Mails: Wilshere would be the perfect foil for Matic

Date published: Thursday 9th November 2017 6:36

You know what to do – mail

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Wilshere is the perfect foil for Matic
Hearing rumours of Wilshere leaving Arsenal in January, Jose if you are reading this please sign him up! I think he’d be the perfect foil for Matic and would allow United to control the tempo of games, something that has been lacking since Carrick has been out of the side. Obviously he’s made of fibre glass but it’s worth taking a punt on a player of his calibre.
Rosh, MUFC


Prizes are handed out in May
Matt Stead’s article about the “narrative changing” contained ZERO quotes from Mourinho to highlight the point he was making. The narrative he’s actually talking about is the tone of the media, which as we’ve entered November, are getting jittery to hand out the title. City look good and have opened a bit of a gap – boom – they’re gonna win it. Mourinho’s future is in the balance. Season over. Why bother playing the rest at all?

Relax lads. City do look good. United don’t look too bad either. Spurs and Chelsea look pretty good too. It’s November, the prizes are handed out in May – take it easy.
Joe Donohoe


Is it such a dry week for news that Matt Stead has to put yet another anti Mourinho article up in lights?

I cant see anywhere where Mourinho has claimed the title is now a one horse race. If we’re taking tabloid tittle tattle (or ‘PR Machines’) as a base source for the normally well written and researched article that appear on this site then all bets would appear to be off. The only relevant quote he provided was from 2014 and relating to Chelsea!

He really is the Yin to Duncan Castles Yang.
Richard, Manchester


Klopp deserves more time and patience
In response to LD.

In that almost title winning season, Liverpool were 3 wins away from the title. Not 90 mins.

v Chelsea
v Palace
v Newcastle

They needed 7 points to win the title from said games.

They needed a draw at Chelsea, the obvious most difficult game, whose game plan was to time waste. Any person with half a brain would realise that all Liverpool needed was to let Chelsea carry on being unadventurous but Brendan Rodgers ‘philosophy’ was sooooooo f***ing important, that he didn’t stop to think that Mourinho was actually doing him a bloody favour.

This is the game that cost Liverpool, not Crystanbul.

Rodgers arrogance was clearly shown before this game, when he stated that his only regret was Carragher not being in the team that season.

It was clear that he was just in the right place at the right time with a team created out of the perfect storm.  Ultimately, Barry Glendenning was right, Rodgers was a Snake Oil merchant.

Liverpool’s defensive problems have predated Klopp and people who are against the “all eggs in one basket” transfer policy seriously need to look back at Liverpool’s previous transfer dealings. I would there be no transfers than picking up second string. It pretty much happened at Liverpool for 8 years.

Klopp deserves more time and patience. He won’t get everything right and not all his transfers will work and there have been injury’s to key players.

The only thing that I will criticise is the keeper situation. Mignolet and Karius aren’t good enough, this should have been noticed last season and rectified this transfer window. Liverpool would definitely be more of a contender if they actually purchased a better keeper.
Z (imagine if Salah could actually finish)


A rule to help stop risk averse teams in the PL
As you may have noticed A lot of Premier League games have become attack vs defence with many away teams sticking 11 men behind the ball looking to nick a point and grind out a 0-0. Although in these instances, good defending can be admired, football is ultimately about trying to score goals and your defence trying to prevent goals from going in is just a by product of that. Thus when you don’t score in a game it should be deemed a failure of the team, even if you don’t concede. So how about this for a rule, if a game finishes 0-0 both teams get 0 points. This should stop teams shutting up shop from the  1st minute as they know that to get any sort of point in the game, they need to score at least 1 goal. Teams could still sit deep and hope to get a goal on the break, but that is a risk as a 0-0 is literally like a loss. This should also encourage more attacking football and attacking coaching as grinding out a 0-0 wouldn’t be sufficient anymore, if you can’t score at least 1 goal then you don’t get any points. Ultimately i think it would be good for the game and it would at least go some way to stop the barrage of games where we see teams looking for a 0-0. At the end of the day the main point of football is to put the ball in the back of the net, if you fail to do that, then why do you deserve any?
Simeon (WeAreTottenhamTv) Daniel


Most. Unpopular. Manager. Ever…?
As difficult as these things are to quantify I do wonder if there has ever been a more unpopular manager in English football than Wetched Woy Hodgson during his time at Liverpool FC. Just today James, Liverpool is the latest in a very, very, very long line of mailboxers to stick their size 11s into the owl-faced, incompetent, bizarrely arrogant, cretin. Even the Rafatollah sort of won over the Chelsea fans come the end.

Long may it continue, I say!

Keep up the good work LFC fans for constantly defenestrating this joke of a manager and keep up the good work F365 for constantly publishing the attacks / reminders. It isn’t a stretch to say he would have taken us down. It took a man who had been out of the game for years to come in and show him how it’s done. Hurrah for King Kenny!
Gregory Whitehead, LFC


Dear everyone…
That really clever metaphor that you’ve just come up with (or simile – I don’t really know) about a car, or a girl or a job or a house that is actually Jose Mourinho or Jurgen Klopp or Tottenham or Arsene Wenger and Sanchez and Ozil – yep, you know the one, you’ve just come up with it, and it’s bloody brilliant.  Got it?  Yes well it’s not brilliant, it’s barely even vaguely clever, it’s too transparent, too laboured or not even nearly comparable so please don’t bother sending it in.

Thanks in advance from everyone else.
AS Camden


Rule changes
Dear Ed,

I think that the British Cup idea and actually cracking down on dissent, diving and general d**kheadedness, as suggested by Micki, would be welcome changes. I’m also in favor of Rory’s idea of changing  or scrapping throw-ins if the refs and linesman don’t really care how it’s thrown in or where it’s thrown from.

An idea that I would like to see implemented would be to allow teams to use their entire bench when a knockout match goes into extra time. Surely this would breathe some life into the late stages of the game. Personally, I find it quite frustrating and a bit boring watching a bunch of knackered players walking around the field for the last 15 minutes of the game when there’s a handful of fresh players on the bench who would surely be raring for an opportunity to score the late winner.
Richard, LFC, Durban


Foreign managers
Nic, MCFC, uses other leagues domestic manager bias as an example as to why we’re damning the English managers, but leaves out a lot of points.
Take Spain for example, they don’t have more than 40 decent professional teams. Dipping into the second league gives 7 teams with a stadium capacity of less than 10,000. In England it’s a different story, with full professionalism throughout the top 4 divisions. There’s even some beyond that, Halifax Town are non league and have a stadium capacity of 14,000. This means there’s so much more opportunity for English Managers in England, I’ve no doubt if you compared the number of professional managers in England to those in Spain, Germany or Italy, we would have far more. 15 foreign managers at the top shouldn’t negate another 60 (at a guess) in the next 3 divisions.
The next is manoeuvrability. We have had British managers abroad recently, notable Neville and Moyes in Spain. But they made quite a rough transition, because they didn’t speak Spanish fluently. If you check with Sean Dyche, I bet he doesn’t speak fluent German, Italian or Spanish. But Conte, who had never managed outside of Italy, came straight into Chelsea and was fine with it. Likewise Klopp, this smooth transition enables the hiring of foreign managers at the top.
In summary, plenty of opportunity in England, given the option between managing Ipswich Town (8th in Championship), or Alaves, Benevento, or Freiburg, who would you take? Think of the wages. And who would they take for their budget?
KC (Brendan Rodgers will manage abroad)


Wilshere is miles better than Livermore and Cork
Saw young Jack interviewed on TV last night and was mentioned alongside the interview that,  ‘his lack of game time has meant no call up for England’.   Was also an article on F365 (Wenger has ensured me playing time) and the same thing was noted ‘lack of game time has meant no call up’   That’s all seems fine and dandy, as that’s the reason Gareth Southgate gave when asked about Wilshere’s omission.


Since Wilshere’s 1st game this season (Sept 14th) he has started 5 games + sub in 3 =  8 games played.     Compare this with the following players (using same time frame)

Danny Rose :  1 start + 2 subs  = 3 games

Livermore :  7 starts + 1 sub  =   8 Games  (exc. 2 x England games)

Cork : 8 Starts =  8 Games

Loftus-Cheek : 5 starts + 1 sub  =  6 games

Joe Gomez : 7 starts  =  7 games

Seems Southgate isn’t worried about 3 x game Danny Rose, or 6 x game Loftus-Cheek when calling for playing time before being able to pick players. Wilshere is miles better than Livermore and Cork and should be in the squad ahead of them.

Quality over quantity….
Neil. (I’m aware Rose was injured, but Southgate started the, ‘he needs to have played to be picked’ rhetoric…)  Over here.


International preview
Not a lot going on to be honest so will focus on what’s important

International playoffs
Who’s in it

Nearish neigbours the Aussies and Kiwis go up against. The americas Honduras and Peru respectively
The scene
Long ass trips across the globe ‎to play two games of football

‎Why root for anyone as a neutral/who would we miss  : not much really besides peru everyone has been consistent going to at least 2. Of the last 3 world cup. Peru are the actually story as they have a chance to go to their first since the early 80’s the team with the red sash are currently in the world’s top 10 they may as well show us why . Very few players we’d actually miss maybe it would be fun to see cahill trying to knockout a cornerflag one more time.


Who’s still in it

Cote d vorie or Morocco Tunisia or Congo all of the infamous group D
The scene
‎Cote d vorie take on Morocco knowing they need to win or their out. Tunisia just need to avoid a home defeat to be in Russia‎. Senegal can book their place with at least one win against south africa who  need to win both games of the double header.  If they both  fail to get what’s required Burkina Faso/Cape Verde can sneak in by winning the game between them by 4 or 8 goals respectively.

Who to root
for/who will we miss: morroco haven’t been to a world cup since ‎1998 senegal since getting to the quarters in 2002 and congo dr since taking several ass whoopings in 1974 burkina faso and cape verde would be making their debuts.

The world will definitely miss out on one of Frank Kessie/Zaha or Ziyech /herve renard . Senegal’s team is really talented and includes saidio mane south africa have got the vuvu ( ahh forget about it


Who’s in it

The Scandinavian cousins  Denmark and  Sweden‎, Both Irelands Greece Check shirt specialists Croatia Switzerland and minnows Italy

The scene
Head to head games between the aforementioned teams which most of us know by heart already
Why bother
Italy all jokes aside are one of the pillars of world cups we need them to be there the swedes will hope to prove they can qualify without their Talisman. If the Irish teams don’t make it the British press will have to focus solely on England.

We could potentially watch a world cup without the solid Italian defensive unit in what should be Buffon’s last major tournament the Croat’s check shirts as well as that midfield .F365 will have a fit if Christian Ericksen doesn’t make‎ although i’m more interested in seeing Lord Bendtner and then there’s Greece’s ultra pragmatic defensive football.

Who is in everyone not mentioned above

The scene
Experimental sides from those already qualified including people trying to book a seat on their teams plane to russia some interesting looking games including the 427th meeting between Germany and England

Why Bother
Because there may be ladder(s)

Who to root  for

People ‎who have to make up ladders and we will probably miss. Players who will get injured at some point during this break.
Timi, Super Eagles fan


Old England, new England
This is a mail about England, but two quick points. Expect a drop in form at City, and judge West Ham´s new manager after 20 games. Better after a full pre season and 20 games.

So from the iconic France 98 team, I  went on to watch highlights of our Euro 2004 game against France. Usually these games are so intensly absorbing for me (and never actually enjoyable) the memory of them is a real blur.

The point I wish to make is even with possibly one of our strongest line-ups in living memory, Owen / Rooney. Gerrard pre European cup winner, Scholes, Beckham and Lampard, Cole, Sol, at the back. There was very much an England -ness to that game. Most of our players under performed yet we were 1-0 upon 90 minutes and about to beat a very good (on paper) French team, we should´ve been 3-0 up but Beckham was wasteful, Owen off it, Gerrard was rash and our number one game changer off the bench was Daruisblinkin Vassell. Anyway we conceded two goals in injury time and it goes down as a monumental shooting in the foot. Basically the same script as in France, Brazil, wherever, you get the picture.

So this new generation of younger players , who, crucially, have already tasted international success ought not to get ¨the fear¨ that afflicted even Beckham, Gerrard et al or almost any England player since even 1970. Ever the optimist.

There was a good point made in the mailbox recently on Gareth Southgate being perfect for continuing the guidance of all  England´s youth coaches, the one´s who have won international tournaments yet Southgate is not good/canny/ courageous/streetwise enough to move the senior team forward.

One thing he can do is fill half of his world cup squad with international winners. When we play teams that will sit back – then play the kids to school them in these new levels of pressure,- the kids who know how to unlock defences (and win), perhaps with a senior goalie. Not Hart on current form.

Then when we play a team that are clearly good and would normally knock us out or beat us then play the senior team (who will be a bit less knackered and not full of frustration from earlier underperformances). If this were continually happening then the younger teams would see the pathway and fight for it in a way that would be mightily inspirational. Furthermore it would give us one team who haven´t played 60 games in a mentally tough season with their clubs and another slightly fresher/ less jaded senior team.

If after this next World Cup , nothing has changed then I too would welcome Brendan Rodgers as England manager although I´d still prefer Rafa for a tournament.
Peter (Big England fan) Andalucia.


Best player in the Premier League
This time last year I had a go at a rundown of who could legitimately claim to be the best player in the Premier League at that moment. My criteria was that the list shouldn’t be padded out, it should only contain those who could make a sensible case for being number one. I came up with Sergio Aguero, Coutinho, Kevin De Bruyne, Mesut Ozil, Eden Hazard and Diego Costa (I went for De Bruyne but said Costa is the one I would fear the most). I boldly claimed that if ‘that isn’t the PFA shortlist this year then I’m President Trump’. It wasn’t, and I am not; but I do fancy another go. So, for no other reason than it is an international break, here are the six players I believe could claim to be the best in the Premier League;

1.      Kevin De Bruyne- The list could stop here. I chose him last year and, if anything, he has got better. He has recently stated that he prefers to assist than to score which means Mrs De Bruyne must be a very happy lady. Links everything together. His range of passing is exceptional but he can also finish as the goal against Arsenal showed. I cannot remember him having an off day, he is the opposite of a form/ streaky player. Consistent excellence.

2.      Jan Vertonghen- superb in an aerial dual, calm on the ball and able to play in different formations and approaches. It is often noted that we don’t live in a great time for defenders by Jan is a solid gold great defender.

3.      Coutinho- slightly controversial now. I ummed and arred around Salah and Mane but the former hasn’t been in the Prem long enough and the latter has missed too many games. Coutinho strikes me as the type of player who would look even better in a better team (Brazil currently and Barcelona potentially). He is 25 now and each time I watch him a think he is on the edge of scoring a great goal, not his standard step inside and shoot from 25 yards but a Maradona-esque run beating four or five men.

4.      Harry Kane- For all the recent discussions around whether he is ‘world class’ I believe he is actually underrated. Any time I watch Spurs there seems to be a moment early on which proves he is ‘on it’ and as sure as night follows days he will score… usually twice. He absolutely revels in scoring goals, any type of goals, for the sheer joy of scoring. He reminds me of Alan Shearer in that a ball goes into the box, there is a melee of players and Kane scores. He has leadership abilities as well which are sadly lacking in most clubs.

5.      Eden Hazard- he is just coming back through the recent injury and gets kicked a lot but he is beautiful to watch. Links to Real Madrid don’t flatter him and I could see him having a career-defining world cup. His control is exceptional, he can beat players and pick a pass. When on form he is up there with anyone in the world.

6.      David de Gea- Astonishingly good. I don’t watch enough Bayern Munich or Juventus to know if he is the best in the world (neither do the chumps who vote for FIFA awards, they just vote for the names) but I do know he is the best in the Premier League by far. He regularly makes saves that no-one else would make and he is the reason that Jose is able to park the bus.

If that isn’t the PFA shortlist this year then I’m Prime Minster Boris. For me- it remains De Bruyne but de Gea is pretty close behind.
Micki Attridge, I know Kante exists by the way- I just don’t think he is the best footballer.

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