Mails: With the same budget, Klopp > Guardiola

Date published: Monday 2nd January 2017 9:19

If we have to work, you have to mail. Keep them coming to…


Great win, average performance
That was an excellent result which was born out of an incredibly average performance at best. Mane looked dreadful. I can only presume he’s completely knackered and hopefully the AFCON will at least have some games which are played at a slower pace than Klopp football. He definitely needs a rest. Can was very slow in possession and that often forced us to recycle the ball backwards in order to retain it when we were in promising positions. The only players to come out with a great deal of credit were Wijnaldum, Klavan and Mignolet.

Credit to Origi is also due. I think he must’ve been told when coming on to not even think about scoring and instead to hold up the ball and be a nuisance. He did an excellent job and took the pressure off the defence massively.

This definitely seemed to be a game in which Klopp tried to turn Guardiola’s focus on possession into a weakness. There seemed to be a plan to leave certain passing channels open to funnel the ball to Otamendi in defence or Sterling in attack and then once they were on the ball the hounding began. Both players had tough afternoons and gave away possession numerous times. It might’ve been that Silva and De Bruyne were just completely anonymous, particularly in the first half, but I thought it reflected a well executed plan by Klopp. I also thought we fouled more than usual and played a lot of long balls compared to normal.

I can’t imagine how many of that XI will be fit enough to start at Sunderland. It wasn’t the most fun to watch but it was exhausting for me on the sofa…can’t have been easy to play in.
Minty, LFC


Yeah, how dare you not work at 9pm on New Year’s Eve
What a disgrace not to publish a 16 conclusions on Liverpool v Man City. Shame on you F365.
Bruk (make us dream again) LFC


Gini in a bottle
That’s what Wijnaldum does. We may not win the league and I will bite your hand off for third right now but one thing is for sure: Jurgen Klopp is one lovely bastard!

I love you… happy new year everyone.
Pete (alcohol induced email), Birmingham


One conclusion
*Klopp is better than Pep as a manager. Yes, I said it, given the same resources, Klopp will beat Pep every single time.
Dave, Somewhere


Liverpool’s defence is hardly creaking
Read earlier today that Stan Collymore who achieved little as a player and even less as a pundit, thinks Liverpool won’t finish in the top four due to defensive frailties. He thinks Man City will win the League ahead of Chelsea (not sure how), Arsenal third and Manchester United fourth.

Lets just quickly look at goals conceded, as Liverpool have scored 6 more than closest team Man City:
Liverpool – 21
Man City – 20
Arsenal – 19

Chelsea don’t have a defensive problem at present but they are capable of conceding in quantity if the right team takes them on (Liverpool scored three) and City tore them to shreds time after time, didn’t take their chances.

Frankly tired of the defensive frailties argument, as it can be levelled at both City and Arsenal equally (but it isn’t) and after 18 games we have outscored both by far and not reliant on 1-2 players for the goals (Sanchez / Aguero Ibrahimovic etc).
Ash, LFC


Oh it’s on
I see Robbie Savage, Stan Collymore and now Harry Redknapp have all written Liverpool off.

Oh joy.

This has to be our year.
Garth Litmus


The clever plan
So, much to the annoyance of my wife, I commandeered the TV at my friends New Years party and plugged in my Chromecast and watched the football. Totally worth spending early 2017 in the doghouse.
Carl (crappy game though) the Welsh


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