Mails: That’s why Arsenal won’t win the Prem

Date published: Wednesday 28th October 2015 10:32

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It’s back
Peak Arsenal.
David C. – Toronto


I was published after the Bayern game saying that that was Peak Arsenal.

I take it all back. Two injuries to first teamers in the first fifteen minutes of an unimportant match is Peak Arsenal.
Jakey, South East London


Happy Wednesdays
Arsen wenger, tony Adams, va va voom, Pearse Morgan, the drummer from m people, dido, my boss Peter, the queen of England, Eddie mcgoldrick, can you hear me Eddie mcgoldrick your boys took one hell of a beating tonight!
Luke (Wednesday fan) Dublin again


That’s why Arsenal won’t win the league
It’s 25 minutes into the League Cup, have we just seen a couple of reasons as to why Arsenal probably won’t win the title?
Matt (It’ll be bloody City though won’t it), Manchester


Arsenal starting XI fine, squad not good enough
First off I have no qualms about the team selection. The big players needed to be rested and we had to start Cech (dont believe Macey has ever played for the senior team before), Ox (needed to find some form) and Giroud/Theo (do we have anyone else?). The early injuries certainly did not help but we should have had enough to put up a good fight. So i just wanted to assess our options;

Debuchy – Was really excited when we signed him. Good premier league experience and seemed solid enough. Never been the same since the injury. Big fan of how he manages to contribute absolutely nothing going forward yet is still out of position all the time. Thank god for accidently discovering Bellerin

Flamini – In the Everton match, when he should have been shoring up the defense and closing the game out, in the 90th minute up he pops in the Everton box with a header. 20 seconds later Cech saves us. Thank god for accidentally discovering Coquelin

Arteta – Cant play full 90, lost his legs. Decent sub to have to close games out

Campbell – Lot of fuss about this one. Played well on loan and at the World Cup but has never developed and put in a performance in an Arsenal shirt. Put himself about without actually doing anything apart from blasting crosses wide

Ox – Should have been the year he kicked on, started well vs Chelsea. Always guilty of losing the ball in dangerous positions leaving us exposed (see Monaco and Everton for examples). No end product – much ado about nothing

Ospina – Loves a good save after the ball is over the line. Does not inspire confidence and the Ooooooospina chant is getting rather annoying

Our first XI is probably ranks in the top two in the league but unfortunately our depth is weak and unreliable and that is why no matter how optimistic I try to be I see our season unravelling at somepoint. Rosicky, Wilshere and Welbeck were left of the list because although they would really add some much needed steel to the side, no one really know when they are back. Wenger not investing in the squad rather than the First XI will cost us this year. I hope I am proved wrong.

At least we beat the Spuds. Well played Sheffield Wednesday.
Manan, London


Leave us alone, guys
Arsenal have lost 5 games this season. Chelsea have lost 7. We have played several games with 10 men. We have had no major signings unlike our rivals.

Fine we are having one bad season under an excellent manager, but the pressure everyone’s putting on Chelsea is just making matters worse. I have full faith in the manager and the players.
Riwaz (Mind your own business) CFC


Would anyone even take Wayne for free?
A lot of chat about Rooney’s diminishing value with the latest mailboxer claiming they’d be lucky to get £20m for him at this stage. I’ll go a step further and assert that there is no serious team in world football who’d even take him for free on his current salary.

He won’t take a lower salary at a lesser club, so unless one of the middle eastern clubs throws money at him you’re stuck with him until 2019. Can’t wait to see what he’s delivering for his £300k/week by then.


Defending Mourinho
I’m quite certain Sean’s trolling the mailbox. Still, I’ll bite in some concise bullets;

– Winning leagues with rich teams is easy, breaking all-time league records with these teams is not (least goals conceded at Chelsea, most scored at Madrid, most points at both, many of the above at Porto etc etc)

– Winning two Champions League trophies in two countries is rather admirable and rare.

– Winning league titles in four countries is also admirable and rare.

– Maintaining an astonishing home league record in top leagues across four countries for over more than 9 years is a signal that the manager might be good.

– His methods/tactics might not be to your taste but they are ‘maaad efficient’

– He has achieved all these despite being in management for just about 14 years.

-The biggest spenders/net spenders do not always win the league and their managers are not always fired post failure – Case in point – EPL 2014/2015.

– Despite your deepest wishes, it will take more than a bad run of form for Mourinho to be ‘exposed as the charlatan he is’.

–  Fat Sam is a decent manager  – not the joke many try to paint him as. Tactics Tim, however . . .
Izu (go read up on his time at Uniao de Leiria – the man is a genius, still a c**t at times) CFC Lagos


So Sean in yesterday afternoon’s mailbox pointed out that basically, Jose is a shite manager and can only win because of money he spends.

Now I do get the point that people just like to make up things to suit their arguments, but I done some digging (no work this afternoon) and found out the truth in this matter.

See Jose’s spending below compared with the other big spenders in the league.

2001/02 – Porto – 5M                     Benfica – 15M                   Sporting – 7M

2002/03 – Porto – 6M                     Benfica – 100K                   Sporting – 1.5M

2003/04 – Porto – 7M                     Benfica – 700K                   Sporting – 5M

2008/09 – Inter – 40M                    Juventus – 28M                Milan – 49M

2009/10 – Inter – 65M                    Juventus – 41M                Milan – 15M

2010/11 – Real – 65M                     Barca – 50M

2011/12 – Real – 38M                     Barca – 42M

2012/13 – Real – 23M                     Barca – 23M

I have left Chelsea out, as I really cannot argue that one.

What you will see is that over the period at Porto, he spent about 2M more than Benfica and about 4.5M more than Sporting. Hardly a ridiculous amount. Inter – quite a bit more, but all funded by the sale of Zlatan to Barca. Real Madrid – about 11M more. We all know Real historically are ridiculous spenders anyway.

I set out to prove you wrong, but you are actually right. So, in summary I agree with you to an extent. He is a top class manager, but the myth that he has spent 15x as much as everyone else to get there is proven wrong by the facts. Spent a bit more yes, but then again so did Fergie and pretty much every other manager who had sustained success recently.

One last thing though. Porto had an easy route to the Champions League trophy? No chance. 10 years ago, it was very different.

Man United finished 3rd in the league that year, behind the Invincibles and Chelsea. They also won the FA Cup that season.

Lyon were French Champions.

Deportivo finished 3rd in the league (Ahead of Real Madrid) and also beat both Juventus and Milan on the way to the Semi’s.

Monaco finished 3rd in the league that year and also beat both Real Madrid and Chelsea on the way to the final.

That took a while.
Nick, CFC, Inverness


Didn’t Mourinho’s “dour” and “defensive” Real Madrid smash the most goals scored in a season record?
Ryan D, Glasgow


Lamela an Argentinean James Milner
Joel from Nottingham posed the question re Lamela.

I’m in the good buy camp. As Joel rightly points out, £30m is market value for this sort of player more-or-less. I’ve actually thought this for a while…

He is slightly damned in that he doesn’t do one particular thing especially brilliantly but actually does many things very well, sort-of an Argentine James Milner (and that is very-much a compliment in my books). Last season he out-assisted David Silva (actually joint on 7 but with less playing time in a less free-scoring side). This season he has 2 goals and 2 assists to his name but it is not in stats that he will stand out because, like I said, he does a little bit of everything. His off-the-ball movement and link-up play is excellent and his energy levels and commitment on the pitch are exceptional. We look a very good side with Lamela and Eriksen on the flanks, partly because of the attacking options they bring and partly because they work bloody hard for the team. His main flaw is probably that he picks up a few too many bookings (4 already this season) and sometimes his tackling has a little bit of the Paul Scholes about him.

I think though, to really stand out and be noticed, he’ll have to do more of those rabona-moments which, although he has that sort of technical ability, I think he will be better-off without.

Final point, he is getting better gradually. First season he was innocuous, hardly a crime for a young player in an unfamiliar country and league as well as a few injury problems and he wasn’t our only player who didn’t set the league alight post-Bale. Last season was solid if unspectacular but ended up with a fair few assists to his name. This season is looking good already with 2 goals, 2 assists and that performance against Man City perhaps a glimpse of what we hope to be seeing a bit more of. Patience is being rewarded and it can’t hurt him having a fellow countryman at the helm.
Thom, (please please please be good Erik), Bristol-based Spur


Keep ignoring Spurs
In a sense, I share Kevin H’s frustrations about the lack of attention for Spurs this season. This last Sunday saw our match as the only non-televised game of the day, and promptly delivered more goals than the other three put together. While schedules get decided weeks or months in advance, and there was no particular reason to think we’d deliver a better match than the others, it did raise a wry smile as our fourth and fifth went in.

That being said, I’m not complaining about this. We’ve a very young team with a core of somewhat oxymoronically youthful experience (Christian Eriksen is just 23, for one). Bringing Ryan Mason (24) back into the side could actually raise its average age, for heaven’s sake.

If our current good form is to continue, and even improve, I’d rather that we got on with things away from the spotlight for a change. An often London-centric press has always found something to write about over as under Ramos, Redknapp, Villas-Boas and Sherwood we’ve lurched from misery to fleeting glory (by our standards) to mostly consistent also-rans. If this team under Pochettino is really going to mature and improve together, I’m happy for it to go largely unremarked other than among Spurs’ fan, at least at first. Should there be some real substance to this side, and should they deliver some tangible success then I will be as pleased as anyone to see them get their due plaudits, but I’ve seen far, far too many false dawns to have high expectations. Right now having all the attention on Mourinho, Sherwood, Rooney, Klopp and the rest is fine by me, just in case it all comes to nothing much.


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