Mails: Touting Ronaldo as a future Man United manager

Date published: Tuesday 20th June 2017 1:40

Light on Mails this morning, folks. Keep them coming to…


Another reason to sign Ronaldo: He could become manager
Thanks for the articles on why Manchester Utd should and shouldn’t shoot for Ronaldo. I love a list, not as much as the average person on the internet these days, based on all other sites content, but I’m still keen. I’d like to add one more actually:

6 – After winning the Euros as a coach, Man Utd have their eye on him as player/manager of the future. Probably following Mourinho winning the league with 52 goals from Ronaldo next season, then falling out with him, souring the mood in the camp and collapsing performances in 2018/19 season. Imagine the ego play of managing the team to 2020 Champions League final, then throw yourself on to score the winner in last 5 minutes. First player/manager to win the big one. Player and Manager of the Year Double? In your face Messi!

Plus he could keep playing for longer with less focus on playing every game and then continue giving his workrate example to the players. If your manager is training harder than you are, that’s got to sting you to action. Also, the club can keep selling Ronaldo shirts for longer. Maybe a line of branded, easy to remove CR7 suits for when he needs to pull the Superman, rip the shirt open to see a Utd jersey underneath etc. I mean it makes so little sense it all sort of makes sense. Or maybe its the heat. I dunno.

Might start to grate when he brings himself on for the glory every time but can’t have it all.
Tall Paul (AFC)


Ronaldo/Mbappe swap deal?
Cant see United getting Ronaldo, although i wouldn’t put it past the club who broke the transfer fee record for an academy graduate to try do it again for a 32-year-old club legend.

As good as he is, I can’t see anyone forking out nine figures for a 32 year old. He’ll guarantee you goals, but for how long is questionable, you cant predict how long a player will last in his 30’s. I reckon a £60-70m fee would be fair but with Madrids negotiators they’ll be pushing more towards £100m.

With Ronaldo wanting to get rid of his little tax issue and all these silly numbers being quoted for him, what are the chances that Monaco could put a cheeky bid of one Kylian Mbappe and get him for free.
Makes sense for everyone really. Madrid get a £100m player who now has a spot in the starting lineup, Monaco get one of the two best players in the world for no transfer fee so their football (business) model doesnt get broken and Ronaldo has no tax issues to worry about and a team that will be built around him.

He’s gonna go for free. United will offer a world record fee and he’ll go for free and it’ll be f*****g hilarious.
Andy, LFC, Australia


The idea of stopping the clock is a good one
Reducing football games from 90 to 60 is a wonderfully misleading headline that grabs attention and causes outrage; so, no wonder it’s been jumped on by media outlets everywhere.

Games are currently 90 minutes + injury time and within this the ball is ‘dead’ for about 20-30 minutes. Think fouls, throw ins, goal kicks, injuries etc.

What they want to do is stop the clock when the ball goes dead to discourage time wasting and provide transparency. If you followed this, but kept the game to 90 minutes then the game would be 100-110 minutes + which would causes endless problems with fatigue.

So this simple change is largely superficial, but cuts out time wasting, supports the referee and should in fact make the game faster and more exciting as it encourages a defending team to keep the ball in play. Maybe 60 minutes is to short and it should be 70 minutes, but the principle is sound, simple and totally effective.

Throw in the great rugby rule of the ball having to go out of play through an attacking error and let’s make it happen.
Tom Saints


Do I want the old Manchester City back? Oh no
A few years back, towards the end of Mancini and through Pellegrini, a little bit of me would have been tempted to have Man City go back to how we ‘used to be’, I even wrote in a few times about it. I was a bit unhappy with how Hughes and Mancini were given their marching orders, and some of the mercenary players who were turning out for us etc., Pellegrini’s vanilla personality and football.

However, I think the few good childhood memories that I was harking back to – the playoff final v Gillingham, Feeding the Goat, Kinkladze, the start of the first season at the Etihad etc., were a bit rose tinted. I had blocked out the grind of crap results and shit football that padded out those gleaming gems of memories, partly because I wasn’t enjoying the football.

Since Guardiola has joined us, something I was also unhappy about before it happened, watching City has been a total and utter f**king joy. My enjoyment of football has come flooding back. I could not and cannot understand the fans who were not happy with him last season at all – the idea he has underachieved etc. City are a lovely football team, and to be honest, I don’t think I would be bothered if he never won us a trophy if watching City every week continues to be this much fun. It’s like the golden old memories are already back… but without any grinding shit football or pain.

Franny Lee gave Manchester a toilet roll factory, and almost destroyed the club. City’s current owners have rebuilt a whole section of the city, and created a fantastic academy for our future. No contest there.

Would I take the old City back now? F**K NO. I would however swap the mentality of some of our current fanbase with that of yesteryear, if it meant we would be able to keep Guardiola and his joyous brand of football around for a few extra seasons.
Ben (if Ronaldo needs a lift to OT, happy to oblige), MCFC


More underrated goals
Here is my favourite underrated goal from Dragan Stojkovic against Spain. This has to be the coolest finish ever. I remember my brother and I being gutted this wasn’t deemed worthy of our Italia 90 highlights video we got that Christmas. I’m still sure it was better than Mark Wright’s header against Egypt that made the cut.

David Williams


…Wednesday legend Lee Briscoe (who?) scored the goal of his career, no life against Arsenal in 98. Lovely first touch and a finish to match! Pity a certain Di Canio push in that game stole all the headlines. Was the bloody winner to.

Poor Lee
Luke Dublin


…This absolute beaut from Mario Stanic vs West Ham, think it was opening game of the season. I was 11 at the time sat basically where the camera is.

Flick up to himself, two keepy uppy touches and bang. Also from when we were sexy and fun before Abramovich took over.

Jimmy (sunburnt) Shaw


A fair point on WAG galleries
Anonymous questions if the newspapers are doing anything wrong by objectifying women. Putting aside his claim of career assistance by said papers, how about this as another reason not to print them: You’re a f**king newspaper and putting up a gallery of 20 pics of a girl on the beach isn’t f**king news whichever way you want to dress it up.

Kindest regards.
AS Camden

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