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Date published: Sunday 18th October 2015 11:44

Also, Mamadou Sakho is ruddy brilliant, England should build around Jamie Vardy, and the best chant of the season…

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What?! Liverpool didn’t win the premier league today…. #kloppout

Scottish Scott MUFC


Mamadou (not) the chump
Sakho: Imperious, at least I thought he was particularly in the second half. a real leader in the back four and stopped a lot of attacks and then calming coming away with the ball and playing it out too midfield, maybe I missed something in the first 20 minutes (where apparently we were really good) but if he made a mistake early on I didn’t see it … he made a mistake didn’t he? either way after the break Sakho was awesome.
Tyla (should I be embarrassed by the Klopp love in by the media, because I am really embarrassed) Roxburgh, Merseyside, Liverpool


Spurred on
I think the amount of build up that Klopp was getting was always bound to overhype his first game. Frankly I thought that looked a lot like a Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool team performance and frankly I don’t think that’s a terrible thing to say or see given that Klopp has had less than a week to work with the players.

The one deficiency that really glaringly persisted was our bluntness in the final third of the pitch. Today we weren’t helped by a number of poor touches which led to Spurs easily taking back possession but on the whole even when they didn’t tackle us we didn’t look very dangerous. Ings and Sturridge were both meant to solve those issues and sadly both are now back on the treatment table, though Sturridge will hopefully be back soon enough.

Given how many key injuries we currently have (Henderson/Sturridge/Benteke/Flannagan/Ings/Firmino could all make fair claims to be amongst our first XI) I think you’ve got to accept that a point away from home is a good result, especially when you think that Man City got shredded apart at the same ground a few short weeks ago.
Minty, LFC


Shut up, Stewie
I would just like to direct Stewie Griffin and all other Arsenal fans complaining about Arsene Wenger not spending the 200m cash reserve that we have to this article published in September 2014 by Swiss Ramble.

It gives a detailed breakdown of Arsenal’s financial position compared to other clubs, the club’s net spend and why this mythical 200m war chest cannot be spent on just world class players.

”In short, without knowing all of the internal details, it’s a mug’s game trying to predict how much Arsenal genuinely have available to spend. It’s clearly not as much the £200 million in the books, let’s say £40-50 million.”
Malcolm, AFC


Vardy love-in
The Premier League’s top goal scorer adds another two to his tally. Hopefully Roy Hodgson wasn’t paying attention, we wouldn’t want him getting silly ideas about taking a player to France who is actually playing games and scoring goals. Much better to bank on two long-term injured players being fit.
Daniel (big up commenters using their real name and picture) Baguley


Is it time to start thinking about building the England team around him?


Steady on
In defence of Matt Stead… Theo, Liverpool you appear to have taken umbrage at a fact-based article commenting on the paucity of realistic options currently fit at Liverpool. The article wasn’t written as an attack against Klopp, merely noting the trial by fire Mr Heavy Metal can expect with the mid-table squad at his disposal.

For the record I love Jurgen Klopp, and hope he does well. As long as its less well than Arsene.

Too tired to write anything else.
Alay (“Since we’re here anyway we might actually play a bit of football”), N15 Gooner


Dirty Harry
Is it time we acknowledge Harry Kane is nothing but a half decent player who had one hell of a purple patch last season…
Shreyas (yes, I’m a gooner) Krishna


Dirty ‘Arry
I haven’t read your article on Harry Redknapp but I was just watching the pre-match of Tottenham vs Liverpool on BT and Harry Redknapp just said “…there are plenty of good British managers around but they are not getting the chances at big clubs, top 4 or 5 clubs.” Yes Harry because you didn’t get that chance or David Moyes or Brentan or Schteve McLaren currently?
Oh and Michael “the gift that keeps giving” Owen saying about White Hart Lane “it’s a good stadium, it’s a good football stadium.” Thanks. For. That, Michael.

By the way, this match is quite easily the most boring match I have seen this season. There does not seem to be any desire or passion from anyone on the pitch. No real quality, no one to take the game by the scruff of the neck, nothing. I suppose Klopp would be happy as it’s not a loss and Tottenham are in good form and I think we can already see some of Klopp’s tactics in play such as pressing and defending in numbers.
Amir (hoping the rest of the weekend fixtures are not this boring)


FSG feedback
An excellent letter by Jonny Dance (I assume that’s a surname and not a verb) on ‘A critique of FSG’s Liverpool’

As a Liverpool fan I think cutting the wage bill is a good thing. The club needs to create a sustainable future so going back a step in terms of the wage bill and larger transfer fees to then be able to invest in the ground (which should have happened 20+ years ago) and younger players creates a more solid footing to move forwards and compete.

If you compare our investment (in salaries and transfers) and the return on the pitch over recent years with the likes of Spurs then it’s clear we’ve not been getting a sufficient return and therefore there’s no point in just continuing the same old approach.

FSG represent a hedge fund and their ultimate aim is to make a profit but if they can improve the club, expand the stadium, create a sustainable future (don’t forget we nearly went bust just a few years ago) and then make a profit selling the club then fair play to them.

Owners wanting to make money is not a bad thing. Owners like Oyston at Blackpool are the ones to avoid.
Colin (living in the real world), Hampshire


Jonny (carefully avoided the term ‘net spend’, deliberately used ‘warchest’) Dance, the reason Liverpool are signing young second or third rate players and hoping they develop is because the best young players and already developed first rate players don’t want to come to Liverpool.

That’s not some strange FSG masterplan, it’s actuality. It’ll be the same actuality whoever is the next owner.

Happy to help.
Yours, Reality (Tim Sutton)


Dear f365,

Presumably the ultra-professional Zidane who Guy S includes in his list of players who would never be seen “with a fag in hand” is Zidane the younger, as opposed to his dad Zinedine who was photographed smoking during France’s 2006 world cup campaign.
John, London


RE; Will (Klopp can have my babies) F

I’m sure you’ll get a few of these – but as a physiotherapist of 10 years experience and also as a player having had an ACL (or cruciate knee injury) myself I feel I am more qualified to comment than most.

ACL injuries are not a death sentence, statistically there is above 95% chance of having successful surgery and around 70-80% of getting back to the same level of play. It is a serious and in some ways devastating injury but players can and do recover from these all the time, as a rule rather than as an exception. Rehab and surgical techniques are getting better all the time, we are even discovering prevention methods which have a small but significant effect.

There are loads of players who have recovered from this injury and gone on to have successful careers. Shearer, Xavi, Del Piero, Van Nistlerooy, Pires, Lahm, Walcott, Vidic all came back bigger and better after this injury. We just remember the ones that didn’t better for some reason. Ronaldo (Brazil) was never quite the same after his but he did win a golden boot at the world cup straight after having had 2 knee reconstructions within a couple of years.

The odds are with Gomez and Ings making full recoveries and continuing their careers for some time to come.
Gavan, THFC, Sydney


I don’t know if this has been brought to the attention of the general public yet, but a couple of Crystal Palace fans have come up with what is surely the best chant of the season. To the tune of Because I Got High by Afroman:

You used to play in black and white,
I don’t know why oooooh oooooo,
Now he plays in red and blue,
Yohan Cabaye,
Naaaa daaa da,
Scoring goals for fun,
And i know why (whyyy man),
Yohan Cabaye, Yohan Cabaye, Yohan Cabaye

Cam, AFC

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