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Date published: Tuesday 21st November 2017 2:37

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Welbeck > Sturridge
Of England forwards still playing, only Crouch and Defoe have scored more than Welbeck.

If Welbeck is fit and playing he gets picked before Sturridge every time.

Welbeck, who apparently doesn’t score goals has 15 England goals to Sturridge’s 8.
Graham Simons, Gooner , Norf London


To Peter… ‘Sturridge to West Ham in January’

To quote: “Failed at big club(s) striker seeks failed at big club manager for final chance to prove doubters on all sides wrong – Surely right?”

Has Sturridge really ‘failed’ at big club, i.e. Liverpool?

48 league goals in 98 games – despite being made of balsa wood, you consider this as failure? Runner-up for Golden boot in 13-14 (only behind Suarez).

If you call this failure, that is one tight ship you run fella.
Paul, London.


Fergie II
“…making the jump from the Dons to the top flight in England seems a huge leap.”

It does seem like a big ask. Unlikely a manager could make that jump, then go onto be a success…
Mike, LFC, Dubai (tongue firmly in cheek)


Drop Dele
“To reiterate, this is no crisis. Alli is a fabulous player”

Please can I ask how you came to this conclusion? So far, all Dele Alli has shown that he is petulant, immature and believes his own hype. He scored a couple of good goals in his breakthrough season and you call him a “fabulous player” and that “there is no crisis”. Francis Jeffers was also a fabulous player at that age yet somehow he didn’t quite make the grade. Why not give players time to prove themselves before doing that most English of things of putting high on a pedestal ready to be shot down by our polemic society?

How about – “Dele is a good player, potentially a great one, but if he doesn’t knuckle down and improve his form, he will go the way of Michael Johnson.” ?

What grates with me about Alli is that everyone seems to already have him starting at the World Cup despite having proven NOTHING. What I’ve learned from watching Spurs is that when Dele plays well, Spurs play well. It is this reliance on someone so young and unproven that I believe is weighing on his shoulders and is stopping Spurs from getting to the next level because they rely on him too much. I predict an England failure at the world cup with Dele Alli being the prime recipient of most of the vitriol if he keeps playing like this.

Poch needs to take him out of the team and get someone else in like Son for a few games. See how he reacts. Only then will people be able to judge whether he is a “fabulous” player or not. Right now, we need to get off his back and let him prove himself again. By that I mean stop saying how brilliant he is because it’s working negatively for him.

Fat Man Scouse


Sissoko short
We need to talk about Moussa Sissoko and how Poch plays him.

I know it looks great on the highlights reel, bombing down the right wing, with some suggestion of a deliberate tactic, however, there are a couple of truisms to be addressed.

Spurs score goals in two basic ways. Go wide and cross early from the wing-backs, or go through Christian Eriksen.

The role of the Spurs central midfielders is to get the ball, retain the ball, and give it to Eriksen. Playing right wing is not within this remit. Vacating the central midfield arena is not within this remit. Spurs played with one central midfielder against Arsenal and were punished, not only from a lack of control but from Eriksen not getting the ball in the opposition half.

It was very noticeable when Winks came on that Eriksen was suddenly in the game. The future of the Spurs midfield is Winks and Dembele, with Wanyama and Dier providing some beef as needed. Sissoko just left them short.

As for Spurs continuing to play 3 central defenders as they chased the game, we’ll leave that for another time.
Matthew (ITFC)


The problem with Spurs
As I was mentioned by name (fame at last!), I felt compelled to respond to Micki‘s contribution to the mailbox.

The point about pulling not the ‘foul’ that leading Dean to give the free kick is a fair one. I think that is why he made the decision. Except the footage shows the two Sanchez’s competing fairly. So it’s just a different thing Dean got wrong. Anyway, to bring this incredibly tedious debate to a close, I just wanted to clarify that I don’t believe – nor did I infer – bias on Dean’s part. I think, and still think, he got it wrong. An allegation of incompetence does not have to contain an inference of bias. I had forgotten about the Vertonghen ‘foul’ on Ozil. It was definitely not a free kick and Spurs got lucky. More evidence that Dean had a poor game. Please god let’s leave it there.

I was more interested in the point about Spurs fans wanting to have it ‘both ways’ with regards to talking up Spurs (we speak as one of course – all of us did this) pre-match and then referencing the squad depth post-match. With all due respect, I think the nuance is easier to locate here than my fellow MC is suggesting. Spurs have the lowest wage bill of the top 6 and the smallest squad. Spurs also have one of the strongest first XI’s with Pochettino being a big reason for this, hence the regard in which he is held. (As for the new Ferguson? Oh please. Neither I nor any Spurs fan I have encountered has said anything like this. It’s easy to mock people when you put words in their mouth.)

A very good team and a very small squad means the team will compete with the very best whilst the squad will come short. That’s the conflict at the very heart of where Spurs are. That’s interesting and an understanding of Tottenham – if one is genuinely persuing such a thing – requires an understanding of that.

These things are self-evident and neutrals can independently verify them for themselves. It doesn’t have a thing to do with what any Spurs fan says. That’s boring and wastes time that could be spent on actual debate.

I have trouble believing anybody thinks that if Spurs had a stronger mentality then the ground would be built and paid for faster so let’s leave that stuff for the playground where it belongs.

My original irritation stemmed from 16 Conclusions playing the man not the ball with regards to talking about Spurs fans and not actual football and the same thing seems to be happening here.
(Presumably still) Annoying Spurs Fan


Back in your box, Spurs
Firstly, thanks to F365 for making a NLD mailbox so I didn’t have to read that (I rather read the bonus one) but all the other bitching over the match since has forced me to weigh in.

I see some Arsenal fans have rightly educated their fellow Londoners on some aspects of the rules (thank you) but Spurs fans need to stop their whining and await the days that maybe they can claim to be a bigger club. Right now they are definitely not. Just doing a quick bit of googling shows that last 10 games has Arsenal winning 4 to Spurs 2 & 4 draws. Spurs did manage to finish above Arsenal last season for the first time for about 20 years. Unfortunately there is no trophy for that so you’d better make your own (maybe there is a place nearby where Arsene makes his 4th place trophy?) or do it more consistently if you want some bragging rights.

I was also going to list the last few trophies each club won but that is a bit pointless. Arsenal have had a couple of cup wins of late and the odd community shield (you have to be in it to win it) while Spurs have had one solitary league cup win since the inception of the premier league. Despite not winning anything your manager thinks some of these trophies are beneath you – I think the word is ‘beyond’, not ‘beneath’.

And please, stop with the wage structure and transfer fees rubbish. If you want to win things you need to spend money (Leicester aside), You’ll struggle to find any City, Utd or Chelsea fans who really give 2 sh*ts how much money their club spend as long as they challenge for things. If your team is only in it for the money then forget about winning. Net spend is loser talk. Congrats for getting your players into a two legged shop window against Real Madrid this year, with another good performance you might make some money there…

But on a more positive note, you have some good players and play attractive football so enjoy it and try to win something instead of getting wound up all too easily.

You’re welcome,
Jon, Joburg


Almost that time
January transfer predictions? Only that every one of them will have ‘on loan until the end of the season’ tacked on the end of them.

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