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Date published: Tuesday 13th March 2018 2:44

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Sick of Silva
I just read your team of the week and almost vomited! If you love David Silva so much why don’t you marry him and have his babies?

He is a wonderful player and you praise quite a few others on this site but when you it comes to Silva it always reads like an obsessive fan boy with a crush that is touching his nether-regions while writing it.

Can you please post warnings on articles containing a sickeningly cheesy David Silva love letters so I can wait until I’ve digested my last meal before reading it. Thank you!

(Diaries of David Silva fanboy much like the hilarious Neville Diaries might be a good idea, you never do any fun stuff like that anymore.)
William, Leicester


Stating Koscielny’s case
Reading Sarah Winterburn’s Regression Top 10, I was a little disappointed at Laurent Koscielny’s inclusion. Though I lack the enthusiasm to defend any individual at Arsenal right now, I still,oddly find myself typing away to framing the case for Kos’ defence.

Koscielny has been suffering with chronic Achilles issues for well over a year, it’s why he’s now limited to one game a week. Though not an injury that will sideline you in the way a broken leg does, it is very painful. Constantly painful. When I suffered with the same I was limited to a hobble on the worst days. I suspect Kos’ decision to play through the pain is linked to witnessing Santi Cazorla take the surgical route to the same problem, only to follow Abou Diaby into the abyss, (and almost lose a foot to gangrene in the process).

He might not be the player he was because of it, but Koscielny can hardly be slated for opting to play through the pain over hiding in the treatment room. The latter option would look very appealing to some players in the club’s current predicament…


My hero Harry
‘And now here we stand in March – on the verge of a new England squad being named – and Winks is fit but has not played a minute of Premier League football since Boxing Day.’

There would be nothing wrong with the above statement, from the ‘Top Ten players who regressed this season’ about Harry Winks were it not for it (And the rest of the segment on him) omitting the fact that he is still trying to work back to full match fitness (Pochettino match fitness isn’t exactly the same as most other PL teams too btw) after a 3rd ankle injury in less than 12 months.

He suffered the first one in April 2017 that meant he missed the end of the season, had a minor injury to the same ankle in November of the same year and then was kept out for a month from Jan ’til Feb of this year with another injury to the same ankle again. After the first one he stated in an interview early on this season that he was still feeling the pain from the first injury yet he still managed to put in MOTM performances for club and country.

Harry Winks hasn’t regressed in the slightest, this is a young kid who is playing his first full season on the back of 3 ankle injuries in less than a year and a dip in form coinciding with his latest comeback, these are the kinds of facts you guys would probably be taking certain tabloids to task for if they were to use them in one of their pieces. Also, using a tweet from an Arsenal fan to try and back up your point somehow, as if that tweet wasn’t one of malicious joy that a player Spurs fans have been bigging up for months is playing poorly at the minute? Behave.
Nick (Don’t know if you can tell, but I love Harry Winks and not even his fondness for Ed Sheeran can stop that), Walsall.


Sanchez should be No.1
…How is Alexis Sanchez not #1 on ten players who’ve regressed teh most this season. I genuinely thought this top ten was done because he just broke the record of most amount of times he lost possession against Liverpool.

While he still lost possession an infuriating amount of time last year, he still made an impact on games with 30 goals and 19 assists in all competitions last year. And this was for a struggling Arsenal side that pretty much gave up for 3 months.

this year, he has 9 goals and 6 assists in 31 games. While he didn’t start as many games and he did change teams, that is still an abysmal return. When he moved to United, everyone thought he would hit the ground running, finally playing for a team with title ambitions and a coherent frontline. Yet it hasn’t worked out.
Guillaume, Ottawa


Just backing up the comment about Jose’s tactical genius in the last mailbox. Are we really praising Jose for coming up with the ‘hoof to the big man, flick onto little man’ tactic? Cos if so, Dave Bassett and Graham Turner, amongst others, want a word.

Seriously about 96% of teams in all leagues use this tactic. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it just seems a little too much to be praising Jose for his nous.

I think amongst the hyperbole there is a genuine point to make about the rapid and rabid nature of football commentary. It’s not enough that United probably deserved to win by virtue of taking their chances, it has to be ‘Jose schools Klopp’.

I guess that’s a better headline than ‘team beats other team’ but still…
Dan. London



Kit crimes

To answer Hatim (Loved Juve’s pink away kit)’s mail about away kits, the clubs are directed by the manufacturers to wear the away strip as much as possible. So basically, if your away colours don’t clash with the home colours of the team you’re visiting, you must wear them. Why else Arsenal (red and white) would travel to Watford (Yellow and black) and deem it necessary to wear their away strip (dark blue) is beyond me.
Martin, Madrid


Saints sack
Only about three months after it needed to be done, Pellegrino’s gone. Phew.

I’m fairly certain the board wouldn’t have pulled the trigger unless someone was lined up so expect his replacement soon. Still, speculation is rife. Most Saints fans want Marco Silva. Unfortunately that will never happen as he’s too much of an ego for Les Reed, who needs a yes man. The likelihood is an underwhelming yet relatively sensible appointment of Mark Hughes on a short-term contract. Yet my favourite part of all this is that a quick look on twitter at the Saints fans will tell you that 1% said Frank Lampard.
Jon Tucker, Southampton


Studs mystery
Just a heads up on studs. I believe from coaching youth teams that studs are checked that they are not sharp or metal (metal I think is banned now). We used to have our starting XI studs checked during the warm up.

Hope that helps. And c’mon Chels lets do Barca again! 2 – 2


Pretty amazing that West Ham fans are playing the sympathy card at the moment, particularly with regards to the stadium (massive, state-of-the-art, basically free) and the team, who haven’t won a trophy since 1980.

If you revel in your hooligan culture (the “small minority” don’t invade the pitch, fight the opposition fans or trash team buses at any other Premier League club) expect little sympathy from the rest of us when you get dumped in the stadium equivalent of a soft play area because you can’t be trusted to behave properly.

Also Russell Brand is terrible.
Jonny, MUFC.


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