Mails: Why would Klopp bother with Liverpool?

Date published: Monday 5th October 2015 1:03

One mailer wonders why Jurgen Klopp would take the reins at Liverpool, and is Arsene Wenger sacrificing the Champions League?

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Why would Klopp bother with Liverpool?
I’m almost shocked by how nonchalantly the footballing world is talking about Klopp choosing to go to Liverpool, with no one questioning why on Earth he would chose to go to Liverpool. It would be like a gorilla trainer agreeing to push an elephant up a tree using a twig, or something like that (that should get me in the mailbox).

Klopp left Dortmund as he was tired of being at a club that couldn’t keep hold of their prized assets, and financially not being in a position to compete with the best as there was one bigger club in their league. With four clubs in the premiership that can outcompete Liverpool, surely Liverpool is in a worse position than Dortmund to achieve success?

On top of this, the merry-go-round culture of managers probably means that within a year Klopp will also have his chance for a job at a ‘bigger’ club which will consistently get champions league football.

Finally, Klopp is currently in a risky position as his last season at Dortmund puts question marks over his abilities. If he goes to a ‘bigger’ club and fails, people don’t tend to care as you’re still in that top bracket of managers. If he ‘fails’ at Liverpool in the very hard task of getting them in the champions league, he will be on an AVB trajectory and could be labelled a one club wonder.

I think Ancelotti is actually a much more realistic target. He has such an established career across the continent; the risky job at Liverpool couldn’t tarnish his reputation even if it goes badly.

Again I could be wrong, and maybe we’ll see that start of the Premier League clubs financially outmuscling foreign counterparts for managers now?
Jake (Luis Enrique to Stoke?) Bristol


The hope has returned
The hope returned to LFC at around 630 last night. Whether you were in the Rodgers-in camp or the Rodgers-out camp (I believe the majority were in the latter) we can now all look forward without a sense of dread to the future.

Over the last six months we’ve seen one uninspiring performance after another. Regular basic errors from the goalkeeper and defence and a midfield that had no specific strength. It wasn’t strong, physical, quick, creative explosive, it was just… meh. And then of course a forward line haunted by world class players who were no longer available and then not adequately replaced.

So now we can hope that Klopp brings his ‘cool’ vibe and his attacking football. Or that Ancelloti brings the nous, the knowledge and the masterclass. Whoever it is, we’re currently applying the defibrillator and it’s great just knowing there’s a chance of re-energising this fallen giant.

Final paragraph for Brendan Rodgers, thank you. The 13/14 season was the best that this team in red have played in over 20 years. The pace, the movement, the sheer outrageousness of a campaign where in the end we tried to win a game 10-nil. For one season you brought the thrill of football back to Anfield and that should be your lasting legacy.
Nilesh, Harrow.


Sadness over Brendan
So long, Brendan. It was a hell of a ride.

Plenty of people want to be revisionist about 2013/14 & downplay your achievements. But not me. I’ll forever remember that opening 20 mins against Arsenal as the best football I’ll ever seen played at Anfield.

To any rival fans who want to make pithy “hilarious” comments about his dismissal would do well to remember that he likely beat you at some point & in some cases outright humiliated you.

The last 12 months didn’t go according to plan & you can argue he should’ve gone in the summer but he gave me the most fun time I’ve had supporting Liverpool. So forgive me if I’m a bit sad today.

So long, Brendan. It was a hell of a ride.
Kris, LFC, Manchester


..but a simple decision
Emotion aside: 20 points from 17 games, a limp defeat in the FA cup, 2 turgid draws in Europe, and one league cup shoot-out victory.

During this period: no wins against teams on the top half of the league, only one game in which more than one goal was scored, and no signs of improvement.

He had to go.
Rob Smith


Brendan ft. The Charlatans
After having given a great deal of Friendly Advice to Mr Veeners in the very pages of this hallowed mailbox; it seems as if the prospect of finishing Between 10th And 11th was too much for FSG. The blagger ran out of blags.

Seems as we’ve been Up To Our Hips in defensive uncertainty for far too long and almost all title challenges are built on a defensive bedrock; will the Liverpool team of two seasons back be forever known as The Charlatans?

He’s been busy Tellin’ Stories and thinking that Liverpool fans, Us And Us Only, have been lapping it up. But the guy lives in Wonderland and thankfully Up At [Across] The Lake; Simpatico was thin on the ground.

The owners had warned him in the summer You Cross My Path and the muted atmosphere at Anfield should have reminded him it is important Who We Touch.

Brendan has gone without so much as a by your leave but we live in very Modern Times…
Gregory Whitehead, LFC


Would Martinez have been better?
I have a question for the mailbox that’s for the Blue half of Merseyside as much as the Red.
At the time of Dalglish’s departure there was a two horse race between Brendan Rodgers and Bobby Martinez. Both were interviewed with Brodge coming out on top after submitting a ~92 page dossier (wouldn’t we love a soft copy to perform a Brendism finder). Since then Martinez has experienced a mixed time at Everton but I think most would agree that he has enhanced his reputation, while Rodger’s future in the game lies in the balance, where will he go from here..

Anyway, my question is, do you think Martinez would have done a better job at Liverpool over the last 3-4 years, in the same circumstances?

I’ll also be interested to see who Liverpool find as a replacement, the job is a step down for the likes of Ancelotti or Klopp, but it seems any other name will be a disappointment to the fans. Liverpool might be better targeting Frank de Boar or Phillip Cocu, however they are contracted to Ajax and PSV respectively.
Nik (Give ‘Arry a go?) NUFC


More Arsenal thoughts
I generally only write in when things are bad, so it feels right to enjoy this moment.

– Three absolutely stonking goals. All were made to look easy, all were prime Wengerball. Club allegiance aside, if you love football you must have enjoyed watching that

– We’ve waited a very long time for that performance from Ozil. I think in years to come, we’ll owe him a great debt as Arsenal fans. He probably took the biggest chance of all the “top top” players to come to us at a time when I think few others would have. But he owed us this performance in a big game.

– It’s pretty incredible that it’s just accepted that Fellaini is a lumbering oaf and can clatter into anyone at free will without picking up any cards

– It was also rather bizarre that “tactical genius” Van Gaal allowed his team to play like lunatics FOR THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF. Honestly, what was Schweinsteiger doing. And the defence were playing so high up the pitch Theo literally made the exact same run 3 times within the space of 5 minutes. Meh, at least United fans know what it feels like now

– Although it benefitted us yesterday, it’s quite sad to see someone like Rooney playing like

– Realistically speaking, I’ve resigned myself to accepting these wins and performances are few and far between. So I choose to enjoy the moments rather than thinking it’s a springboard for a title victory. Wenger appears to be the ultimate hope-giver. So let’s see…
Sandeep (Thierry’s reaction to the Liverpool news was the best moment of the weekend), London.


Is Wenger sacrificing the Champions League?

Just a thought that went through my head after that spectacular win vs ManU. Could it be that Arsene Wenger is sacrificing the Champions League to have a good run at the title?

Just a thought but no European commitment has helped other teams have a good go in the PL. Arsenal will be resting and preparing for the PL games while ManCity, ManU and Chelsea are trying to reach the final of the CL…..
Nanouk, Freiburg, Germany


United needed that more than Arsenal
Successful teams build to last 3-4 years will suffer such games. Or else, we all see how a one year team breaks down(Chelsea). If Jose would have had such 1 gamers in the Sept, Oct, Dec instead of 2 after winning the league, his side would have been better mentally prepared for what is happening today.

This United side who could have capitulated like Newcastle yesterday, had the character to fight on, to continue to work the ball, to take risks and did so even after presenting chances to Arsenal late in the game. There was a sense of calm about the defeat with the players. No one was visibly frustrated, but they looked pained inside. Yet everyone was focussed on getting atleast a goal back.

In fact, the 1st half performance will help this group focus better on executing future game plans. Martial was excellent and Fellaini looked at home in the midfield. The most heartening sights were that of Smalling who was single handedly trying to defend the entire back line and Rooney who came back from the “usual” dire 1st half to put in a shift. I watched the entire game, and I was fairly certain by the end of it, that United look good for Top 3 finish this year, if not the title.

There are many improvements required within the squad, many training sessions to improve the technical abilities of players, but if a team is mentally strong enough to take such a disastrous half and come out of the match with positives, the rest of the things will come in place. Of course, if we lose the next game and the one after that, its a crisis. But have a feeling, that 1st half will help us win @ Everton and probably draw with City.
Sagar Deo, Mumbai (writing after a long time, but was fairly happy when the game ended)


Time to go, Wayne
You, Tim Sutton, are a swine kind sir.

The Schwein (see what I did here guys? Gosh I’m not half cute) is awesome!

However, on the point of Wayne Rooney, you are a scholar and a gentleman!

It is enough now Wayne.

Thanks lad, you gave us alot of effort and some great games, but they are so rare now that we are forgetting the good you have done.

Time for your 418th transfer request…get to PSG while you can, and while we can get 35M or so for your services.

F365 did a great piece last week, highlighting that Wayne has played an awful lot of football actually in his time, completing many more matches than you might imagine by this age.

Is it perhaps just that he is about 36 years of age, physically-speaking, now?
Manc In SA (No shame in it Wayne, only in continuing on like this)


Rodgers and Mourinho
I’m sure you’ll have loads of emails about both Brendan and Jose after the weekend, probably a few about Klopp too.

For me Mourinho is also a dead man walking, especially after the weekend’s meltdown and I can’t help but think that the owners at Liverpool have noticed that and wanted to act first so they could at least approach both of Klopp and Ancelotti, rather than it being a choice of Chelsea and/or Liverpool… and/or Sunderland for either manager.

Ah well, the media will be happy as a (virtually) dead rubber international break now has a few stories to focus on.
Rob, London.


In the summer we all had a stab at some predictions for the season. Can I please draw your attention to one of mine…..

First manager to go – Dick Advocaat – After a run of poor results in the first 8 games he decides he can’t be arsed and resigns.

I can’t believe I accurately predicted not just the first manager to go but also after how many games he would go as well. If only I’d put money on it.

I also predicted this…..

League Cup – Liverpool – After Liverpool are 10th at Christmas, Rodgers is sacked and Klopp comes in. He gets them back up the league and wins the league cup.

Now I know it’s not Christmas but yes Rodgers is sacked with Liverpool lying in 10th. If Liverpool do appoint Klopp then I suggest everyone put their money on Liverpool winning the League Cup.

Usually I’m hopeless with predictions but this season everything is coming up Bradley.
Bradley Kirrage


Garth Crooks’ all-time XI
I thought I’d have a go at a ‘Garth Crooks all time XI’.

……………………………Di Stefano

………………..Messi Ronaldo Maradona


C.Ronaldo                                                      Best
……………….Cruyff Zidane Beckenbauer


Plenty of creativity and a sh*t load of goals, complete with honorary defender played slightly out of position. Luis Suarez’s World Cup quarter final save in 2010 got him a place in goal.
Jamie, Boro


Degsy returns
So I placed an accumulator on all Premier League teams to score in the 3 o’clock kick offs on Saturday, the one game in which did this not occur was the one game Degsy tipped both teams to score

Degsy you backstard!

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