Mails: Some Liverpool fans want Rafa back now…

Date published: Wednesday 20th September 2017 3:31

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See ya…
Call me when they put Rafa back in charge and we can actually defend. I’ll be supporting Newcastle until this shambles is over and Jurgen heads to Spain or Italy to win a few titles there with players who don’t need to be taught how to defend.
Niall, Denver


Yes, bring back Rafa
Liverpool are f*cking out of order.

Many expected dropped points against Burnley and Watford. Many expected them to exit Carabao Cup at the hands of Leicester. They weren’t wrong.

Many expect them to lose to the same club in the next match day. And I strongly feel they’ll proved right.

A pattern of predictability that makes Arsenal look amateurish in that respect.

I miss Rafa.

Everyone else can f*uck off.

Rant over.
Sommi (I can’t wait for Klopp to keep his promise and move to Swiss league in a couple of years) Nairobi


How to beat Liverpool FC
Step 1: Liverpool will start off very strong, with a lot of energy and pressing. This is intimidating, but know that almost none of Liverpool’s players except for Mane and Coutihno can hit a barn door. Defend them closely and absorb that pressure, park a bus or two while you’re at it.

Step 2: Liverpool’s players will start to tire around the 50th minute. Wait until they gift you an excellent chance. This will likely come in the form of a poor clearance or an unmarked six-foot striker in the penalty box.

Step 3: Score on your first chance.

In all seriousness, losing is a normal part of football for most teams. Being off in form and confidence is normal for many players. Such is the cycle of football. I don’t expect Liverpool to be this wretched for much longer.

But what is especially frustrating is just the manner in how Liverpool lose or draw winnable games. It’s groundhog day with wasteful finishing combined with lapses in defensive concentration. I knew the Okazaki goal was going in the minute it bounced back slowly into Liverpool’s penalty box. League Cup ain’t the end of the world, but it was realistically, one of the most winnable pieces of silverware this season.

What is more worrying is how it seems the same problems that have plagued this team for so long just seem to refuse to go away. The attack is too reliant on individual brilliance, and the defense is just plain awful.

For the record I don’t think Liverpool can get anyone better than Klopp, not by a longshot. But until he gets the defense sorted this club will continue its barren run of silverware.
CB, Washington DC


Getting angry with Klopp for the first time…
Watching the game yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel a little deja vu. Since Mane’s red card, Liveprool have lost two and drawn two (admittedly one draw with Mane) with one more game to come at the weekend without our Senegalese saviour. This has felt a little like January of last year when Mane left to play the Africa Cup and Liverpool got dumped out of two competitions and managed to get just three points in five games before Mane’s return against Tottenham. Let us hope this is the January slump come early and we can now regroup.

Before the season I was optimistic that we had enough depth to cover that position should the unthinkable happen (which it did). With Salah coming in, Coutinho staying and Solanke and Sturridge providing solid plan B’s, and yet I sit here contemplating just how Liverpool are in the situation in which they are.

This brings me to the sad part of my day:

Yesterday was the first time I was angry with Klopp. I was sitting at home, watching the game and the first half was riveting. Quick-paced football, Coutinho leading the line and Leicester nowhere to be seen. I naively thought that if this continues like this we would be 1-0 up at half time and I could sit back and relax and enjoy the game. Come half time I was perplexed at the scoreline but still confident that with this type of football it should be an easy win. Enter Klopp. The decision to take off Coutinho baffles me. Yes he may have had that plan before the start of the game but he was probably planning to be one, or two goals up by then. To take off Coutinho, without any other REAL attacking options on the bench (Ings was anonymous after coming on) is ludicrous. Where was the fire power on the bench should things not go his way in the first half? Where was Sturridge or Salah should he need to bring them on being one down? He says he wanted to progress in this competition but the match-day squad shows something else.

Anywho, you know what they say about doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results…maybe it is both Klopp and I that need a few weeks in an insane asylum to get realistic expectations back.
Nik (called Leicester’s first goal), Munich


On Klopp’s transfer errors
So frustrated seeing Liverpool exit the cup last night. They were excellent in the first half, but I just had a feeling that as they did not make it count, it would hurt them in the end. Defensively, they are always likely to let in a goal or two and so it proved.

I feel JK should acknowledge that he made two huge mistakes in the transfer window. Buying the Ox seems a massive mistake with each passing minute and selling Sakho as he had personal issues with the player. He was our best defender by a mile, and had the Ox money been used to buy another defender, we could have been challenging for the title this season. Now we have Matip who is okay, but not a leader and Klavan and Lovren as his possible partners.

God help us !!!
Shiraz, Johannesburg


Is Klopp blinded by friendship?
I’m sure the mailbox will be inundated with views Liverpool’s loss last night. About how we committed the same defensive errors and how Klopp’s insistence on not buying a defender has cost us a shot at a trophy.

I would however, like to delve a little deeper and question Klopp’s assistants Zeljko Buvac and Peter Krawietz. While Buvac orchestrates the offensive sessions, it is Krawietz who oversees our defensive drills. Surely, Klopp must have had lengthy discussions with the latter in an effort to solve this crisis. A more ruthless manager would have replaced Krawietz by now. It is well known that the three of them go back a long way. Is friendship and loyalty to his long time friend blinding Klopp’s ability to make a call?
Taz, LFC


Doesn’t he need a defensive midfielder?
I’m sure you’ll get a billion emails ranting about Liverpool – so here’s another, I’ll try and be brief.

The first Leicester goal was virtually identical to the Burnley strike- ball floated to the fullback, header lost, second ball pops out to an opponent who has a clean shot on the edge of the box. Amateur. Embarrassing.

What this says to me is not that the defence is rubbish (although clearly they are) but that Liverpool must provide some kind of screen for them. Van Djik would suffer in this team. Baresi, Maldini etc would all concede. There is no midfield protection whatsoever. Henderson, Winaldum, Coutinho ’17-18 (how bothered did he look?) Milner? That’s a roll call of mediocrity.

Get someone like Gruijic – albeit not sure if he has the game intelligence yet and is guaranteed at least one yellow per match – to stand in front of the back four screening a la Hamman, and let the front five do their job.

It’s so frustrating when a simple solution is evident. Klopp is either the most stubborn manager in the league or a fool. Either way I can see him out of a job by the end of the season.
Frustrated Dan, London


Who fancies The Ox?
As an Arsenal fan, I’ve studied Oxlade-Chamberlain’s early Liverpool career keenly. Simply put, I’d be bloody fuming if after years of frustration, he suddenly became a world beater for them. Anyway, Minty, LFC (I believe) accused some of us of being a bit “I never fancied her anyway” about Ox, but trust me, I really have never fancied her anyway.

So tonight I missed the first half but saw the second. Halfway through, I typed his name into a Twitter search to see the general consensus.

Frankly, it was pretty damning and I get the early impression not many Reds fancy her either. Actually, one bloke had tweeted Arsenal directly saying he wanted a refund from us because he’d bought an Oxlade-Chamberlain and it appeared to be broken. Oh dear…if only he knew.

Still, in nine games time he’ll play well and you’ll wonder if maybe, just maybe, he might come good one day.

He won’t. Enjoy.
Joe, AFC, East Sussex


Still believing in Klopp
Oh how fast the warm fuzzy feelings that washed over Liverpool fans post-Arsenal have dissipated. Crisis is a nonsense concept in football which is incredibly short term but Liverpool now desperately need a result this weekend to stop the feeling of blood loss. Teams are very confident and know how to cause us trouble.

Klopp’s system is fun and entertaining but is entirely dependent on scoring first; when that happens we can sit back a bit and crush teams on the counter. Sadly our defence is so brittle that they rarely keep chances out to actually keep us in games to give us the chance to do that. It’s also probably not helpful when Liverpool have managed one goal from their last 56 shots on goal too so the attack is hardly devoid of blame.

Rodgers seemed to be entirely motivational. He had a perfect storm of talent and got them so motivated they blitzed teams out of games before they started. Klopp has that too but now has to prove he is more than Rodgers. His summer recruitment did that in part; where Rodgers made a mess of things by recruiting slow and static attackers in Benteke and Lambert, Klopp got people who suit of style of play. Now he has to show he’s not just about motivation but can set this team up to win no matter what. We have three away games in a row and need to put points on the board to keep us in the right zone in both the league and champions league. I do have a lot of confidence in him and believe he’ll get the job done.
Minty, LFC


Laughing at Tottenham
Another record for Spurs at Wembley. An attendance of 23,926 is the lowest ever for a professional game at Wembley. Great work guys. Good job you aren’t spunking nearly a billion on a stadium you will hardly ever fill…
Brad Smith


Proud of the Toon kids
While the current league table is like a dream for Newcastle fans, we have to be a little careful given that the past three matches have been favourable fixtures and things will get tougher.

But, although I don’t think any Newcastle fans expect a top-ten finish it’s just nice to see a Newcastle team that fans can really get behind. The team is young and driven and really seem proud to play for Newcastle, something that’s been missing for some time.

We struggled to get up the pitch in the first couple games but since then we’ve pressed much more, forced errors and created chances and at the same time the defence looks extremely solid.

Jamaal Lascelles has been excellent again and while I’m not fully convinced by Ciaran Clark (he ends up drifting out of position a fair bit) they’ve clearly got a partnership. The full-backs are a rag-tag lot who nobody else wanted yet are putting in a shift.

In midfield, Isaac Hayden is criminally underrated for his energy and running while Mikel Merino has been one of the signings of the summer for £6m (when he’s played 20 games we have to buy him). The wide men all have something to offer and it’s great to see Matt Ritchie playing well after his excellent season last year.

Up front there’s probably not enough goals but Joselu is a better option than Gayle and puts in a shift, Mitrovic is set to come back in and although he’s a bit mental he’s a likeable bloke because he really tries.

All in all it’s a young team that are just trying really hard. We’re not going to finish in the top 10, let alone the top 6 but it’s nice to be able to truly get behind them after years of mercenary players or Alan Pardew. Off to Brighton on Sunday so hoping for the same result as last season!
James, NUFC


The Unofficial Football365 Weekly Awards
Premier League Player of the Week- Sergio Aguero (Man City)
The obvious choice maybe, but was there any better shouts in a quite stale weekend of Premiership football. ( I don’t think having Christian Atsu for finally getting me Fantasy Football points really fit the criteria)

His sixth league hat-trick and 127th goal in 186th league appearance put his team top of the table for the first time this season, and his partnership with the impish Jesus looks set to be a thing of beauty. And it helps when you have De Bruyne on the form he is in at the moment.

The way City play and the form they are in, that he is still only third favourite for the Golden Boot award shows he may still be slightly overlooked as one of the best in the country.

Team of the Week – Preston North End
The fact they are my mate’s mum’s team, and a connection to the guy I named my dog after aside, it was a good week for the Lilywhites.

Their fourth win of the season puts them in fourth place despite only having the fourth smallest budget in the championship. Really? I hear you say. Four sure. They conceded only their third league goal of the season on Saturday, but most importantly their 3-1 win at St Andrew’s saw the premature end of ‘arry Redknapp. Top, top performance.

European Player of the Week – Radamel Falcao (Monaco)
Okay, he plays in France where yer granny could bag 30 a season, but I like him and it’s my list. Another two goals against Bordeaux puts him on nine for the season, and helped Monaco to a 3-0 win after losing 4-0 to Nice and drawing with that soft drink mob from Germany in midweek.

Dembele of the Week – Moussa Dembele (Celtic)
Scored again in a 4-0 win over Ross County to register his fifth goal of the season. And saw his Celtic side go 55 games unbeaten domestically. Easy to do in a one-team league, but with Rodgers in charge it is still very impressive!

Clearance of the Week – Matt Kilgallon (Bradford)
Rotherham’s John Taylor had two goes at scoring from less than 10 yards. His first effort was blocked by the Bradford keeper, with his second hooked off the line acrobatically by Kilgallon.

Team Players of the Week – Neymar and Cavani (PSG)
The world’s most expensive player and the guy who scored 49 goals last season arguing over who takes the free-kicks and penalties is healthy competitiveness right? Maybe, but being seperated by Thiago Motta after a game you won 2-0, not so much.

Counter Attack of the Week – Kevin Rodrigues (Real Sociedad)
Hitting the bar at one end is unlucky, sprinting the length of the pitch to slide it past your own keeper to give Madrid the lead is, well, very unlucky I suppose.

2017 Headline of the Week – ‘Rio Ferdinand to take up boxing for ‘ Defender to Contender’ challenge’.
I think I’ll stick to Love Island
Compiler of the week – Paul Graham

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