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Date published: Wednesday 8th November 2017 9:41

It’s international week. So keep those emails coming to…

A Manchester United fan welcoming PSG interest
Every time I see news of PSG going after Jose Mourinho, I feel a sense of relief. I know its weird. At United, we have a history of standing up for our managers. I supported LVG and now support Jose but for some weird reason, I feel happy that PSG will make the move.

Jose is fantastic at buying good players. His track record at our and most of his clubs has been very good. He isnt very good at developing or improving players though. The players that are good but need belief work well with Jose. He instills belief but he doesnt improve their dribbling or their awareness of space. Thats why we are seeing Rashford at the same level as before. Thats why Martial seems the same too.

I sure hope we throw a lot of money at Poch when Jose goes. Jose will go. He cannot tolerate losing and he cannot tolerate being called a loser. Right now, Pep will win the title this season. The media will keep reminding him that he lost and he will definitely go away.

Jose wont change. He will buy some really good players in the next summer. He will also likely go away when PSG calls and panders to his ego. There is no competition there and Jose loves to win. PSG needs an excellent cup manager for the league is all sewed up.

Do any other football fans feel the appreciation for their current manager and what he is doing but also a sense of relief when there are rumours for them to go?
Sudarsan Ravi


The other view on British managers
I have been reading with interest the constant emails about how terrible, xenophobic, and dinosaur-esque are the British managers whose job it is to ride to the rescue when a club looks like falling out of the Premier League.

I am hugely surprised that no Charlton, Bolton or Everton fans have written in for the following reasons:-

1) look what happened to Charlton when Curbishley left. He had them playing good football and when they were relegated he brought them back up no bother. He did well at West Ham too and it was strange he struggled getting another gig

2) Look what happened when Big Sam left Bolton. He made them a decent Premier league team and attracted some top players to a small town in the north west of England (I got a C in Geography at GCSE so I didn’t have to google it). He rescued West Ham and Palace and just was not the right fit for Newcastle

3) David Moyes deserved the United job. He was lost when he got it as both Fergie and David Gill leaving was poor. Gill should have stayed another year and between them before Moyes took over they should have agreed to keep the side together for a year and only add quality. Since United Moyes has chosen his jobs poorly there is no doubting that……

These managers have been working in the top flight of English football for years against the worlds best managers who now spend 90m on a single player. You cannot compete with that. All they can do is be well organised, hope to pick up a few decent players and play good football once everything has settled down. What do you want them to do, win the league….yes Ranieri did it but that was a one off.

As a comparison look at Silva at Watford or Wagner at Huddersfield. 2 hard working sides, difficult to beat who on their day can give the best a run for their money….. sound familiar ?!?!?!?

Moyes will do a good job at West Ham. They will be top 10 as they have a decent squad they just need to be organised defensively and players played in the right positions. He deserves a chance to build his reputation again.

So come on try and balance the argument a bit more rather than sticking the knife into British managers who have proved themselves over a number of years.

Final thought – isn’t it the chairman’s fault they keep picking the same managers and not the managers themselves !?

Also would be good to hear from fans outside the Premier who they rate as good managers and why they deserve a chance in the Prem.
Ian – LFC


You can’t blame owners for going for what they know
All this talk about (new) managers has really got me thinking. Moyes /Allardyce/Pardew/Harry(!) etc are constantly seen as the “go to” choices for a club in trouble and instantly the fans of the club they are linked to are up in arms about the lack of ambition shown by their club in making the appointment.

But, have they ever put themselves in the Chairmans’/Board shoes? The club is struggling, relegation is a prospect, LOTS of money is going to be lost, so what do we do? Appoint someone exceeding expectations in the Premier League (Dyche/Da Silva/???), someone doing well in the Championship or League 1, a foreign import with no or little knowledge of the Premier League? Or do they appoint someone with a track record of doing what is necessary?

I hate the fact that the aforementioned people can be on a never ending merry-go-round of lucrative pay packets, seemingly endless job offers and being rewarded for “failure” (see later) but what they all seem to be able to do is maintain the status quo.

Bilic and Koeman were seen as fantastic, forward thinking appointments that were meant to take their clubs to “the next level”, however, the “next level” were also moving up with lots and lots of money and it’s no surprise that they have not delivered, what is surprising is that things have gone the other way and resulted in the situation both clubs now find themselves in. As a result, the clubs are forced to re-think their strategy and appoint the safe hands of the unsuccessful but not quite failures.

Better the devil you know.
Howard (or do a Newcastle feast or famine, much better ride) Jones


Know when to stop, F365
I’m all for constructive debate on any topic, but this stuff about British managers is getting so very repetive. We all know where F365 sit on the topic (and for the record, I agree with you) and we all know where a certain brand of ex player, manager and pundit, along with certain members of the British press sit. But John Nicholson writing increasingly hysterical pieces on the issue, on what seems to be a twice weekly basis for about 2 years now, isn’t going to change anything. Along with the repeated mentions in Mediawatch, the Mailbox and other opinion pieces, there is a danger that F365 is turning into an echo chamber. 99% of the people that read this site agree with you, so all we’re doing is shouting amongst ourselves about something we all agree on.

I’ve been a fan of the site for close to a decade now. Please, please don’t stop being that lighthearted, yet insightful and alternative view on the game we all love

All the best.
John, (Out of Darkness Cometh Mendes) WWFC , London


We were waiting for the defence of Moyes at Manchester United
As I remember it, the reason United won their last title under Ferguson was rather similar to the LCFC title win under Claudio i.e. because all the other competing teams were just a bit shite. From there the inevitable downer in the dressing room of the man you signed for stepping down and the normal improvement of your opponents, leads me to ask – who could United have attracted to take on the most unenviable task in football management – as in, the first after Fergie ? Was Ancelotti a choice ?, Jupp Heynckes ? Simeone ? Conte ? Who was there ?

Even if Carlo were to have been available he would have also had to deal with the owners being tight ( surely they now see those months as false economy) and the inadequacies of E_war_Woo_war_ , newly promoted to a job that one could argue he still hasn´t fulfilled. I am not saying that David Moyes was the best choice under the circumstances just questioning this idea that he drove the squad to such low depths that still Jose is suffering.

Imagine if Moyes had been backed by the financial power that Jose has had. To the tune of 17 new high class players. Was it Moyes’s fault that United didn’t offer crazy wages and signing-on fees for the “world class” players they tried and failed to get ? Weren´t Vidal and Thiago Alcantara gettable if United had offered City style cash ? Moyes was, in fairness, a bit hamstrung by the dual situations of the owners being too tight and Woo_war having his first year. Thenceforth like anyone would be, he´s had a massive hit to his self confidence.

I read that Jose was approached as first choice but his wife said to him that she refused to live in Lancashire (does she now?) yet can you imagine Jose putting up with the owners giving him what they gave Moyes?

Even at a stretch he wouldt have done much better, – champions league quarter finals – knocked out to Bayern. If that happens this coming March can we say that Jose is any better than Moyes would have been if indeed Moyes had been backed with 300 million worth of talent ? The blame here has to go to United´s owners and we as fans have to give Moyes a bit of an easier ride.

None of us would have stayed in an Everton style job once we knew we could have a go at managing United. Furthermore, in the end, Moyes didn’t choose to properly, publicly attack the lack of transfer clout and general amateurism that Manchester United gave him. But boy did he take the hit, personally and professionally.

Reminds me a bit of Terry Venables leaving QPR for Barcelona – seeing Diego Maradona sold and having to replace him with StevieffinArchibald. El Tel made a good fist of an impossible job at Barcelona, came close to usurping the god-like Cruyff as the first Barca winner of a European cup and was probaly the last really good english manager. (Robson didn’t win a major league or get to a European Champions cup final).

A more astute/cunning United ownership would have done everything in its power to sound out Guardiola and taylor the timescales to coincide with a huge cash investment behind him to continue Ferguson´s work.

Now they ought to be secretly promising endless riches to the current Spurs manager to completely transform the club. I personally doubt the Glazer´s willingness to do this, so United fans´d better get used to being also-rans, at least until Avi and Joel or whoever sell up.
Peter, (Rafa for England) . Andalucia.


Yay for international football
Another international break! Oh for f**k’s sake!

Why not have a month long international w*nkfest at some point in the season and let the season continue uninterrupted.

With this new UEFA Nations League it is going to be even more absurd.
Gaurav (my weekend is ruined) B, India


Erm, this isn’t going to happen is it?
Diego Simeone to Everton is a match made in heaven. Everton are traditionally a solid team that relies on good defense to stay in the game. On the other hand, their neighbours Liverpool are traditionally a swashbuckling side that relies on attack to win games. And I’m not referring to their recent history, I’m talking about both teams’ record in the 80s.

If Diego Simeone is fed up of sunny Spain and having a tan all year long, he might wish to come and test himself in England where the sun don’t shine, haha. And Everton would provide him with a perfect canvas with which to paint his masterpiece.

And who wouldn’t delight in seeing Everton the ugly duckling mature into a beautiful swan and fly away, leaving Loserpool to fight for scraps in mid table where they truly belong?


The (correct) answer on asterisks
To answer Thom’s question: I believe that asterisks started being used in words like p*ss so that the email would not get flagged by their works curse word stopping software.

On a related note my friend Nachum writes Cig@arettes in this way because he believes that life insurance companies might read his email and think he is a smoker and increase his premiums. Crazy right?
Jack (nachums friend) NJ LUFC

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