of the best managers in the world, they hired an extremely average replacement in David Moyes. Now something tells me that this mental decision from United might have put Ronaldo off re-joining the club. The best players in the world want to play for elite coaches and not defeatist Scotsmen whose only trick is buying players they have coached before.

I do not think Ronaldo had any vindictive plan to screw over United and annoy their entire fan base. There actually wasn’t even that much media attention on a Ronaldo return – only slightly more than the average amount that has been reported every summer since he left. The rumours in the last week have surpassed anything that has occurred in previous years. I think Ronaldo at this very second wants to leave Real Madrid in the way an 11-year-old runs away from home when he doesn’t get to have pizza and chips for dinner. When he calms down, reassesses his career and realises that at Madrid he has the best chance to surpass Messi’s Balon d’Or and Champions League counts within a year, he will stay for the good of his career.
Dave, (Have still got my hopes up) Ireland


…We all suspect that the Ronaldo leaving story is a hoax to cover the actual story of suspected tax evasion. At best, he is trying to get more out of Real to pay his potential fines (should the charges stick) at worst his people could be accused of trying to create headlines to bury the tax story.

Either way I think the whole idea of him moving to Man U as far-fetched. Yes, I know money seems to mean nothing in football, but honestly these numbers are crazy. Why would anyone pay a world record transfer fee for a player who will turn 33 next year? It may be argued that he had one of the best seasons of his career last year but Zidane had to manage his games, he’s not some guy is his twenties that can play every game.

If you were going to take Ronaldo then you would look for a deal similar to the Zlatan one that Man U had. You would want him on a free, sure pay him massive wages but only on a one-year rolling contract. Similar to Zlatan, Ronaldo is at the age now where he is only one injury away from ending his career or at least say 30-50 % of it. Sure, Ronaldo thinks he can go on until he is 41, that’s nice, good for him, hopefully he can, but really for how much more time will he be considered in world-class bracket. Zlatan proved that at 35 he could still do it but then suffered an injury that looks to have finished off his European career, that would be two and a bit years you’d get out of Ronaldo. Okay Giggs played until he was 40, but how much influence did he have in the last five years, sure he was important but was he the man that changed the majority of games that would warrant Ronaldo style wages.

The idea of him going to Man U is laughable, sure what Man U really need is to pay £100m plus then £20-30m a year for a player that will soon fade.

It’s like, are Man U really going to splash a quarter of a billion pounds to get a great goalscorer for two/three years who has the mother of all egos and won’t stand for anything unless it’s his way.

Rooney mark 2 anyone?
Paul K, London


They absolutely won’t pay that amount of money…
The five reasons why United shouldn’t re-sign Ronaldo mostly amounted to the fee. There’s no actual evidence to suggest that Real would want anything like the figures being quoted.

I think £50m is more realistic considering the players age, especially a supposedly disgruntled one – despite how good he is.

£50m is a staggering figure for a player of Cron’ s age, yet the deal at that price is mutually beneficial – Real get £50m to put towards Mbbappe or whoever and get rid of a disgruntled player, United can afford it and he’d pay for himself in goals, prestige and, more importantly, sponsorship ).

Is Ronaldo the type of player who could play until he’s 37 like Ibra? I’m not sure. He’s got the work ethic but maybe not the style of play that suits playing at the top level whist drawing a winter fuel allowance.


And Manchester is not big enough for Ronaldo AND Jose
So F365 have outlined the reasons for Utd not signing Ronaldo but lets be honest, money is no object here and he looks to be capable of still scoring 35+ goals in all competitions for the next few years. He’s a physical phenomenon and he’s adapted his game to be the ultimate predator around the box.

Its his tumultuous relationship with Mourinho that is the real issue. They may make peace to get a deal done but we’re talking about the two biggest ego’s in football. Its not going to end well and could result in one of them falling on their sword sooner than expected.

Despite Mourinho decalring his love for Man Utd and wanting to stay there for a long time (usual soundbites), history tells us he is incapable of lasting more than a few seasons. Couple that with Ronaldo giving Utd some of his nosalgiac best for a few years at most, who would Utd fans really prefer to have at the helm? Mourinho or Ronaldo?


It would be fun though…
Did Storey not have a good holiday? Why else would you think up reasons that CR7 won’t come back to our league. It would be such a massive win for British football.

From what we know with Zlatan, Utd have a bag load of cash to spend, which is going to be even deeper with Champions League football and (hopefully) Rooney’s departure.

Histrionics and hat tricks at OT next season please.
TG – United fan in absentia

RVN was not good for Man United
United won three trophies in RvN’s five seasons there:

1 League,
1 FA Cup,
1 League Cup
+ 1 Charity Shield

roughly comparable to the four trophies + 2 Community shields they’ve won in the past five years, 12/13-16/17

1 League
1 FA Cup
1 League Cup
1 Europa League
+ 2 Community Shields

The football was much more entertaining back then, obviously everything was better, so Ferguson got rid of van Nistelrooy because he wasn’t good for the team, and then won three league titles in a row.
Matias – Austin, TX (Borussia Mönchengladbach)


Would City fans go back?
There was a bit of trollery about Damo’s mail this morning, but I’ll take a stab at it anyway by outlining my evolving relationship with Manchester City. Growing up a City fan wasn’t the easiest course my life could have taken but it’s true that me, my dad and my brother took some perverse pleasure in supporting a team as capricious, absurd, subversive and mysterious as City. There was a sense of brotherhood among the few City fans in our school; a sense that we were morally superior to the mass of Utd and Liverpool clones because we were loyal to what at times was a truly sh!t team.

My teenage years as a City fan were punctuated with a few moments of genuine happiness – the 5-1, Kinkladze vs Southampton – but the genuinely ridiculous moments – the own goal against which all others are measured, playing for a draw (and getting it) when we needed to win to avoid relegation in 1996 – also helped to create the uniquely strange togetherness of City fans. There was a black humour that pervaded Maine Road that had some kind of hypnotic effect on me.

The modern incarnation of City has all but killed that dark mystery – Aguero, 93:20, etc. And while 13 May, 2012 was unarguably the greatest day of my life as a City fan, I think we have lost something in the exorcising of those demons. It’s not that I miss the old management – I’d take the Abu Dhabi mob over Peter Swales and Franny Lee every. single. time. And even though I felt more of a connection with the old players – David White and Kevin Horlock to mention a couple – Damo is right that watching David Silva more than compensates. (Incidentally, that’s why Kompany and Zabaleta have been so vital in recent years as they have been able to combine real talent with a genuine connection to the fans.) But there is an intangible that I do miss.

Perhaps it’s just part of growing up – football in general is just a far less consuming part of my life. And there are factors beyond City that have dampened my desire – FIFA, UEFA, the money, all-seaters, bloody FIFA. Nevertheless, there is a part of me that misses the old City, the Cups for Cock-ups City, typical City. Which brings me back to Damo’s question about whether I’d go back to “the good ol’ days”? To which I say, absolutely not. I’d be too afraid that I’d forget the plutonium I’d need to generate the 1.21 gigawatts to get me back to the future.
Gomez, MCFC
(Always be yourself. Unless you can be Pablo Zabaleta. Then always be Pablo Zabaleta.)


What about Tottenham?
I am a Tottenham supporter and I have become used to my team flying under the radar, be it in the transfer rumours or in the title race. We’ve probably benefited from this as it is easier to perform when the pressure is not immense. That being said, I have grown quite frustrated watching transfer news/rumours over the past few weeks and the only thing there concerning Tottenham is how much City will pay for Walker and (and I am thrilled by this) Marseille’s interest in Sissoko.

Now I am quite happy with our starting XI but when we want to make a change our impact subs are Janssen, Sissoko or Onoumah. Hardly the game-changers befitting of a club that just finished second in the league and plan on not falling out at the group stages in the CL. Liverpool are probably getting Salah/Martins, Chelsea are set to land Sandro, Bakoyoko and Lukaku/Belotti/Morata, City are probably going to get Walker, Mendy in addition to Bernardo Silva while United are going to get the goalscorer they have been missing. It seems to me that the competition is only getting stiffer and Tottenham are close to falling behind the other top six teams. I for one would like to use the lure of CL football to get players that would actually improve our current XI. PLayers like Seri in CM, Gelson Martins, Lemar or Salah as wingers, a good CB (I really don’t know about Smalling) and a back-up for Kane whose name isn’t Janssen. Maybe someone like Nabil Fekir, Keita Baldé Diao or Valére Germain. Plus a replacement for Walker if he leaves.

In conclusion: We need to have game-changers on the bench, not just young promising players. I almost cried when I saw Chelsea’s bench when compared to ours in the FA-Cup semi-final. They had Hazard where we had Onomah. They had Costa where we had Janssen. And they had Zouma where we had Wimmer. That is the difference between being in contention and actually winning things – Strength in depth. What do other mailboxers think, is this realistic or am I completely delusional?

(They’ll probably just end up breaking their transfer record on deadline day for Mitrovic)
Sibbi the Icelandic Spur


On Hoddle and the art of saying nothing
Glenn Hoddle has a superpower. As long as you’re not listening to individual words he sounds like a wise, intelligent, thoughtful man. But if you focus on what he’s actually saying it’s utter nonsense. His commentary during the Chile/Cameroon VAR decisions was mind-numbing.
Andy Kennedy


VARy bad indeed
People advocating the increasing use of technology in refereeing are, I think, missing the fact that the referee is a player as much as anyone else. The ref’s fallibility is an important part of the game. Obviously refs never try and make bad decisions, they make the same snap decisions that everyone else on the pitch makes. If a player misses an easy chance, they don’t bring the game back 30 seconds so they can have another go at getting it right. Good decisions, bad decisions, awful decisions all part of what makes the game great. They all add to the drama and unpredictability of the game. These kinds of changes to the game are almost always the work of cry-babies who can’t accept defeat. The game isn’t perfect and sometimes isn’t even fair. Who can guess what I’m going to say next?
Steve (brackets not parenthesis), Dublin


On objectification
MC, I’m sure you’ll get many of these, but I thought I’d send my opinion anyway.

Dear Anonymous,

There are different types of objectification. You don’t even have to be looking at someone attractive in order to do it!

When you consistently mock someone’s appearance, for example by likening them to a cartoon ogre, you objectify them (see Rooney, Wayne and Chadwick, Luke).

When you think that the amount they earn means footballers/politicians/bankers should put up with abuse then you are objectifying them. Even if you disagree with them (see Rooney, Wayne, Sterling, Raheem and Cameron, David).

If you use a footballer’s skill level or even how much they earn as a judgement of their value as human beings, you are objectifying them (see Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi, Lionel).

If you cross the road to avoid an unarmed man because you think he is dangerous, yes, you are objectifying him (see any non-white man minding his own business)

If you are googling hacked pics of Jennifer Lawrence because you were “just curious”, congratulations, you just objectified her, even if you are a straight woman/gay man.

Back on topic. These candid shots often are not authorised by the glamour models and so any claim that their career was improved is at best speculative. If it comes from their own Instagram/media, you could argue they had some editorial control of it (see Minaj, Nicki and Gaga, Lady). However, as these shots typically involve only one gender being sexualised in this way (seriously, apart from perhaps David Beckham, how many men get gratuitously sexualised like this) it is a massive problem.

In short: there is no excuse. Just as accepting shouting abuse at matches encourages more people to join in, these sexualised images are freely available in national newspapers with no age restrictions. Allowing it will perpetuate the corrosive influence they have on the perspective of society.

Thanks for reading, I bid you good day.
MN Aditya (liberal feminist, in case you were wondering)


Underrated goals
How’s this for an underrated great goal? It’s not that well known, but I’d argue that’s it a better version of Zidane’s famous CL winning volley. Thoughts?

Jamie Bedwell, Cheltenhamshire


…Great idea from DC, BA on underrated great goals. Here’s my favorite, which brought me out of my seat when I saw it on TV live. Franky Vercauteren for Belgium against Paraguay (it’s the first thing after the intro):

Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA

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