Mails: Lingard the right-wing solution for United

Date published: Thursday 17th September 2015 9:51

Jesse Lingard: United's right winger solution?

One Arsenal fan asks whether fans of both clubs would swap Giroud for Rooney. Jesse Lingard should be given a go in the Manchester United first team and resting players, who does Brendan Rodgers think he is? 

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Who does ‘charlatan’ Rodgers think he is?
Just prior to watching the Derby della Madonnina I caught up with the ever excellent AC Jimbo’s show.

Bordeaux managed to halt a record equalling run of wins by PSG with a very creditable 2-2 draw away to the league leaders. Admittely PSG’s keeper made a couple of howlers but still…tough opponents and not to be taken lightly is what I thought about Bordeaux.

Imagine my surprise to read then that Mr Veneers is planning to rest much of the first XI!

Honestly, who does that Charlatan think he is? Sir Bob Paisley, Carlo Ancelloti!? Doe she bestride the European game and as such can rest players without fear of reproach? We need wins, son. And we need them quick.

If this backfires, as it might, then I hope very much to see a German hipster on the touchline come the Canaries visit. He needs to remember we are Liverpool. Unlike small European clubs like Arsenal it won’t do to just make up the numbers.

Although I defended him against Madrid for the resultant performance and the fact I hoped it would give senior members of the squad the kick-up the arse they needed I won’t this time. Unless we win, of course, because I’m proper knee-jerk like that!
Gregory Whitehead, LFC


Champions League football is depressing
Dear MC,
God it’s all depressing at the moment with English football in the Champions League. Compounded by Chelsea winning of course.

But rather than vent my frustration at Wenger not playing Giroud and Walcott up front last night like I’d suggested (perfect night to do it, and Walcott scored the type of goal I said he would..) instead I’ve come up with a game to play. The game is to invent a completely fictitious headline involving someone in football that would make a good headline.

Me first; ‘Costa off E’ – Diego Costa makes a statement declaring he won’t be going to illegal raves any more.

Your turn..


Would you swap Giroud for Rooney?
A question: fellow Arsenal fans, would you swap Giroud for Rooney?
Manchester United fans, would you swap Rooney for Giroud?

As for the game, we’re far past the point where we’d refer to this as a shock result, aren’t we?
Greg Benham, AFC



Arsenal Defeat Not That Much To Worry about
Hi, Arsenal supporter here

I don’t really feel very Wenger Out-y right now. I’m not furious or disappointed, or resigned. I’m not going to “give up on football” or ‘stop being an Arsenal fan’. I don’t think Giroud is the worst player in the world. I don’t think Arteta is utter shit (though I do think he’s well past it…)

I’m pretty happy. It’s a bad result, those happen. Big deal. Not the end of the world.
Lily, AFC (on the off-chance you get ‘one or two’ slightly negative posts from other Gooners, to balance things out a bit)



Gibbs and Ox shocking in Champions League defeat
Please somebody, anybody, take a look at Kieran Gibbs losing possession and then jogging back without a care in the world as Arteta and then Debuchy make last ditch tackles.

Ball goes out- corner for Zagreb- gibbs attempts a feeble hop at best, Koscielny is outmuscle- Goal. It’s everything you don’t want your defender to do.

Prior to that, of course, Giroud had one of his seasonal Giroud moments.  The Ox was shocking too; lucky not to score twice in his own net.

In a fit of rage, I’d think this team merits a group stage exit but for all you know, they’ll probably beat Bayern and still squeak through.

What a bloody shambles.
Deepak (Gabriel was the only positive)


Oscar is Chelsea’s best No 10
It is nice to see us winning comfortably again, though there were flashes of the recent dodginess during the game

I believe that any struggling team’s fundamental issue lies in midfield and over the years if you observe statistics/highlights, you can see that the struggles originate in midfield

That is precisely our issue (also refer the Nevillier’s views on the same)

But what Neville didn’t mention is that the deeper problem in our midfield structure is the personnel.  I believe that our team plays best (fluid, scoring goals, dominating) when Oscar plays as no 10 and Fabregas plays alongside Matic.  I am assuming the rest of the lot will do their pressing and defensive duties.

Oscar while being non flamboyant is a wonderfully gifted footballer, with skills and wits.. He presses high up, is a willing ball runner, passer and occasionally scores those goals of the season (refer Juventus).  His pressing and harrying high up the field opens up the space and imagination for a certain Cesc Fabregas.  And he is best when he has that vision.

Arguably our best game of this so far woeful season was the opener against Swansea.  Yes, we werent as good as we were last season, but given the small sample of our rotten games this season, Swansea was the best.  And guess what, Oscar played, scored and was along side Fabregas.  Till the sending off of Courtois, we were quite decent in that game.

Last season without Oscar (bad form/injury), we reverted to what Girish of AFC would call our classic defensive auto-pilot.  Fabregas was less effective as a no 10 as he cannot harass space and opponents and we suffered.. But the rest of the lot put in a shift to get those 1-0 wins and we won the title.. How many of you recall that we were good till Oscar played in that game against PSG?  The moment Jose subbed him inevitably (as he was on course for a second yellow in that game), we collapsed and lost the tie…

In my opinion, playing Oscar and Fabregas together brings the best out of the current squad.. This isnt to say that Ivanovic must never play full back again, JT must come out of whatever depression he is going through, Eden must recall that he can dribble, Costa must channel his energies to score and not pick up bar fights on the pitch among other trivial issues.  But at least with Oscar in the side, we’re likely to be less rotten (as evident last night) and maybe even score goals you know..

As a closing remark, I hope Jose saw Arsenal’s game and season generally.. I’d like to see us play the way we beat United last april.  A tight 1-0 or 2-0… As long as we shut shop straight away and let them have the ball, dont see us losing at the bare minimum… And inevitably, Arsenal defence is capable of a brain fart to gift us the game.. Come on Jose, do it to Arsene again!
Aravind, Chelsea fan


PSV referee needs taking to task
Post Weds CL matches I can appreciate that there’s not much space to get this printed. That doesn’t matter. What I really want to ask F365 to do is to follow-up publicly on what if anything UEFA do about Nicola Rizzoli (the referee in the PSV v United game) and his four negligent assistants. I’m betting f*** all.

This is not simply about a missed red card and penalty. This is about the over-ridding responsibility football officials have to enforce those rules of the game that are designed to protect players from serious injury.

Sad to say but in this case we don’t need video evidence to prove that they missed a horrendous tackle. You don’t get a double leg break from catching your studs on the grass or falling awkwardly.

It requires the sort of brutal impact that was so evident to all in the reckless lunge by PSV’s Hector Moreno.

The fact that Moreno scored in the injury time added as a result of his attack and celebrated remorselessly hardly registers relative to the negligence of the officials.

This might cause Luke Shaw his career or it might “just” be that he loses a yard of pace, drops into the lower leagues and we all say “he never really recovered from the early season injury in 2015”.

Meanwhile, UEFA avoids any suggestion of negligence, prima dona Rizzoli prims his hair and leads the teams out for the 2017 CL final.
Dave Mack


United need a right winger, give Lingard a go
I have to admit that seeing Di Maria score for PSG hit me with a jolt of jealousy, seeing him effortlessly breeze past defenders with that ridiculous ease and nonchalance made me think of what could have been.

That could have been him a Manchester United jersey, but that brings me to my real of issue concern United need a right winger. Our options since di maria’s departure are
mata, young, valencia. Mata really good but is short of pace.

Young’s crossing from the right is not as accurate as from the left (which is wierd considering that he is a right footer). Valencia is still as one-track minded as he as ever been. Playing memphis from the right wing looked good but with his style of play he is more of a threat on the left wing where he can easily cut to his right foot.

With these issue I’ll suggest united get a new winger in january (probably felipe anderson) or better still as an alternative give lingard as crack at first team football.

United fans what do you think?
Tommy Lagos


An ode to BT Sport’s Champions League coverage
Could BT’s Champions League coverage be any more Pro Evolution Soccer? Everywhere you look there’s a kind of loveable, homemade charm about it, whether it’s Jon Champion commentating, using the star logo as the ‘o’ in the the Goals Show or just the Goals Show itself – I’m surprised that they didn’t get Pierluigi Collina to present the main game.

If anything I’m a bit disappointed that they’ve got the rights to use all the proper team and player names, it almost seems a bit showy.

The Goals Show is also a bit of a revelation; how has nobody thought about doing something like this before? It’s like Soccer Saturday, except they can show all of the goals and there’s 100% less Paul Merson. And John Richardson! It ticks all (three) boxes.

Long may it, but not Michael Owen, continue.
Alex, Ipswich

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