Mails: Vardy is striker upgrade on Theo/Welbeck

Date published: Sunday 5th June 2016 12:02

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Vardy at Man United? No thank you…
Just read your article about Zlatan and Vardy signing for the wrong clubs in regards to United and Arsenal.

It’s a bit of a pointless article as Zlatan would obviously be brilliant at either United or Arsenal, even if he doesn’t score the volume of goals he has done at PSG over the last few years.

There is also the lingering suspicion that, despite having a great season, Vardy is actually a bit sh!t. As a United fan, I wouldn’t wish him anywhere near Old Trafford if I’m being honest. At the same time, I genuinely believe he is nowhere near good enough to play for Arsenal.

To summarise, Zlatan is very good and United or Arsenal would be very lucky to have him. Vardy is sh!t and is at his level at Leicester.
Kev The Clarke, MUFC (I’m aware that Leicester are champions, but there’s also the suspicion that they’ve also had a great season but are actually a bit sh!t) Skem


Backing Arsenal’s move for Vardy
Couple of points in response to your excellent, but partly incorrect article on Vardy’s (potential) transfer to Arsenal.

– Yes, we do have a lot of the possession and on paper, you’d think this means that a striker will have fewer opportunities to get in behind the defence. Anecdotally, I can recall numerous occasions where Welbeck/Walcott had no such issue, with their pace and movement up front typically causing the opposition defence to move out of position and create space for others. Problem with Welbeck was that his first touch and finishing would often let him down, and Walcott’s ability to actually play football made it difficult to align with the style that Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla and co are accustomed to. I believe that Vardy, with endless service from Ozil/Cazorla etc., will not only get in behind the defence, but also has the intelligence to make runs that create space for others.

– Xhaka is a significant upgrade on Drinkwater. Imagine the passing range between him and Cazorla? With Vardy’s and Sanchez’s pace, and the aforementioned duo’s ability to hit long balls from deep, there will be opportunities to replicate some aspects of Leicester’s play. On an unrelated note, I think Xhaka (6ft 3) was signed so that we are not forced to field a big guy up front – whenever Walcott played in place of Giroud, we looked slightly more fragile, missing the Frenchman’s height during defensive set-pieces.

– A fair amount of Vardy’s goals were actually supplied from the wings. Admittedly, I’ve watched a few youtube videos on ‘VARDY BEST GOALS, SKILLS AND ASSIST 2016 HD’. It’s hard to deny that Vardy’s movement around the six-yard box when his teammates are working something on the wing is akin to RVP of 2011-12. Bellerin/Monreal are both full-backs that are known for their attacking influence on a game, with both regularly supplying crosses/passes from the flanks/byline. I don’t think it’s crazy to say that Vardy’s movement and Arsenal’s wingers/fullbacks will result in a fair few tap ins from the saix-yard box?

– Lastly, much is made of Vardy’s age, but let’s not forget that Ian Wright came late to the game as well (I believe his first season in the top flight came when he was 28?). Before Arsenal started buying beast players like Baptista/Chamakh/Adebayor/Giroud, we did have a system where players often scored goals after coming in behind the defence.

I have a sneaky little feeling that Vardy up front at Arsenal could actually work.
Pany (Just another eternally optimistic Arsenal fan)


…First of all the Vardy transfer is a great deal for Arsenal; we get a championship-winning English striker who is in the form of his life and for only £20m (in today’s market, that’s one hell of a deal). The naysayers say he doesn’t fit our style but heck, Wenger was about to change our style to fit Wally up top so why won’t a goalscoring equivalent of Wally work?

Secondly I love Giroud aka Handsome French bloke but when he is good he is wonderful and when he is bad he is so damn terrible. He is getting a lot of stick from French Fans and the press because of how terrible he can be and even though I hope he proves them wrong, I think they are right. He has scored a lot recently for France but you can just see that when the pressure really starts at the Euros, there is a huge probability that he will hide, shrink and be terrible. Until he begins to handle the pressure better he will never become more than what he is now.

Finally the other options are nice and maybe we will still add more this season or the next but Wenger said he needs a 20-goal Prem striker which means he wants someone that knows the Prem right now and the best option is Vardy. He can compliment Giroud and will not need any time to adapt. Lukaku is an option as well but he can be more erratic than Giroud.
Doherty (please sign Rodriguez wenger) Deshope


…So the big news is that Vardy may be on to Arsenal and some folks are trying to figure this out. But I think it is simple, Theo is out. Vardy supplies the same speed, better finishing, is more direct and is stronger on the ball. This would not alleviate the need for a striker who can create his own chances, but I’m on board.
David O, California


A swap deal?
Should Arsenal get Vardy, does it not make sense to trade for Theo? Arsenal get an upgrade and Leicester get another speed merchant determined to prove himself?

Wages might be an issue though…
Stefan CF London


No tears shed by this Leicester fan…
Firstly, Vardy has been brilliant for us this season. First class and will never be forgotten.

However, as news of his impending move to Arsenal gets more real, I find myself not particularly sad to see him go. I’ve always found the racism, swearing at the ref, me me me attitude to be deplorable. As a person, I can’t stand him and find him difficult to support. I’m almost pleased he’s leaving, as I don’t want the above issues to be associated with my club, regardless of our success. It’s been an easy stick to throw at Leicester all season, and I’m pleased we’ll be rid of it.

Mahrez, Fuchs, Morgan, etc all seem like great people off the pitch. I’d be much sadder if any of them were to leave.

Best of luck to Vardy with Arsenal, you won’t ever be forgotten at Leicester. You don’t score the goals he has without real talent, so I’ll expect him to be a success there.
Toby (champions) Mitchell


Vardy? Why not buy Mahrez?
Arsenal are going to buy Vardy, really??

If they’re going to shop in the Leicester aisle, you’d think that Arsenal would pick up Mahrez not Vardy. Mahrez is fast, highly skillful, deadly, and fills a right-sided hole for Arsenal that has bits of Theo, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere, Wellbeck, Iwobi and Campbell in it.

Getting Vardy over Mahrez is like going to the butcher for a steak and coming back with a hamburger.
Matthew (ITFC)


Where will Giroud go? Well…
Some things in life make sense. Maths. Gravity. Punching a police horse after your team loses a derby. These are all logical inevitabilities. While walking home from work today I had one of those eureka moments you so often hear about (apologies mailbox if someone has beaten me to the punch on this), but surely, with just the slightest push and a nudge transferically speaking, Olivier Giroud moving to Everton is the most logical inevitability that could ever occur (see also: Gylfi Sigurdsson to Leicester).

With all of the paper talk surrounding the future of Romelu Lukaku, Vardy to Arsenal, potentially Koeman taking charge at Everton, the stars are lining up for it. Giroud is the only player in the Premier League who can match Lukaku’s love for a hot streak followed by the most barren of spells (sorry Daniel Storey).

Now that Bobby ‘Football’ Martinez has gone and Koeman may come in, the smooth football with a ‘big’ man up top suits the Giroud game perfectly. He loves a flick and getting other players involved, he might make Ross Barkley into the player that people think Ross Barkley is if he just gets in and around him (maybe not actually in him, I know he’s handsome but a 3pm kick-off is before the watershed). Lennon will take the winger Theo Walcott role, basically the plot of Speed but replace bus with legs and bomb with brain. Niasse will take the striker Theo Walcott role, the footballing equivalent of asterisking out the c in fu*k.

Giroud will morph into some superhuman/hairstyle combo of his current self and Graziano Pelle, all the while Seamus Coleman will maintain his status as the pasty Hector Bellerin. The main sticking point is I have no idea how much a Giroud costs, £15 million seems low, £20 million seems high, but for a striker who will score 15-18 goals every season until he dies it’s not a bad compromise. He mightn’t be good enough to win the league, he’s absolutely good enough to finish 4-9th. Most of all, it means Arsenal might sign someone else to play up front instead of Jamie Vardy.
David (imagine the fake injury finger-snap battle between Giroud and Lovren in the merseyside derby), Dublin AFC


Rooney is no No. 10
Who are the best number 10s in the Premier League? Probably Ozil and Silva. What are Ozil and Silva best at? Passing. What can Rooney not do? See or thread short passes – never has done, at 30 never will do. What can Rooney do? Finish and some long passes/crosses.

Rooney should never ever play at no 10 or in a deep midfield role. He should be a central striker as first position. As we have better players in this position now he should play as a hardworking wide midfielder or striker, like Welbeck, responsible for closing down and putting in decent crosses/cross-field passes, a bit like Beckham.

Please, no more mails from anyone that says Rooney at number 10. He is not even close to Ozil and Silva.
Robert Pynor


Watch Denmark v Croatia from Euro 96 and drool…
Can I just say, as a dual citizen of Jamaica and the UK (in football terms, f**ked), that amidst all this back-and-forthing over Kane and Vardy, Kane or Vardy, diamonds or lines or whatever bruv (where’s a good thayden rant when you need one), BT sport showed a replay of Denmark v Croatia from Euro 96 last night. Holy f**kburgers, what a performance from the Croats, and more importantly, what a line-up for those, like me, who need to escape the modern-day game every now and then to maintain their passion for the luverly game.

I mean, in many instances when I’ve rewatched older games I’ve been left a bit disappointed. Trust me, rewatch that amazing Brasil 2-3 Italy game from WC 1982 and your childhood memories will be swiftly shot down like an 8-bit duck on Nintendo. The misplaced passes, the lack of urgency, Socrates doing heroin on the pitch, etc, will give you more appreciation for today’s game, but I was not disappointed with this one, oh no.

Firstly, the line-ups contained a combined number of world soccer legends such as Schmeichel, M. Laudrup, Boban, Suker and PROSINECKI! Just to hear the commentator say those names brought goosebumps.

Secondly, Croatia were playing the type of football that Barca would be proud of in today’s game. Neat, quick passes, attacking movement, and tricky-but-effective flicks ‘n’ s**t. It was beautiful football. All across the land, thousands of James Richardson supporting puristas were Cummings all over themselves.

Thirdly, the goals. Jesus Christ. The defence and goalkeeper splitting cross by Suker for Boban to not do a Darren Bent was good. The attempted long-range lob from Suker that Schmeichel had to scramble and save on his line was better (even if it wasn’t a goal) but the Anelka-esque chip from Suker to seal the deal was the best. It actually looked a bit flukey, in the way that a 10-year-old would just stab his foot at it and hope for the best but all intentional. F**king awesome.

So, I’m about to head down to the bookies (old school like that) and put a bet on big Croatia or Hamsic’s mohawk to win the Euros, coz, you know, I’m feeling good. I guess my point is, let’s all be positive going into this tourney and hope for some memorable games!!
DS United


Thierry: Worth all that money
Re. the Thierry Henry ‘Football people on TV’ article, I really must disagree with Johnny Nic on something – that footage of Thierry doing a David Walliams impersonation and squeezing Carra’s leg most certainly is worth four million of someone else’s money. Full marks to Carra for taking it like a man too, albeit a confused and distressed man in a very tight three-piece suit. He looked like a brickie’s labourer who’s turned up to a wedding only to discover it’s a same-sex couple.
Olly, Brisbane


Willian, it’s time to cut your hair
I read the other day about players who look ridiculous in their bleached blonde hair with Aaron Ramsey being the latest casualty. Looking good in a particular hairstyle is all good and dandy but I think that you also have to consider how your hairstyle may be slowing down your performance on the pitch. So I think if Mourinho’s pursuit of Willian is successful, I think his first task would be to order Willian into a barber shop to get rid of his ridiculous mop of hair. I find it increasingly funny every time I see Willian attempt to sprint with the ball while his long hair provides drag, slowing him down. If Willian hopes to be a true box-to-box midfielder, shaving that silly mop of hair would be a good start.

Any recommended hairstyle(s) for Willian? I think a pointed MoHawk similar to Jesse Lingaard’s would be ideal as it would provide the aerodynamics for Willian to improve his sprint.
Keg Baridi (pitching for the Man United barber position) Nairobi, Kenya


What the mailbox can do to you…
Awesome site guys!!!

Anyways wanted to know if anyone else in the mailbox have started checking results for Zweigen Kanazawa…in J2 league after a bloke mentioned that Romario’s grown up baby’ plays for them?

Errm…no I suppose.
Vamsi (MUFC)

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