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Date published: Wednesday 16th September 2015 10:14

United’s best performance of the season, get well soon Luke Shaw, the fallacy of Champions League know-how, Gerrard undermining Rodgers and some Huddersfield Town conclusions. It’s an excellent morning Mailbox…


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United’s Best Performance?
I’ve slept on it, and I’m sure will widely be ridiculed in the afternoon mailbox as been on cloud cuckoo, but I thought last night was one of our best performances this season. I know this seems van Gaal delusional but I’ll try and explain why.

* It was great to finally see us playing with two Pacey wingers and Mata at 10. I disagree with Scholes and actually think Mata had quite a good game, he was a lot more involved than usual and should have got himself a goal. I hope he stays in that position.

* Martial looked good too. Was prepared to run in behind and also looks physically like he’ll be up to the premier league. Nice to have some pace up front, combined with power, haven’t had that since Ronaldo.

* Smalling again looked assured at the back (laugh away at this statement as we conceded two goals). I think he’s really growing into a decent centre back and was glad to see him carry the ball out from the back on a couple of occasions.

* Gutted for Luke Shaw, has been our best player this season and I think that will likely rule him out for the Euros too baring a miracle. Really hope he comes back the same player. That said, left back is one position where we do have options and I think Blind is a much better left back than centre defender or midfielder.

* It’s a wake up call, Wolfsburg won’t be easy but everyone had gladly announced what an easy group United had, hopefully now they will be better prepared for the next few games.

* Nice to see Van Gaal go with an ‘attacking’ CM pairing.\
Jack, Whaley Bridge



The Results Pales Into Insignificance
Don’t really give a sh*t about the result to be honest, just feel bad for Shaw. I know it’s not the worst thing going on in the world, but it is always sad to see a serious injury to someone when they are just playing a game.
Matt, Manchester


The result really doesn’t matter on occasions like this.

Get well soon Luke.
Sean Gorman. (Gutted for Luke, on a personal level, not a footballing one) MUFC. Ireland



Gutted for Shaw, and England
Last night was a bad night for football. One of England’s most exciting prospects suffered a horrific injury, effectively ruling him out of next year’s European Championships and putting serious question marks over his future career. Not only that but the referee inexplicably allowed the player who committed the challenge allowed to escape any punishment whatsoever on the night, and FIFA’s nonsensical ruling on retrospective punishment means that he will walk away from it scot-free. Both Hector Moreno and the referee from last night’s game should face lengthy bans for their part in last night’s events, but it won’t happen – thanks to Sepp. To add insult to injury (literally), Moreno, who unquestionably should have been sent off for that horrendous challenge, went on to have a major effect on the game – scoring the equaliser (and celebrating remorselessly) just before half-time.

I really hope Luke Shaw makes a full and speedy recovery, but you have to wonder whether he’ll ever be the same after an injury like that. It’s such a shame because, after all his injury/fitness troubles last season, he had started this season excellently and was probably our best player thus far. I’d also like to applaud the classy gesture from Southampton, who sent him their good wishes via Twitter last night; it would have been easy enough to say nothing at all so it’s nice to see that partisan politics can be put aside every now and then. Get well soon, Luke.
Ted, Manchester



Get Well Soon, From Everyone
Firstly I sincerely wish Luke Shaw a full and speedy recovery. It was a horrendous tackle and no player and I mean no player should have to suffer for such recklessness.

I also hope there are no malicious posts or comments from anyone just because he is a Man Utd player. It’s just a game and it could literally be career ending.

Anyway I hope the fans of every club can wish him well and hope he makes a full recovery.
Ash, LFC


Footballers these days earn astronomical wages, its outrageous money when we think of it. I never feel sorry for them because of this, until last night. I felt a pang of pure sorrow as I saw Luke Shaw being taken off on that stretcher and inhaling the oxygen to numb the pain. This is a player who took a fitness coach on holidays with him this year and trained up to three times a day whilst on holiday to get fit for the season. He was United’s stand out player so far this season.

The break reminded me of the one suffered by Larsson many years ago, and he was successful in his return. Hopefully Shaw can do the same.
Ciarán, Ireland (Rojo in at centre half now. Trouble looms!) Dundalk FC.



City: The fallacy of know-how
Yet again, Manchester City fails to shine in Europe to be followed by, yet again, reports containing the argument that the Sky Blues lost to a team with “greater know-how” in the competition.

There is no doubting the pedigree and history of Juventus; a team that thrives in adversity. Yet, this notion of City having less competition nous and intelligence just baffles my noggin.

This is a team containing Champions League winners, World Cup winners and full internationals with plenty of experience playing in the Champions league individually. It isn’t even a question of a lack of team cohesion because the core of this team (as well as most other positions, excepting maybe Sterling, Bony and De Bruyne) has been together for some years now.

On top of this, they are not managed by some two-bit tin-top astrologer of a manager. Manuel Pellegrini has CL experience with Villareal and Malaga (who were robbed) as well being at the helm of the arguably biggest, baddest club in the world, Real Madrid. Despite not having a lot of trinkets, he is clearly acknowledged as having the experience and ability to manage at the top level.

So how is it again, that this team can be considered having less “competition know-how”? They didn’t have league-winning-know-how either but they just went out and whipped out that glorious Aguero moment to win the title anyways.

I mean it simply looks like City has often just not played well enough or the manager goofed up on the tactics (remember the 4-4-2 against Barcelona) when CL comes around. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one.

Maybe a more knowledgeable, more enlightened person can explain what this “champions league” know-how consists of?



All Part Of The Masterplan
Just a quick point, does anyone feel that City’s master plan in the Champions League is to lower the Premier League coefficient so only three teams qualify and United miss out?

Can’t see any other reason why they play sh*t in Europe.
Ahmed El Hawary



Why Did BT Sport Show Shaw Replay?
Don’t know whether it’s BT Sport or someone else controlling the cameras and replays but they deserve to be castigated for showing the replay of Luke Shaw’s injury, you could tell his leg was out of shape from a) the odd angle it was at as he lay on the pitch and b) the reaction of the players around him. I was sickened to my core when I saw the replay.

Anyway get well soon Luke, you’ve been a bright light in out season so far and I hope you’re back in our side before the season is out, you deserve your chance to strut your stuff in the euros.
Mark (missed Mephis’s goal writing this…you can replay that) Endicott, MUFC



Is Gerrard Deliberately Undermining Rodgers?
Just a quick thought but is Gerrard on a mission to undermine Rodgers now he’s left the club? The whole speaking to potential transfer targets really does make Rodgers look pathetic, an acne covered teenager asking his confident mate to talk to the pretty girls on his behalf. Pretty fitting analogy from Rodgers I think. Can you tell I’ve finally given up in him?
Paul, LFC, Cavan



Huddersfield Conclusions
Hi Winty,

For some complicated reason involving AFC Wimbledon vs Plymouth, a friend from Australia and a spare Tuesday evening I found myself at Charlton vs Huddersfield yesterday.

As you’re stuck in Yorkshire and probably don’t get to come see us in the provinces I thought I’d check in and let you know how you’re shaping up. So here’s my conclusions, (I made it into the ground 1 minute before kick off and didn’t have cash for a programme)

– Miller is an absolute beast. I love him. He worked so hard and is so massive.

– number 7 ran a lot and always in a straight line, I liked that.

– I can’t believe you’ve had the worst start for 18 years, you looked very organised and solid, you’ll be fine.

– the goalkeeper is excellent at trolling the crowd

– Dean Whitehead! As if he still exists! He was class though.

– good noise from the Town fans

– Huddersfield is the biggest town in England

Thanks, glad to help
Matthew (the Charlton number 9 was the worst player I’ve ever seen)



Iago: From Barcelona?
Am I the only one imagining him as Manuel from Fawlty Towers?
James, Geneva



Spurs Are Like The Yardbirds
Tottenham are like The Yardbirds – the lineup is always changing, they can play some really good stuff when they want to, and they’ve had some incredible world-reknowned stars play with them. Unfortunately those stars are always moving on to another group to really do their best work and win their highest plaudits.
Matt, (Suarez, Alonso, Mascherano… Hold on a sec…) LFC

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