Mails: Van Gaal shouldn’t be micro-managed

Date published: Thursday 3rd September 2015 1:20

Trust him to do his job, says one Mailboxer. Also: Aren’t Man City short for strikers? And more on weird transfer rumours, with a staunch defence of Arsene Wenger…

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Voice Of Reason
Is comparing Man Utd vs Liverpool squads now a thing?

We’re both fighting for 4th to 7th anyway.
Colin (I despair…), Hampshire


Martial Flaw
Martial, where do you play?

– In the centre, Boss.

– You can play a number of positions! Have you thought about right back?

F**k off Louis. I’ve decided, it’s time – you can go.

The juxtaposition of arrogance and incompetence with him is crazy. Klopp or Don Carlo please!
Silvio Dante



We Had A Lot Of These
No, CJR, Ex-AFC, just no.

I became a Manchester City fan at the height of Swales’ rule (no idea why, it just seemed right to me), and my first match was a League Cup match in 1982, so all I knew was Swales’ City. Of course at the time I was unaware of the mass protests and how much he was ruining the club, but over time I came to understand.

I stayed loyal.

Then it got much worse, and worse still once he finally walked away and our Knight in Shining Armour came riding in, in the shape of Franny Lee, and took us straight into the third tier of football.

I stayed loyal.

We had no European football; hell, our local derby was against Stockport County for goodness sake! No money, no hopes, no dreams; nothing. But I still remained a proud Blue. But you? Ticket prices aside (I agree with you on that one), Arsenal are still a massive club that can do things. Sure, Wenger and co. should have bought big during the window, but you use this as an excuse to walk away and become a neutral? Had you have been a Blue all those years ago, would you have left us, unlike the fans who remained loud and proud? 32,000 vs Blackpool in the third tier on the opening day of the season. Owners, managers, and players come and go, but we, the fans, will always be there … well, perhaps not you.

Go give our head a wobble.
Mike D



…Are fans like CJR Jim White’s greatest legacy? Imagine basing who you support on how your team performed in the transfer window…

It must be so frustrating not winning the window and having to contend with those two FA Cups you’ve just won in a row.
SH, London



You, sir, are everything that’s wrong with the modern football fan.
Aidan, EFC, Redditch


…Dear CJR,

Don’t the let door hit your arse on the way out.
Dom, Still a gooner

Hey CJR – we didn’t give up supporting Arsenal when George Graham bought Chris Kiwomya from Ipswich Town and we’re not about to give up now.

You say you’re from a family of Chelsea fans, so why don’t you p*ss off to Stamford Bridge. Sounds like you’ll be right at home with Mourinho, Abramovich and Diego Costa, you certainly don’t deserve Arsene Wenger.
Nico (Never emailed before, but this guy….) Arsenal season ticket holder.



LVG Shouldn’t Be Micro-Managed
Yes, there were gaping holes in the form of strikers and center back required by Utd and it was obvious to us all. Yes, we expected them to be filled and now feel bitter at not being satisfied. But what cannot be denied is that LVG has been brutally honest about his assessment (whose merit we might debate) to his players.

According to numerous players both within the team now and those who left, there has been an admission that LVG told them what he expected in no uncertain terms. It is obvious that he expects something from his players and has the right to demand so and therefore reject them if his terms are not met. He is there to run the show and while we may say that the show is bad but we certainly cannot take away his autonomy to choreograph it. Big balls or not he is demanding a style of play and is right to snub players (who are ‘professionals’ by the way!), sell them or deny them their superstardom on training pitches.

Players like Chicharito, Angel Di Maria, Valdes etc. have come out with statements and letters where they have either snubbed him or talked about their personal clashes. I love all of the above players but they have went about it all wrong. I realize that they are human and can lash out and that monetary compensation cannot be a substitute for emotional security but they are adults who should have found better ways to vent their anger rather than unsettling the team they left with bitter comments and further making the fans anxious.

The point is that LVG is there to do a job and I trust he has his heart in it. One may choose to call him a scoundrel or arrogant or anything more fancy but panicking and putting pressure on him to do his job in a certain way is neither advisable nor preferable. The results are not completely satisfactory but we are in the same boat together and the least we could do is stay united and trust the captain. Agitating doesn’t work and neither does micro managing thing. I am just hoping to either sink or swim but together.
Anand, MUFC



In Defence Of Arsene
I get so irate at people who complain about Wenger’s (frugal, penny-pinching etc) mentality and being turned away by Wenger etc. You were probably not a true fan of club anyway. Shut up, sit down and accept the mentality. Firstly, do you people forget that it’s Wenger’s very mentality that was key in the move to Emirates, and stability and sustainability of club thereafter. A move that has transformed Arsenal to one of the very few mega-clubs in world football. So shut up, sit down and appreciate that mentality. You could argue that mentality should shift and evolve over time, yes, but I still appreciate and want a manager who appreciates value in all his dealings. With all our financial clout, we are still not the behemoth that is Man Utd, Real or Barcelona etc etc. Arsenal, for the sake of sustainability, cannot throw (away) £25m at a problem, eg like Utd did with RvP, even for the on-field success it MIGHT, yes….MIGHT, bring – we just won’t! So to purchase a supposedly “world class striker” for and “lose” out on potentially £50m for POTIENTIALLY winning the league or UCL is not the Wenger way (or the Arsenal way for that matter – if we are looking to attain a sustainable business model). Not buying this recognised “world class striker” is a gamble, just as much as splashing money on a player is a huge gamble. It’s not like Wenger has not gambled on recognised world class talent before, but Wenger being Wenger, he won’t do it willy nilly and won’t do it all the time to appease our short-term desire for success over long-term balancing of books (and the long-term success that should follow). So shut up, sit down, accept and appreciate the mentality!

In seasons past, our biggest issue was losing our star players year in, year out. Since the (Eurpoean) summer of 2013, this has stopped. Half the problem solved. We are even in a position where we are keeping our more talented fringe players (Wilshere, Ox, Walcott etc etc). All this goes to building a strong squad…yes, squad. We have even added genuine world class quality in Ozil and Sanchez. I think people are very quick to forget that in last two seasons our title challenges faded not due to lack of this much fabled world class striker but other issues. In 2013/14, it was our away day blues in big games and losing bottle that undid us. We led league for the longest period during season due to all-round team contribution to goals etc (Ramsey in particular being on fire) – and Arsene has called on more goals from team as a whole, no? In 2014/15, our disastrous first half of season, due to poor overall defence cost us league. Problem was solved; recalling Coq – check, purchasing Gabriel for depth etc – check, signing world class ‘keeper – Cech (see what I did there?). In second half of season, this same team that lacks this much fabled world class striker accumulated as many points as eventual league winners. Given this, is it foolish for Wenger to think that this team, that has retained its star player named Cohesion’inho (see what I did there? Am here all week ☺), can sustain a challenge? Look, I do think we need some cover at DM and having this fabled world class striker would not hurt us at all and would be very welcome. However, I don’t really get this backlash over transfer inactivity and clamour for this much fabled world class striker.
KT Mokhele (Call Me Wenger Loyalist If You May, Gooner to the Death), Johannesburg



Aren’t City Short?
Much is being made of the fact United are a little light up front. Having sold Van Persie and Hernandez and chosen not to buy Falcao, leaving them with Rooney, an academy prospect with only a handful of games, a big haired midfielder being used a target man up front and a untested teenager brought for a gazillion pounds who could very well be lining up out wide, it is hard for any United fan not to feel concern. However, a quick look at our neighbours in blue leaves me wondering why the same isn’t being said of them? Aguero, who is undoubtedly a lot better than Rooney, also appears to be made of china and rarely lasts a season without some kind of injury. Bony, who is out with a slight issue at present, is his backup up front. Apart from that they are left with young untested players to play number 9. Now, even as a proud red tinted glasses wearing biased red, I know Aguero is a far better player than Rooney upfront – his movement alone is far superior. However, by letting Dzeko go, in the same way we let Van Persie go, are they also taking a huge risk that Aguero lasts the whole season? Or, by spending millions on two players that have undoubtedly improved their attack, have they masked this possible weak area in terms of number of personnel? This isn’t a swipe at City, just something I noticed whilst looking at Fantasy Football transfers (as you do) the other day.
John (Having sort of praised City, I need a long shower to wash the dirt off) Morgan, Kingsbury



Hissy Fit
I don’t know why Nick Miller wants Berahino to throw a hissy fit.

Van Gaal does it almost everyday and with a new person each time.
Girish (and it gets funnier and funnier), AFC, Chennai



Best Ever Transfer Rumour
This only just popped into my head but it’s international break so…

What’s the best transfer rumour you’ve ever heard? In fact I don’t think anyone can ever beat the one I heard when I was at school in about 1997 – there was a rumour going around that Newcastle were going to sign Tiger Woods! The explanation being that he was a supreme athlete who was great at every sport.

Kevin G



…In 1998 for some reason I really wanted Liverpool to sign Taribo West.

It might have been his performances for Nigeria(Probably not) or his amazing hair (much more likely). It might have been because my Mum perked up when he was on screen!

Quite likely it was because Liverpool’s defence consisted of the likes of Phil Babb and Bjorn Tore Kwame. He was linked with Liverpool and I was very excited. I was only young and believed stuff I read back then. We did sign Rigobert Song instead which cheered me up somewhat from the disappointment… for a while.

But having remembered this due to the mailbox it made me decide to look up what became of Taribo. Some interesting articles about how he was 10 years older then he claimed to be for most of his career came up. Then I read much more about this and why so many African “youngsters” don’t live up to their potential. They have a real age and a “football playing age” and this has led to Fifa to use magnetic resonance imaging to check players ages. When some nations found this out the did scans themselves and 15 players were quickly dropped from Nigeria’s youth squad. They were not the only country by any means. Reports a few years ago claimed that retrospective analyses of the previous three Under-17 World Cups showed more than a third of all players were too old. How crazy is all this and how did I not know about any of it. Kanu rumours apart…

Has this gone away now as a problem?

Anyway after the heartbreak the next player I really wanted Liverpool to sign was Kewell…I now never get excited about transfers.
Dan T


‘Arry On
Is T’riffic ‘Arry making a play for the [soon to be vacant, possibly] Liverpool hotseat with his bang average comments?

I cannot wait for Nigel Quashie and the inevitable relegation. What a f*cking relic.
Gregory Whitehead, LFC


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