Mails: When even Man United fans say ‘wow’

Date published: Friday 15th April 2016 9:12

This is obviously Liverpool-centric but we can move things on for Friday afternoon if you send mails to If you want something different now, read Mailboxer Ryan on his beloved Dundalk


Our favourite mail of the day

L is for Liverpool.
John, (LFC, drunk), Dublin


Initial reactions
I only have two words to sum up last night…F**ING INCREDIBLE.
Daniel, LFC (I cried, actual tears)


…Liverpool. Bloody hell.
Tuna Stubbs


Joseph Weggoro (European nights at Anfield always live up) Tanzania


…I’m a grown man, close to tears. Ich liebe Kloppo.
Paul, LFC, Wycombe


…On the giddy Scouser scale, KloppMeister has just taken us all the way to 11…

What. A. Game.

Desperate to avoid the Spanish teams to be honest; obviously.

Proud to a fan of Liverpool tonight. Fair to say there’s not been too much to crow about since Suarez left. Very tearful right now.

Danke Jurgen.
Gregory Whitehead, LFC


…I turned off after 10 minutes.

Did I miss anything?
Stu (football = brilliant) AFC


Oh Kloppy Klopp…
I think it’s safe to say Klopp has already made it into Liverpool folklore after that comeback!
Steve (If only West Ham could’ve done the same the night before) Coatsworth


Wow. Just wow.
Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs spring to mind as English teams who have had relatively recent unforgetable European nights. Historically, I can also vividly remember Fulham, Middlesborough, Leeds, Newcastle, Bolton, Norwich, Everton, Ipswich, Villa, Forest, etc…. But the facts are that you can’t deny we have had the biggest share. But just when you think you’ve seen it all. Speechless. Even with understandable other fan’s ‘tribal biases’ I’ll hope people will say “wow”.

Leicester, hope you can join the club next year.
Mike Woolrich, ‘let’s not waste this opportunity’, LFC


Dortmund played football, Liverpool played passion
Firstly let me say I’d rate the Europa League better than the Champions League this season. The intrigues, no clear favorites, the classic goals and…. Liverpool. Coming from a Man United fan, I was all smiles as I watched total attacking football dismantle Liverpool in the first half last night. It felt like sweet revenge for my club’s exit at the tournament (as if we even tried to win it). But the next half was undeniably the most emotional for me in recent years. Let’s give it to Dortmund, reverse passes, through balls, henry-esque goals etc. They played like gods. A standing ovation for Liverpool, determination, aggression, never-say-die attitude. They put up a show for the gods.

I once read that Klopp was destined for Liverpool. I agree totally. Forget Istanbul 2005, this beats it. This Liverpool don’t have talismanic leader and captain like Gerrard. They don’t have natural leaders like carragher, hamann, etc. But they have the fans, the desire and Klopp. He never stops believing. I think they won’t win the tournament but my heart hopes they do; at least for passion sake.
Bamidele (Origi seems origi-nal)


Even Man United fans…
…tribalism aside, I couldn’t help having a wry smile when Lovren’s header went in. That’s what football is all about, and why we love it so much.

All the best in the semis you determined b**tards. Bloody hell.
Kel, MUFC (getting into this mailbox will be harder than that cute girl in Sunday class)


…As a United fan that game was amazing then excruciating, much like Liverpool’s season. Klopp is steadily getting his team there and for about 60 minutes they were really very good. It wasn’t even that Dortmund collapsed because they didn’t, Liverpool just beat them and that’s something United are currently incapable of.

Congratulations to Liverpool for making it to the next round, I sincerely hope they get thrashed by whoever comes next.
Dave, Manchester


…I bloody hate Liverpool as much as the next United fan but oh my God that was brilliant. Never a bad sight seeing gutted Germans reminds me of a certain night in 1999. 3-1 down with away goals against them as well bloody magic. Dortmund still don’t know what hit them!!! You may be our enemy but the Germans are the enemy of our enemy so respect to the scousers tonight is all yours.
Phil MUFC Salford


…As a Man United fan who had an older Liverpool-supporting sister who tortured me while they won everything when we were sh*t (not the now sh*t, but the sh*t of the eighties, which was actually worse), I generally gloat in every failure or deemed failure they endure. At about the 55-minute mark of the Dortmund game, however, I strangely found myself wanting the b**tards to win. They played with a passion and style I truly believe in, and with such hard work and determination (something I have not seen from my team since that dinosaur took over, not that I solely blame him: we have some mercenaries/turds who need to be shipped off). Hats off to Liverpool! That’s how football should be played. Never give up, out-work your opponents and with a slice of luck, you can overcome any odds. That’s why I love football. Hats off and congrats where it’s due. Sigh…
Berlin-based Man Utd supporter (Sigh)


…As a card-carrying ManU supporter for the last thirty years I was delighted to see Liverpool 2-0 down after X minutes. But when Dejan Lovren rose at the back post to put Liverpool into the semi finals of the Europa League my fist accidentally shot into the air and a celebratory yelp somehow emerged from my mouth. And after my happiness at City beating PSG to make it to the Champions League semi final.

This is turning into a VERY confusing season for me.
Bren, Dublin


…As a United fan, I’m really not supposed to be happy when City or Liverpool win – particularly when Liverpool were the ones who knocked us out of that competition. But you know what? Bloody good on them both! That Liverpool match has to go down as one of the best games of football in recent memory and City pulled an amazing result out of the bag to get to their first Champions League semi final.

If ever we needed a reminder of why football is as popular as it is, this was it. Well done to both British teams and I genuinely hope they go on and win their respective competitions.
Ted, Manchester


Some Liverpool thoughts
Wow, an incredible finale to an incredible match.

Where to start..

The beginning I guess…

* Dortmund were sensational at the start and silenced the crowd. While both teams had chances before half time, I felt that Dortmund had the better ones and could have scored at least two more before the break, credit to Liverpool for keeping it respectable.

* Credit to Klopp as well. Even after going 2-0 down, he kept on applauding the chances Liverpool created and encouraging the team. It must be so much more inspiring that having a manager sitting for the full 90 minutes completing his crossword puzzle. Yes you LVG !!!

* Origi once again was superb and took his goal well. It’s incredible that he started the season behind Sturridge, Benteke and Ings. He is now first choice. Well done Sir !!!

* Reus finish to make it 3-1 was clinical. Any chance he could be tempted to Anfield ???

* Once again Coutinho scores in a big game. What a player for the big occasion. We are very lucky to have him and should make sure he commits long term.

* I expected Liverpool to win it after Sakho made it 3-3. But as the clock ticked down, it seemed as it Liverpool had run out of steam. They hardly created anything in the last five minutes of normal time.

* Credit to Milner with another game where he has made vital assists. I think that’s now 19 goals/assists for the season. Not bad at all. Now he just needs to learn how to take a corner.

* Lovren’s Liverpool career has certainly been turned. Credit to him for fighting back after his disastrous first season. He has written himself into Anfield history with that winner.

* On a personal note, a big thanks to my buddies Moe and Tameem and daughter Zainub for joining me to witness that. Same again for the semis guys?
Shiraz (three games from a Champions League place !!!), Johannesburg


…This is only my second time writing in. The first was to contribute a team of footballers with surnames beginning with Q, Which I was rather proud of.

Anyway, after tonight’s events, I feel compelled to write in about Liverpool. And my gosh! Isn’t there a lot to write about Liverpool!? Let’s some up with some conclusions…

* Dejan Lovren, officially redeemed, all is forgiven.

* Joe Allen came on and changed a game! Almost like that Italian bloke with a beard! What’s his name again?

* Those transfers we all thought were rubbish were actually trolls right? Like that guy on Twitter who slept for six years?

* Klopp is actually the real deal.

* As Welbeck said on twitter, we’ll lose to Bournemouth next week.

* Next year is our year, yada yada yada…

I appreciate this is a little disjointed, but I’m a little distracted right now.
Will (third what?) LFC


…I am sitting here in absolute disbelief…

After 10 minutes, I thought ‘typical…’ – this is what we have been like the past few years…Choke and/or Slip.

12 months ago, under Rodgers, we would’ve lost that game.. maybe rallied to maintain the score at 0-2 but ultimately lost, with great character mind…

It absolutely incredible to see the delta/difference in performance and belief with the same players but a different manager…if there was ever any doubt that Klopp is one of the top coaches out there, then this game is surely the only proof needed to refute that?

Next year, won’t be our year…I firmly believe we are still in a chasing pack behind a far superior top 4/5 and with one of them potentially getting a significant upgrade with Guardiola we will do well to finish top six next year…

But f*ck, I am going to enjoy it whilst it lasts…

And I am changing my son’s name to Jurgen… He’ll understand…
Jon Andrews, LFC


…Hands down, one of the most magical nights I’ve witnessed. The match unfolding in front of me on the television was the stuff of legend. Couple of thoughts;

* Delighted for Lovren. Thought he was excellent(apart from that awful volley late in the game). The passion between himself and Sakkho at the end was great to see.

* Can keeps getting better. In the words of my mate, ‘he’ll be an Anfield legend in the years to come.’

* Just how good is Origi? My goodness, he looked to be terrifying the Dortmund defence. See Hummels cynical pull back in the second half as he was getting away from them. A terrific finish to compliment his performance.

* Speaking of Hummels, what an excellent ball for Reus’ goal. Tremendous.

* Make no mistake about it, Liverpool at times rode their luck against an excellent Dortmund side. Their pace is frightening. A genuinely exciting side to watch.

* In saying that, had Liverpool gone out I couldn’t fault the effort or desire of the team.

* A pivotal moment was when Joe Allen came on the pitch (a sentence I never thought I’d write). He was assured and kept the ball which is what we needed.

* Good to see Sturridge react with genuine emotion when hugging Klopp at the end. Too often lately, it’s looked a little frosty.

* Milner put in an excellent cross for Lovren but his corners were woeful. Every single one, including the one that Sakkho scored, didn’t get beyond the first man. Been the same all season.

* Final shout to the atmosphere. I wasn’t there but the constant noise was fantastic to hear. Football can often get a sugary sentimental vibe but this was special. Wish I’d been there.
Miguel Sanchez (David Robins, Liverpool still need that lube?)


The game via WhatsApp
I can’t really bring myself to analyse any aspect of that game but I thought I’d give you an insight into my feelings through the whatsapp messages I sent last night. I put the club they support in brackets to help context in some places.

1. (Man Utd): fancy Dortmund to score tonight. So question is can we go to extra time and win on penalties or can we out score them.

4. (Liverpool): We are so sh*t.

5. (Liverpool): Misery

9. (Liverpool): Sorry mate ignore my last text. Misery NOW.

11. (Man Utd): I promise I dislike Lallana more than you do Fellaini.

15. (Spurs): I really want to change channel but I can’t bring myself to.

30. (Man Utd): that’s the problem with Lallana. If the pass could set up a goal, if he could beat a man to be through on goal or if his shot could become a goal, he’ll disappear into thin air. He’s f**king Tinkerbell without any decent magic.

45. (Liverpool): did we even have a shot on target? Classic Liverpool. All fart no poo. Does Milner hate us? If he doesn’t I can’t explain his existence.

45. (Spurs): The people versus OJ? Yeah good decision enjoy mate.

45. (Man Utd): we will obviously score an early goal and then Dortmund will hold us at arm’s length but we’ll pretend we really made a good fist of it and nobody will be too upset.

70. (Man Utd): if we score in the next five minutes I might start to hope.

78. (Spurs): Switch the game back on mate.

85. (Liverpool): Lovren why would you shoot from there! You’re not Cristiano bloody Ronaldo you just look a bit twatty.

After this it all goes a bit blurry. There was some shouting and sweating and joy. The best game I’ve watched since we beat Man City in that nearly season.
Minty, LFC


This is why Liverpool are European kings…
You know the hallowed ‘European nights’ at Anfield. If you inhabit planet football you’ve heard about them since the 70’s probably… This is why this club is so special. It’s in Liverpool’s DNA. Only Liverpool can produce something of this kind. Only fortress anfield has that esoteric element that you know, we know, they know, every f***** body knows something special is about to unravel in our favour.

What brings me most satisfaction and sheer joy is that we also know how mancs must be full of envy and dismay. They love to proudly portray themselves as ‘comeback kings’ and every once in a while mention the stats of the number of late game-winning goals they scored. Well, it’s one thing to come back against Burnley, Watford, West Ham, Tottenham, Aston Villa with refs in your favor and a whole different proposition to come back from 0-3 down in a European Cup final against Milan and from 0-2 and 1-3 against a Dortmund machine that had the away goal advantadge and would remind you of the all-conquering Wermarcht in the first 10 minutes…

This is why Liverpool FC will always be the flagship of English Football. The most succesful English side in Europe in history.
Raúl H. García (you never even deserved to come back against Munich in 99!) Liverpool FC – YNWA


Reports of the death of English football have been exaggerated…
An unlikely English team in the semi-final of the Champions League.

An unlikely English team in the semi-final of the Europa League.

What’s more, both have a good chance of winning the thing.

I know the Spanish and Germans have been dominant and English teams are struggling a bit in Europe, but the obituary of English teams in Europe were premature.

Does any other United fan find it a bit depressing that the two English teams in the semi-final of either European competition are United’s fiercest rivals?
Mere Godled, Nigeria (three years of nightmares at the Theatre)


Loving the Europa…
If we (Liverpool) win the Europa League, can we just skip the Champions League next season and play in it again? The games against Man Yoo and Dortmund have been the highlight of our season. The contrast with our last CL clusterf*ck is astonishing.
Stewart, Chicago


Poor decisions
Last night’s kick-off was at 2:05am here. At 2:14 I drained my pint, turned the game off in disgust and went to bed. “No way we’ll score three.”

F*** me.
Andrew (Watching highlights is just as good, right?) English, LFC in Saigon


Odd time to be a Man United fan
​It’s been a funny season this, I’ve never known another like it, certainly for United fans. Two unexpected form teams vying for the title, plus some others in the mix while we, City and Chelsea have all struggled.

In many ways, the only consistencies are Liverpool and Arsenal being nearly-theres, which is comforting in such times of uncertainty and change.

What boggles the brain is that in spite of seeing such a shambles on the pitch, and knowing that any manager in the league (even Tim) would be able to line up a team better than this, we’re still in touching distance of fourth and the chance of matching last year’s points tally. Unfortunately if we achieve that, we’ll be damned to another season of madness.

From my perspective as a lifetime United fan, I’ve literally no idea what to expect from the summer, no idea of who our manager will be and see no agreement amongst fans on pretty much any subject from that Martial’s best position, through the future of Memphis to whether the fault is even our attack or defence. The only apparently unifying thing is the blame played on Rooney for the failure of the team (in spite of simple things like facts and a manager that has apparently gone loopy), but my experience says that’s mostly non-fans than our own. I guess everyone needs something to hold on to.

The good news from this season is maybe we’ll lose some more of the plastics, though I pity them trying to find a team to follow.
Guy S (my guess is City, and not the Leicester one)


Next season? Nobody has a clue
The Premier League has generally been fairly predictable. We had the Man Utd or Arsenal years in the nineties, the Big Four (Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool) dominating the PL (and Europe) in the noughties and latterly, Man City joined the party at Liverpool’s expense.

The only real debate was what order will they finish in, and who would bag fifth, mostly out of Tottenham plus one other.

It was decent I guess, at least compared to certain other European leagues but fairly repetitive.

But what now? After this seismic season, who can honestly predict what on Earth will unfold next year. Will the fallen ‘giants’ rebound, can the ‘upstarts’ maintain they success? What affect will Pep, Conte, Jose (?) have?

The likely PL Champions are 30/1 to retain in most football odds. There are six (Big 5 + Spurs) clubs at about 10/1 or less, and a few more (Everton, West Ham, Stoke, Saints) who could very plausibly make the leap, priced at 100/1 – 200/1ish.

Basically the bookies haven’t a clue. Which surely has to make next season a cracker. Can’t wait…
JB (Back the Big Bath City F.C. Bid)

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