Mails: Will Pogba be any better than Mikel?

Date published: Sunday 7th August 2016 10:47

I know who Arsenal need
Given Arsenal’s inability to get transfers over the line, just think of all the players Wenger woulda’/coulda’/shoulda’ signed, why don’t we make a move for David Dein? I’m pretty sure he was instrumental in getting things done and he worked well with Wenger. As things stand, even though a certain Lyon striker must fit the 4 requirements the manager mentioned as we’ve made a bid for him, we still don’t appear to be coughing up the money and getting things done. We must really make him feel wanted. Make a pathetic offer (think Suarez) then maintain radio silence. Dein always seemed more pro-active in these matters.

Given the fact we are likely to be without some key players for the Liverpool game my expectations for the season are already pretty low. Yes, we’ll probably finish top 6, but no, we won’t win a trophy. Is that enough? I don’t think so. Were Arsenal not pretending they had money to spend, then my expectations would be lower, but once again, they make all the right noises without actually following up on them. Pretty sure I had a girlfriend like that once (OK, more than once – maybe it was me?).

Man Utd have got their business done early (just awaiting Pogba?), City are signing everyone, Chelsea have done some good business too. Christ, even Leicester are buying and they’re the bloody champions. But no, if you finish 10 points behind the champions who then add to their squad, the best plan of action for Arsenal is to do pretty much nothing other than a decent addition to the midfield and trust in the squad that didn’t win anything last season. Still, when Jack’s back, that’ll almost certainly be touted as a new signing. And the Ox……..

Is Diaby still available?

Maybe by midnight on 31st Aug I’ll be eating my words, but surely  getting it done before the season starts is a better plan?
Stu in France (sounding like a ‘bleating’ Arsenal fan but in reality just depressed about the start of the season).


Mikel > Pogba
I have noticed from the comments section that one John Obi Mikel gets a lot of flak. With all the polarized Rooney love/hate/rate highly/poorly dichotomy, I wonder why no one turns up to defend Mikel when he gets slagged so I have chosen to speak up about it.

Someone tried to use Mikel to justify Arsenal Keeping the Ox. The fricking Ox!! more surprising, no one comments on how Abominable that is.

The Ox?! Who has achieved the total of f*ck all his entire career. Mikel has Won 2league titles, 5Fa cups, and a champions league, an African Nations cup, a FIFA silver Ball. I know the Ox is still young but Is there truely anyone who believes the Ox can ever have the kind of achievements that Mikel has had by the time he is 29years of age? I see no reason why the Ox or even Carrick should rate as highly as Mikel does. Carrick (an English Player) was signed for a fraction of what it Mikel (an African Player) was a Sold for. Carrick IS basically the Poor mans Mikel.

It is also worth pointing out that every manager to win any trophy of any sort since Mikels arrival had to rely on Mikel in the DM.

He will even make a better partner for Kante than anyone else in the Chelsea squad. Mikel is right up there with the Best DMs of all Time.

And he still played as an AM in the Nigerian Team that won the nations cup.

Carrick has had virtually no international career!

Lay off Mikel. Especially you “sour grapes” united fans. You should be only so lucky if your 100mil Pog could be as good for united as Mikel has been for Chelsea, that is, if you can you can get over the embarrassment of failing to convince a player to join you for that much money.

If Chelsea were willing to pay that much, we would have wrapped up the deal long ago.
(I have been addicted to this site from the first click. I know f364 gets a lot of flak from readers about this-and-that, but I guess it’s just the only way we can help you uphold the standard)  Nigeria.


Farewell Papy
As a Chelsea fan, the last 24 hours have been an emotional roller-coaster. Yesterday’s transfer activity marked the end of an era. The man, the myth, the legend, Papy Djilobodji is off to the North East and will now be exhibiting his considerable talents in the city of Sunderland. Some of his stats last season are mind boggling: 100% pass accuracy, 5-million-pound profit per minute played (highest ever in football history, imagine if he’d played 90 minutes for us) and an 88th minute winner on the final day of the Bundesliga to keep Bremen up while on loan in Germany. Move over N’golo Kante, Sunderland and David Moyes have the bargain of the season.

Farewell, Papy.

We’ll always have this though:


Where are our thunderb*stards?
Is it just me, or has the EPL seen an actual drop in the number of thunderbastards from 30-40 yards? I miss players like Hitzlsperger, Veron, Scholes, L. Robert(wasn’t he the fu**ing best with long rangers!), Berger, Smicer etc. who would attempt a shot from absolutely anywhere. I guess the emphasis on possession these days and a more controlled build up has reduced the number of players who are given the freedom to shoot at sight of goal.

Wanted to get discussion going on this. And the cherry on the cake, a YouTube video of Laurent Robert shooting from ridiculous angles and ranges(the goal at 0.38 secs is particularly sumptuous):



Tottenham’s year
Oh Danny boy the footballs calling, from the clock end to the kop.

The summer’s gone, and all the beer bellies are falling.

It’s totteringham who will fail, it’s you who must go even further down the table, second a forlorn wish never mind first.

But you come back when summer’s in the city Or when the lane is hushed and red and white beat you again.

The Gunners will be here in sunshine or in shadow always doing better than the Y**s!
Joe (how comes spurs Always think they are better than us and fail to show it every year, the southern version of a scouser), I bleed red


In response to Danny Hotspur…

Every single year since 2005/2006, we hear how somehow it’s going to be Tottenham’s year.

And the closest you’ve come is by finishing third in a two horse race. Now don’t get me wrong, I do admire the different reasons we hear each year how and why it’ll be your time.

I mean you’ve come close to knocking Arsenal out of a champions league place on a couple of occasions and you won one carling cup in this time.

But no you’re not going to win the league this year. Or next, or any time soon. The reason for this is simple. There are 4-5 (the fifth being Liverpool every other third year or so for some reason) better teams than you in the league. Leicester winning it last year, however great for the neutral, was a freak event. Unfortunately it has given the bigger teams that so badly under performed a kick up the backside that will make them ever stronger. The only constant will be Arsenal’s 3rdor 4th place finish.

Enjoy your early season confidence.
Dave (Arsenal) Herts


I’ll bite Danny. Really? Your dismissal of all the title rivals gave me a good chuckle. Your team are now operating against Mourinho and Utd, Pep and City and in all honesty a Liverpool team with whom Klopp has had a full pre season. Last season is in the past. Let’s see how well you cope with an exhausted team playing better standards Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck…
Miguel Sanchez, LFC, (I’d rather see Arsenal win it over Spurs!)


Dear Danny Hotspur,




What is football?
Henderson tackling Iniesta and winning the ball.
Kevin Stewart dispossessing Busquets.
Lallana sidestepping Messi and nutmegging Mascherano.
All of the above resulting in goals.

Wow. Is this real life? Seriously, how did Liverpool win against Barcelona by four goals and a clean sheet? HOW?

Yeah, pre-season, fitness, blah blah blah.. but still. Still.

Bring on Arsenal.
— Abhinav (what/who is SAS?), Chicago.


More predictions
Now that we’re one weekend away from the start of the English Premiership, here are my predictions for the top ten positions.

1. Manchester United
2. Manchester City
3. Chelsea
4. Tottenham
5. Arsenal
6. Liverpool
7. Westham
8. Leicester
9. Everton
10. Southampton.

The reason why I’m backing Man United is simple; Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This man, sorry, this god is a talisman. He almost always wins leagues in his first year at new clubs and I’m backing him to continue with this trend. Who knows, he might even finally win the European Champions League in his second season if everything falls in place. As for Arsene and Arsenal, this season will be the one that finally broke the camel’s back. Arsenal have been surviving, not thriving and coming second last season was a false dawn. By this time next season, Arsenal fans will have got their wish and would have ushered Arsene out the door with the following encouraging words ringing in his ears:


As for Leicester, we all love a good underdog story but that can get mighty irritating if said underdog continues yapping at your heels. So you kick the underdog to the curb and continue feasting at the Premiership high table. Liverfools will play with “pashun” but it won’t be enough to mitigate the glaring inefficiencies in their team. As for Man City, Pep will soon discover that the English Premiership is another kettle of fish and he’ll need some time to adjust. Coming second to United is surely going to hurt his massive ego but that’s what happens when Mourinho instills a siege mentality at United.

Since I’m not about to bore you with mid table tedium, here are my predictiions for the bottom three places.

18. Sunderland
19. Burnley
20. Hull City

Moyes, I’m afraid you’ve taken a poisoned chalice and going down with Sunderland will be your ultimate downfall.

Burnley usually start well this season but then the rigors of a 38-game season soon take their toll. You’re not seriously waiting for my reasons for choosing Hull? Seriously?
Keg Baridi (Looking forward to a gr8 season) Nairobi, Kenya

PS-After Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0, expect them to win the league at a canter.


I just read Liverpool beat Barca 4-0, so I put in my view of the next season. Its going to be an anticlimax of what we have seen last year. Predictables win.

Man United – 1 (20 Clean Sheets, Ibrahimovich 20+ goals yet not the golden boot winner) Player of the season – David De Gea. Captain for the future – Bailley.

Chelsea – 2 (20 clean sheets, Player of the season – Eden Hazard)

Man City – 3 (Most goals scored in the season and the most goals conceded in the top 10). Player of the season – Sergio Aguero. Pep is gonna find out, life sucks.

Arsenal – 4 (Player of the season – Arsene Wenger) Player of the season – Laurent Koscielny

First manager to get fired – Jurgen Klopp. No fault of his. League is just too competitive and he does not have class players, although he is super class.

First manager to join Liverpool – Mark Hughes. He is just going to regret it.

First manager to escape relegation – David Moyes

First manager to accept relegation – Swansea (and whomsover their manager is)

Manager of the year – Jose Mourinho

Player of the year – Eden Hazard

Young player of the year – Anthony Martial

Cheers all. Have a great season
Sagar Deo, Mumbai


People have already started to make predictions for the season so I thought I’d get into it too. Following today’s game, I can only expect Liverpool fans to claim it’s their year and whatnot. Arsenal thrashing an unknown Norwegian team 8-0 might trigger them to do the same (although their lack of marquee signings might dissuade them to do so), while I expect a few Spurs fans to get bold and excited after our own trashing of Inter Milan.

Among “experts”, every pundit will initially jump on the City bandwagon and predict a Pep victory for the campaign (isn’t that what they did last year, without Pep though? summer spending talks), or they’re gonna go with United and join the José-Zlatan ego-club.

But here’s what’s funny about predictions, it all comes down to either emotions or pseudo-logic. In the first case, we’ll see fans boldly predicting their favorite team to win it (and who can blame them? football’s about that hope and confidence); while in the second case you’ll get fans trying to be ‘realistic’ and back their predictions with stats or deductions. Two big subjects generally come in place: who’s the manager (i.e. tactics and such) and what players do they have (i.e. summer signings and retained players). City becomes automatic favorite because they have Pep and have signed a lot of high-profile players. United too. Chelsea? More or less, there’s Conte and they signed Kanté. Liverpool? Klopp-mania and the traditional former-Saints new signings, that will put them around the top 4 but possibly not in it for many pundits. Arsenal? Top 4 is their trademark, and Wenger’s consistent, but their signings this summer have been poor so they’ll be 4th in many lists. Tottenham? 6th/5th, bottom order of the Big 6 for everyone most likely. That’s what to be expected, with the same old lines: Poch doesn’t have as much experience, Spurs players are too young, “can they perform as good as last season? can they handle UCL matches too?”.

Leicester? Same as Spurs, besides the inexperienced manager and the young players. I mean Leicester has become a mid-table club for pundits already and nobody sees them defending their title or even getting in the top 4 this season. Yikes, moneytalk is back.

But then the more romantic of pundits and fans will remind us of the so-called unpredictability of the Premier League and last year’s fairy tale. Nobody sees Moyes and Sunderland winning the prem, now, do we? Eh? Not even runner-up?

If I were a pundit I’d go with a top 10 as followed:

1. Man City
2. Man Utd
3. Chelsea
4. Arsenal
5. Liverpool
6. Spurs
7. West Ham
8. Leicester
9. Everton
10. Saints

But I’m a deluded football fan so I’m no expert so I’ll go with an amateur prediction, ye?

1. Spurs
2. Sunderland
3. Man City
4. Arsenal
5. Man Utd
6. Swansea
7. Liverpool
8. West Ham
9. Palace
10. United

Chelsea relegated. United fell in love with Europa League. Liverpool and West Ham embracing their mid-table reality. Spurs unbeaten and winning games 5-0 with the players having gone super saiyan with Poch’s training; Lloris gets golden boot after finally mastering long-distance goal kicks. That’d be fun.

John Blakeway

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