Mails: Wenger too embedded for title bid

Date published: Wednesday 2nd September 2015 2:16

That’s one Mailboxer’s view. Also: Liverpool have a better squad than Man United for the first time since 1990, we get more ‘Over The Hill XIs’, and someone reveals a secret footballing love…

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…I assume that was ‘p*ssy Arsenal fans’ and not ‘p*ssy Arsenal fans’ in your headline this morning?
Paul Langton


Dear Arsene,

A word about resale value. When we sold 29 year old Van Persie to Man Utd for £24m , they wanted him for one thing. Make their team better and score the goals to win back the title, which he did, and they did.

Do you think that the United board and fans are bothered that they recouped little over 10% of that outlay in resale value 3 years later ?

Of course they’re bloody not !

I know £50m is a hell of a lot of money, but a quality 28 year old striker is priceless these days when winning titles and restoring reputations.

Just sayin’….
Salford ( perpetually face-palming..) Gooner


MORE Martial
In 2004, Manchester United broke the record for the most expensive teenager in football, by spending £27m (or so) on Wayne Rooney. This was done on the final day of the summer transfer window. His record in his two seasons with Everton were 17 in 77, a record that isn’t particularly outstanding for a forward, even taking into consideration the sub appearances. How is this different to the Martial signing.
John “does resolving the weak midfield indicate a poor transfer window for United?” Morgan, Kingsbury


Liverpool > United
Bobby, a United fan, should choose his battles a little more carefully on a morning when the dust is settling on United’s latest transfer catastrophe.

He claims United’s window has been better than Liverpool? Really? So let’s compare and contrast shall we. United have one recognised (and dysfunctional) striker on the books in Rooney. Liverpool have Benteke, Sturridge, Ings and Origi.

I’m not counting Fellaini or Depay as strikers, because they’re not, any more than Firmino – even though Firmino has a bigger claim as such, considering he was Brazil’s starting striker in the recent Copa America.

Bobby then claims United have midfield options that would walk into Liverpool’s team. Well fella, that is very much a two way stroll my friend. Are you telling me that Henderson wouldn’t walk into your team (and probably take the armband off Rooney while he’s at it). And just who in their right mind would choose an ageing, slowing, Carrick over the energiser bunny Milner? That’s before we even get to Coutinho.

I like both United’s fullbacks – although I’m pretty pleased with Liverpool’s purchases there too.

I could keep going but suffice to say, that for the first time since Liverpool last won the league, we finally have a bigger and better squad than United.

Which is shocking considering the quarter of billion pounds pumped into United over the last couple of years.
Sean (LFC)


Laughing At United
Remember back in 2012 when Gary Neville said you could tell the poorly run clubs by what they did on deadline day?

At the time it was an off-the-cuff remark meant to bait Liverpool fans after the whole Clint Dempsey debacle. Wonder if he’d stand by those words now that his club has exposed itself for the shambles that it is.

Bungling the De Gea move (protest it was Real all you want there but it takes 2 to tango) & flogging all their attackers to replace them, at an inflated cost, with an unproven Martial (who they hadn’t reportedly even been interested in up to that point).

If we’d done that, I’d think it was laughably bad & I’d rightly call them on it. Still… it’ll be fun to see Utd fans defend it.
Kris, LFC, Manchester


Wenger Too Embedded Into Arsenal To Challenge
Before I start, I’m not entirely sure I agree with the clamour for new signings at Arsenal, BUT If the story about Arsene refusing the Cavani transfer on account of re-sale value is true (which I actually doubt, but there you go), then it’s safe to say that he has become too embedded in this club to seriously challenge for the title ever again. It’s been widely written about on this website about how he is too loyal to his players to make sensible, cut-throat decisions about their futures (see Diaby and Denilson) and this is the same thing.

Do you think Jose Mourinho gives a flying f**k about how much money he makes for Chelsea in the net spend balance sheet? No. Which is why he happily spunks 25 million quid on Cuadrado on the off-chance that he might be any good, and then can fling him aside if he isn’t, knowing full well that it’s not his money, and he’ll be likely to be out of there before it makes any difference. Managers generally have a shelf life of about 2-3 years (being VERY generous), knowing that chairmen are fickle things who will sack them as soon as the results go awry. Hence, paying over the odds for a potentially game-changing player doesn’t matter a jot to them.

It reminds me of the scene in the film of The Damned United when the chairmen of Derby is having a go at Brian Clough about signing players over his head. I know it’s a semi-fiction story, but Clough was bothered about results on the pitch and not in the accounts. In reality Arsene has become manager and chairman all in one. Not a good look.
Andy Smith (Scunthorpe)


United Strikers
What happened?

Attacking players out: Van Persie, Falcao, Di Maria, Januzaj, Chichorito
Attacking players in: Memphis, Martial

Something went seriously wrong. The decision to sell Van Persie was always ridiculous, it now seems bizarre. The thought of relying on Rooney’s goals to shoot us to the title brings tears to my eyes. He won’t get us into the top 4.
Nebs, Johannesburg


Over The Hill XIs
In reply to Matt Pitt, Manchester City had a not so glorious period in the ‘noughties’ when we seemed to exclusively sign players well past their best. Kevin Keegan and Stuart Pearce together managed to sign this lot of over ripe fruit between 2001 and 2006. God those were awful times, only slightly blurred by excessive drinking to get through it.


Manager: Keegan/Pearce
Andy D, Manchester. MCFC

…Matt Pitt,

No that team would not ‘win the prem’, even in their prime. For a start, you’ve got Senderos and Lescott in your back four. That’s enough to rule you out right there.
McGrath and Dunne are Irish legends but only one of them was every truly great. The Honey Monster was a good mid-level premiership player capable occasional brilliance.

And that midfield? It would be mesmeric to watch yes, but not one of them will track back past the half way line, even if Ginola was one the few who rivaled Big Paul for my adulation as a young Spurs supporter in Ireland.
It would be Ardiles’ Spurs all over again. The defence would need Giant’s Stadium McGrath and Moscow Richard Dunne every week to keep the opposition in single figures!

And then up front you’ve got flatter to deceive Stan Collymore and Cyril Regis who admittedly I can’t remember seeing play.

I know you weren’t being entirely serious but let’s not stretch credulity here.
That team would be closer to relegation than winning the league.

Mind you, the only example I can think of at Spurs is Davids because Levy doesn’t sign over 30’s.
Sean, THFC (far too much analysis of a throwaway e-mail perhaps, but I’m passing the time)

…Hmmm. “Sign that lot in their prime and you win the Prem.”?

Not playing four centre backs you don’t – especially when only one of whom could run fast, even in their prime.

And not many of those four wingers are tracking back much, either.

You’d scrape 15th I reckon
Nick, London

…Matt Pitt…

Go outside, get the garden hose and turn it on, full pressure. Then point it at your face for 90 seconds and say, ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, over and over in your clouded, awful mind.

Paul McGrath? Superannuated!!!!!!!!!????

Well done, you’ve upset the children.
Kevin Walsh, Luimneach


…And A Best Summer Transfers XI
Just looking at the deals that happened over the summer and think this is the best team that you could’ve made from the permanent transfers – playing a 4-4-2 (obvs)

De Bruyne

Begovic, Richards, Lescott, Darmain, Milner, Firminho, A Ayew, Rondon.

Anyone do any better? It also begs the question why some teams **cough Arsenal cough** didn’t buy any outfield players.
Chris (Thank god the transfer window is shut & all the BS stops)


Random Football Loves
Were there ever any footballers that when you younger you wanted your team to sign withoutactually knowing if they were any good or not?

When I was growing up I always wanted Liverpool to sign Alen Boksic, who played for Lazio at the time. He was one of my favourite players and I have absolutely no idea why. I didn’t even care if Liverpool needed him but I wanted them to buy him.

Similarly, my friend always wanted us to sign Giuseppe Signori. Again no reason for this but he said he was a player that suited Liverpool, whatever that meant, and we should sign him.

So are there any players who you loved when growing up and wanted your team to sign without ever knowing if they were even any good?

Pedro (Boksic would’ve reigned supreme at Liverpool)


I’m calling it first. Martial or Sterling will be the new Ronaldo or Messi.
CJ, Preston

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