Mails: Should Van Gaal be wary of Neville?

Sarah Winterburn

One Mailer thinks King Louis might be a little paranoid over old G Nev. Also: Shaw is harming Depay’s progress, the curse of the Arsenal armband is looming and we solve a conundrum…


Curse Of The Arsenal Armband
With Gabriel perfoming very well in the Arsenal rearguard one begins to worry about the Position of the much loved/maligned BFG depending on which side of the fence you sit on. Recent history though has not been kind to whoever starts the season as an Arsenal Cup, before that you would be sold but now your position is most likely at Risk if you get injured.

Thomas Vermalaen got injured and never got a look in and played 21 games in his last season, a season he begun as Captain, Mikel Arteta started last season as Captain but when he injured and the Coq rose to take his midfield place he is no longer a regular, and Since Per has been ill with a chest infection Gabriel has been a more than able bodied deputy and it does not look good for the BFG.

I am not shedding tears but  if you look who is next ie Carzola and his tussle with Ramsey/Wilshere he must make sure he does not get injured next season if he starts as captain.
R C Shumba ( Johannesburg)


Shaw Holding Back Memphis
I can’t be the only person thinking that the resurgence of Shaw this season has actually hampered Memphis ability to influence games?

The fist thought in Shaws mind when laying off the ball is to bomb forward. While this is great to see from a United full back, he is running directly into the space in which Memphis would like to operate, also bringing the right winger back with him. Memphis thrives on space and being able to run at a full back. As this site has pointed out, he is being doubled up on, but I think some of that is to do with Shaws tendency to get forward at every opportunity. I would like to see Shaw be a little bit more intelligent and offering something different to the United attack by actually holding off once or twice. Or, alternatively, give Memphis a run on the right with Darmian (who doesn’t get forward as often) to see if he can influence proceedings from there.

Champions league is back!


Should LVG Be Wary Of GNev?
I like Gary Neville , he is by far the best pundit around.

However , after reading his criticism of Van Gaals Utd in his column in a national newspaper, he claims he does not have any inside knowledge of how things are at the club. In my eyes for several reasons this is horsesh#t , and if I was Van Gaal I would be pretty paranoid right now.

Neville and Giggs are lifetime friends and business partners , who I’m guessing see each other or at least have some form of contact a couple of times a week , if your trying to tell me they never discuss how things are going at the club they both love , then I’m sorry I’m not having it. Neville has a naturally inquisitive way so I’m sure he never stops asking questions.

The article , I am referring to was written after in his role as England coach , he spent a week away with Utds England players. Again if your telling he hasn’t discussed Utds tactics and style of play with these players , again I am not having it.

Interestingly I find Nevilles one true blind spot to be the fact that he is desciple of rooneyism. Like most other recently retired players he bases his opinion of Rooney on his ability in the past and not what is happening at present. As a true desciple he try’s to always find a reason why Rooney has been so poor , last year he was part of the out and out striker brigade , now it’s van Gaals system , he points to heat maps of rooneys lack of touches in other areas recently against similar stats from a couple of years ago completely ignoring the fact his legs are going. Anybody notice that Rooney thanked hodgson for ‘ freedom ‘ in his 50th goal interview as if hodgson was some keegan like figure , who just says go out an express yourself , was this a sly dig at King Louis , I think so.

Now I think most of what he says is pretty much bang on , but he obviously has inside info so please stop protesting to the contrary Gary. He knows how popular he is and when he writes in a national newspaper millions will read intently , so there is also an element of sh*t stirring involved due to his obvious close ties to the clubs employees.
Perdo Luxembourg.


Worse Before It Gets Better
Hello Football365!!

A lack of e-mails from Chelsea fans regarding the team’s current woes. I assume they’re all sulking like me as a result of a weekend of another shite result/performance followed by sh*te banter.

For example, like the text I received from my West Ham supporting friend who suggested we should get Fat Sam in as he is out of work and won’t get us relegated.

Says something though when we’re relying on a West Ham result tonight to keep us out of the bottom three. I’d like to think that a brief spell in the relegation spots will be the bottom of the downward curve, but the pessimist in me is looking at the next couple of fixtures and sensing that it could get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

Arsenal at home first, buoyed by beating us in the Community shield at the start of the season, will be keen to get one over on us on our own patch and continue their recent good form. Newcastle away follows, one of the three league fixtures we lost last year, and our record up there in recent seasons has been pretty rotten. Defeat in both games is a real possibility. Four points from seven games will surely see Roman’s itchy trigger finger getting twitchy.

Of course the flip side is that a positive result/performance against Arsenal could restore some much needed confidence to the team to help pull us out of the current malaise. Wednesday’s team selection will be pretty interesting. Will Jose stick with the his ‘trusted’ players/formation hoping that his continued faith in them will be eventually rewarded with a performance? I hope this doesn’t happen to be honest. I think a few first choicers are sorely missing the kick up the arse that dropping them should hopefully bring. Ivanovic, Mikel (obviously), Costa, Fabregas, Matic and dear I say it, even Hazard are looking disinterested at present.

I’d like to see some rotation but Jose is in a situation he has never been in before in terms of turning around the team’s form and results. My feeling is that he will stick with his tried and tested players. I’m quite interested in finding out how this will pan out, it could make or break his second tenure with the club as Abramovich has form with firing managers as soon as there is an indication results are on the slide.

Big couple of weeks for Jose!
Will CFC, the Shire.


Fugly Wayne
Loved the top 10. I became all bleary eyed and nostalgic at the thought of Rooney’s Champions League debut.

The current incarnation of Wayne Rooney reminds me of seeing an ex that has gone swiftly down hill since you seen them last, worn down by life, fatter, uglier and dishevelled. It makes you question whether they ever really had it or was it just a constant beery optimism of youth that made you find them attractive in the first place.

Where did it all go wrong, Wayne? What makes it most hard to to take, is yes,  he most definitely did have it. Sadly that it, has shrivelled a little more with each passing year and increasingly out of sync weekly wage packet.

It’s not you Wayne, it’s me, I expected too much.

Yours faithfully,
A Jilted Lover
P.S Neville was hilarious attempting to avoid anything negative about Wazza last night when replying to a tweet on MNS, coaching with England, clearly has no effect on his punditry.


More Hat-Tricks
At least of being slightly biased (I am a Gooner after all), I would actually have Kanu v Chelsea in 1999 as one of the greatest hattricks ever.

For those you don’t remember, Arsenal were 2-0 down and playing poorly. Kanu was brought on and turned the game in the last 15 minutes.

The first two were well taken finishes, the first a spin and toe poke past De Goey and the second by cutting in past Desailly (I think) and slamming into the corner. The third however, is always the one I remember. In the last minute Suker misplaced a pass and Kanu ran down the defender and dispossessed him.

De Goey came out but Kanu somehow went past him – at this stage the world and his mother were screaming for him to cut it back, but Kanu hammered the ball into the opposite corner from the tightest of angles.

Can anyone else top that as not only a great hattrick but one that changed a game so completely?
Tom (AFC London)


Cesc On The Beach
I don’t mean to re-open an old debate, but, out of sheer curiosity, I’d love to know if the Arsenal fans who rooted for Cesc’s return last season (and roundly criticised Wenger for not buying him back) would still have him now at Ozil’s expense?

Granted, they’re both quality players and one may see a resurgence in form while the other has a dip, but are the fans, mentioned above, still unequivocal in their belief that Wenger messed up?
Deepak(Or we could just wait till the weekend and find out)


Martial Flaw
Just a quick one, is anyone else having an increasingly overwhelming feeling of more Federico Macheda than Thierry Henry about Martial? It makes me need a poo when I think about it.
Craig, London


B*nter Bus
Looks like Jose has banned the banter bus, because they’ve certainly failed to park it since the start of the season.
Ian (going to regret this on Saturday) Dorren, Essex Gooner.


Solving The Conundrum
Vardy is an absolute r**tcl**t;


My brain hurts……
(Gibbo – MUFC, down under)


Chris ITFC, Liverpool, the word is Raasclaat (spelling could be wrong).

Jamaican swear word that originally derived from a time before toilet paper was widely available and people had to use cloth to….you get the idea……. Raas comes from ar*e…….claat comes from cloth

Now used to exclaim dislike, dismay, approval or disapproval.

e.g. What a raasclat goal! (Martial)…….What’s wrong with this raasclat striker? (Giroud)

And this used to be a football site……

Your welcome
Malcolm (Ja dictionary connoseiur)S