Mails: What to do with a spare Schweini?

Date published: Monday 18th July 2016 2:21

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It’d be a shame if Schweinsteiger was forced out…
Regarding the United ‘gossip’. I’m a bit emotionally invested in Schweinsteiger. I want him to succeed at United because he’s a United fan and posted that ‘Off to fulfil one last dream’ Twitter post last year when he travelled to Manchester….please Jose don’t let that dream go up in smoke.

Plus he’s a great player who would benefit the team when he’s fit and playing in a side that moves the ball forward. He was unlucky in that we had Van Gaal last year. I think he deserves another crack under Mourinho to show his class and I don’t want my heart to break for a multimillionaire footballer if he gets sold.

F365 thinks the crazy part about Allen to United is that he’s been linked with Swansea and Celtic? Have you not heard about the Heinze saga? No-one will ever move between these two clubs. As a Welshman I’d be delighted to take Joe though, and Robson-Kanu, and Ashley Williams. Is Ledley happy at Palace?
Silvio Dante


…Or it wouldn’t be
Could Jose not build around Schweinsteiger, asks Zdravko, the cherished offspring of two Scrabble enthusiasts.

Well, yes, Jose could.

Jose might think that an injury ravaged 31 year old, probably the worst performer in the German side at the Euros and who has been nothing short of disastrous for United in the occasional match he was able to stagger through last season is exactly who he needs to base a 4 year team building plan around.

I mean, we do live in an era where ‘knowing stuff’ and ‘looking up stuff that happened previously as a guide to how stuff will probably happen in the future’ aren’t seen as necessary by 52% of the country.

So yes, he could.

He f**king well WON’T though.
Tim Sutton


Sam Allardyce: The placebo effect
Just read John Nicholson’s article about Big Fat Sam for the England manager’s job being the bitter pill we all need to swallow. But I’ll go on a tangent and state that he’s the placebo that might be needed to turn England into champions because the players are not really hampered in any way, it’s all in the mind. Plus he’ll bring “pashun”.
Keg Baridi (Get well soon Demba Ba) Nairobi, Kenya


The problem with Allardyce is that he’ll try and be clever
Last week I wrote in about how terrible I thought Sam Allardyce would be as England manager, and someone then responded saying it was probably tongue-in-cheek. It wasn’t, I genuinely believe he will be awful.

But perhaps I should explain why. It isn’t about his playing style – during qualifying England usually win, but it can often be a bit awful to watch regardless of who is in charge. And I’m not sure it would actually be possible for any manager to oversee a worse performance than the one against Iceland.
My belief in the coming disaster comes from the same feeling alluded to by Sarah Winterburn recently.

Put in charge of the national team, Allardyce will immediately look to show he can manage “the Rooneys, the Harts, the Wilsheres…”, and will do everything he can to keep the famous names happy. When the inevitable question comes up at his first press conference, the equally inevitable answer will be “Rooney will be my captain, I think he can be a world class midfielder”, rather than the much more desirable “I will take some time to assess the players closely and then make a decision based on who I observe as being the best candidate”.

If he put together a dull but hard to beat team, that would be fantastic – winning is the ultimate aim after all. But I reckon it will end up like the Steve McClaren era – seemingly with the manager in awe of the senior players, who end up dictating the team and tactics to suit themselves.

I hope, like John Nicholson, I am wrong. I would be happy to be pleasantly surprised.
Michael, Basel


A new manager can’t improve players’ technique
Much of the rationale, if you want to call it that, for Allardyce to be appointed is restoring organisation, the much vaunted pashun, ye olde English values, with many people making the point about Portugal being a well drilled side who managed to grind their way through a Euros and come out on top.

The massive point these people may be missing is the technical lack that still seems endemic in English football. It was there for everybody to see in that 2nd half against Iceland. Portugal are a far superior side to your lot technically, which allowed them to not panic under pressure – which your guys did pretty much in every game apart from Wales – and even that one was won with a last minute bit of scrappiness.

The presence of a paunchy moron like Big Sam is not going to be of any use in a high pressure situation such as the one England faced after 20 minutes against Iceland. All the drive, determination and togetherness that will be no doubt ‘instilled’ by the man himself won’t prevent mini-disasters like that first 20 minutes happening from time to time. It’s the reaction that counts, the ability to stay calm and keep doing the ‘right’ things. But if you’ve only been half taught the right things you’re more than half done already in such a situation. You can be ‘limited’ but not when it comes to the absolute basics. This is a deep rooted cultural thing that you guys looked at after 2010 and said ‘We gotta fix this’. Now you’re going for a quick fix again, with what I presume to be inevitable disappointment coming down the line….
Pablo, MUFC, Dublin


Yeah, England don’t expect to win stuff
Murray… Have you been in a decade-long coma? 2006 called asking for its letter back, that’s about the last time anyone thought England might (might!) have a chance of winning a tournament. Keep up.
Richard Pike

…2010 called: it wants its clichéd argument back.

Which England squad since then has gone into a tournament with expectation rather than hope? Answer: none.

Which England fan since then has thought England were “the bestest and don’t need to prove it to anyone”? Answer: none.

What is the actual number of things you’ve actually read claiming that “England will now rule the world of football” if we do indeed hire Allardyce? Willing to be the answer here is also none.

Alex G, THFC


Did I see Ed Quoththeraven refer to Palace as the Eagles, and not “the Glaziers” this morning? Thank the gods. Hopefully he’ll let that go now.

Was probably my biggest mailbox annoyance after ‘for me, Clive’ – which also seems to be dying out slowly. Two reasons to be thankful on a dreary Monday, then.
Richard Brown (Cape Town)


Word Lols
Nice article by Johnny Nic about Big Sam. Not sure why Johnny’s worried about atrophy though, I thought winning those was what football’s all about?
Ohio Joe (sorry), Spurs, London

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