Why did Man United let Cameron Borthwick-Jackson go?

Matt Stead

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You could say it’s a…Big Midweek
FFS lads, it’s Tuesday, Utd Liverpool was the early game Saturday and we have had plenty of dross draws since then.  Can we move on and just accept that Utd away to Liverpool is gonna finish 0-0 for the next 427 years and talk about something else.
Stuart (Have you ever met such a bunch of miserable boring bast*rds in all your life?) THFC Jersey


Living in hope
Is it OK to apply the Spurs/Wembley situation in reverse? Perhaps Spurs will be extra extra fired up tonight as the away team playing at such an iconic ground as the Bernabeu?
Roger, THFC


Please, Jose
Jose, I know you pride yourself on your defensive structure and pragmatism but please, just once, can you have all of Rashford, Martial and Lukaku on the pitch at the same time. Its not much to ask and, you know, we might win a big game if you didn’t put ten men behind the ball 95% of the time. Even play a trio of Herrera, Matic and Lingard to provide a base to shield a shaky defence (despite our record it is shaky with Smalling in the team). To paraphrase a Pink Floyd song, Jose, just let the tigers break free.
Oisin NZ (can we start calling City’s team “Pep’s merry band of midfield geniuses”)


Serg of adrenaline
Little bit concerned that City scored 7 at the weekend without Aguero…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 2nd place finish in the league this year.


Wishing Mike Ashley was in charge of Arsenal
I wish The Arsenal had a manager like Mike Ashely of late. Hired a champions league winning manager, willing to sell the club to an owner on the grounds that they invest in the club… So it has come to this.
Tiny Dawn Gunners, Cape Town


International love
While it’s nice of the united fan to use the internationals as a reason why Arsenal lost, I think the real reason is we’re a dumpster fire at the moment. No need to make it complicated.


Spanish commentary
While on a recent holiday in Spain, I watched a couple of matches (the one I remember most was PSG vs Celtic in the Champions League) in Spanish. The pubs I went to mostly showed games with English commentary but there were a few in Spanish and I must say I really enjoyed watching them.

Football is a common language for everyone so you kind of know what the commentator is saying even if you don’t understand all the words. However, there was a few things that I couldn’t quite figure out and I’m wondering if anyone who has a better knowledge of Spanish football commentary can help explain :

1. Most commentators were quite fond of rolling their r’s, so Neymar sometimes became Neymarrrr, Rabiot sometimes became Rrrrrabiot, Cavani sometimes became Cavani etc. The commentator often seemed to be overstressing it (which made the occasion a bit more special and fun) so I’m wondering if this is a thing within Spanish football commentary. If anybody knows more about this can they explain why? How did this tradition start?

2. Whenever a player went on a mazy dribble, the commentator would repeat his name (e.g. Neymar Neymar Neymar NEYMAR NEYMAR!!!). Again, this was a lot of fun. But I’m wondering if this is a Spanish commentary tradition and if so, how did it start?

3. Are there any other Spanish football commentary traditions that I didn’t identify?

As an aside, the commentator of the PSG vs Celtic match was really good with the Celtic names, I don’t remember any of the butchery that you often hear from English-speaking commentators and PFM co-comms. So fair play to him.
Ciaran H


What’s the Storey?
Dan Storeys Top 10 players who should never have been let go piece this morning is the football journalist equivalent of seeing your ex on a bus and deciding you made a big mistake by dumping her.

Can someone please see if Dan has a James Blunt CD in his possession?
Robbie DFC Eire
*dumped a girl on a bus once….next stop wasnt for ages…


Five loans teams are regretting
Based solely on the complaints teams have had so far this season and the players they loaned out:

Divock Origi- Liverpool has two key issues: horrible defending and strikers who don’t take chances. So why did they let Origi go and lead the line for Wolfsburg and buy a Chelsea youngster?

Andreas Pereira: Pogba and Fellani have got themselves injured, Herrerra isn’t what he was last year, Carrick’s too old, McTominay’s too young. Perreira could have been the perfect fit for this midfield, but unfortunately he’s doing a timeshare for a winger spot in an improving Valencia team. He has got goals in him.

Henry Onyekuru: Everton have loads of numbers 10’s and no striker that they trust. They have spent 144m, 7m of which they spent on a striker they are letting develop in Belgium. He currently has 6 goals.

Borthwick-Jackson: Darmian and Blind are too slow, Shaw’s too fat and according to the manager is not operating with his own brain. Wouldn’t it have been wise to try out the guy who runs like a baby raptor just once so we at least know if Jose won’t spend millions on a left back in the next summer window.

Tammy Abraham: In fairness they did loan out 427 players so at least one had to make this list. Currently Morata is injured, Batshuayi has shown he can score but isn’t very good at holding the ball up. If only they had a striker that was leading the line for his club. You know, like that guy that Swansea loaned from …………..oh

This isn’t exhaustive and let’s be honest it’s all 20/20 hindsight at this point

Just my thoughts does any one know of any others this year


Necessity brainer
Anyone chance we can get Rob from this morning’s mailbox to write in again and explain exactly what a ‘necessity brainier’ is? Cheers.
Ben M