Man City to take their ‘bull plop’ to France? The walls are starting to crumble…

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Man City and Premier League logos
Man City are taking legal action against the Premier League.

It’s a second Man City Mailbox as rival fans urge the fans to boycott the club and the Premier League to force them out of England.

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Tyranny of the Majority
Well that escalated, eh? I for one can’t wait for the first Indie band to name themselves Tyranny of the Majority in about 2029.
Dan, London


Man City fans: do the decent thing
Message to City fans: have some dignity and boycott your rotten club.


Why are Man City challenging rules they definitely haven’t broken?
So Man City have bought legal action against the Premier League. The legal action appears to challenge the rules set up for FFP. This may confuse people because up to now I thought City were adamant they were in line with these FFP rules, that they had won 5 of the last 6 titles and generated the highest annual turnover of any club in the world by staying in line. Why on earth would City want to challenge the very substance of these rules which by complying with have made them a n unstoppable winning machine?

Of course this is clearly a last throw of the dice by City to either divert attention and time away from the 115 charges or simply a desperate aggressive last stand of a doomed and cornered club.

The City statement also has elements of blackmail in it by stating if the league don’t bend over backwards and let City do what they want and instead force them to stick to the rules then City will be forced to put up ticket prices for fans and, withdraw or reduce investment in the women’s team, youth development and local community projects! City are clearly unaware that they are free to spend whatever they want on the women’s team, youth facilities and community projects as these are exempt from FFP!

The sooner the book is thrown most aggressively at this club the better. The walls are starting to crumble.
Rich. AFC


…Don’t worry about the future of football lads, the Man City boys will be along soon to tell us how they’re the good guys, actually.

Just trying to help.
Scriv O’Scoob, Reading


…I see that lovable underdog of a club, City, decide that they are so tired of not being admired for their achievements in the light of 115 charges being brought for cheating, that they want to sue to stop the 115 charges for being regarded as transgressions.

My understanding is that the PL is a private club, controlled by its members. Would they not be in their rights to eject City from their league for non-compliance? If that is the case, who are City going to play? They can be removed from the FA under a similar mechanism, and there is no legal right to be accepted.

Similarly, if the current case fails and they are indeed found guilty, I can see this as being existential for the club – it’s not just a fine, but every single club that has been relegated or knocked out of Europe at their hands will be bringing a private prosecution for fraud. As we know, football clubs will chase any pot of money, and I don’t see City as being immune from that. That would bankrupt the club and send it into administration.

It seems that these could well be the final days of the blue empire and their new case will be the trigger for it.
Nick in Woking


…So City are now basically suing the Premier League to preserve their right to circumvent financial fair rules into the future.

They want unlimited licence to fund their club with fake deals from companies owned by their owners to pump whatever amount of money they want into their club, but whoever they want, fly however many referees they want to their country before important games.

I don’t think I’m over staying it when I say the next two legal contests between City’s owners and the Premier League are really for the future of football in this country.

If the Premier League loses these cases (which is a very distinct possibility given the resources at City’s disposal) then we can all stop pretending Premier League is a viable competition.

At least now we can clearly see City’s model and methods for finding their club being revealed and their determination to continue acts which fly in the face of fair and equal competition, every cloud has a silver lining eh.

If City win this then football in this country is being put on life support and the grave of our beautiful league as we know it has been dug.
Dave LFC


Man City are ruining football as we know it
If Man City get away with it, I honestly couldn’t care less about the stripped titles. For the clubs that benefit, those retrospective titles will forever have a little * against them. A stain that cannot be removed. City can keep them.

What I do care about, in the event they get away with it all, is the irreparable damage they will do to the game. Permanent financial doping. A competition that is unequivocally about who has the most cash to splash. It’s bad enough as it is. How bloody boring.

Football has no draft system, or salary caps, or other means to create or even incentivise an even playing field. If City get off and successfully argue their case, English Football is no longer a game as that implies unpredictable outcomes.

I say let the big clubs have their Super League. They can leave the soul of the game alone for everyone else. Even Arsenal if they wish.
Matt Wright, Gunner in Aus

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…So 115 Charges FC are pathetically and embarrassingly playing victim yet again with all the maturity of a 5 year old child. They are suing the Premier League (to remove the APT rules they are making a mockery of) and claiming that clubs democratically voting to change rules that get them in trouble for cheating is “tyranny of the majority”. This is certainly an amusing if unsurprising insight from a club owned by a dictator.

I mean how dare clubs owned by a Middle Eastern dictators who tyrannize their countries not be able to pump endless funding into said clubs under the guise of inflated sponsorship deals so they can win trophies at the expense of other clubs who can’t.

The gall of the clubs affected using democracy to try and prevent this is unforgivable and certainly a bigger shame on the Premier League than them allowing a club to be owned by a human rights abusing bigot who imprisoned two male tourists in his country for a year because they dressed in a feminine way.

My advice to them would be to maybe not cheat in the first place. If Pep really is a managerial god like many claim he would be able to win the league without oodles of fraudulently acquired funds, right?


Can Man City move to France now please?
I note the article regarding Manchester City and their outrageous response. Surely everyone involved, not just the fans, are sick of this bull plop?

Someone in the comments below the article suggested they (City) could just leave the league if they didn’t like it. And that got me thinking. Could they join another league? Say Ligue 1? It wouldn’t actually be a terrible thing, in my opinion. It would make both leagues more competitive and would rid us of a truly sh*tty club.

Anyway, I’m sure there are rules on this and whatnot. I just wondered if there was a precedent and what people in the mailbox thought of this idea.
JazGooner (Arsenal fan, obviously)


What are odds on Man City being found guilty?
There is a lot of chatter at the moment about what will happen to City if they are found guilty of the 115 charges. Lots of people ‘in the know’ throwing around words like ‘relegation’, ‘expulsion’ and ‘3 minutes on the naughty step’. It does seem like the prospect of City being somehow removed from the Premier League is gaining a lot of weight and traction. And, if found guilty, I look forward to heavy punishments being handed down.

Now that the footballing world has seemingly settled on City being relegated/removed from the league as being a done deal as soon as the guilty verdict is handed down, it seems even more likely to me, now, that City wont be found guilty at all.

The Premier League could say, ”well, we were going to relegate them, but they were innocent. We tried.” and look all righteous whilst saying. All the while protecting the money, sorry, integrity, of football.

What are the chances City are actually found guilty tho? Anyone taking bets? Anyone know if Paqueta is running a book?
Clive (LFC) (a random-ish rant just to shoehorn in a bad joke about Paqueta)

Hammer time? No thanks
One of my very favourite parts of the build-up to a major championship is West Ham fans demanding that one of their English players who has no chance of making the squad, be included in the England squad.

For many years it was Mark Noble or Andy Carroll, occasionally a wild “Stewart Downing for England!” would appear. Perhaps even a rare and shyly tweeted “Jarvis deserves a chance”.

This time around, I assume Southgate is toying with the West Ham fans before discarding Bowen when the final squad is announced. At least, I hope so. I’ve been pro-Southgate up to this point, but if he actually includes a West Ham player in a tournament squad he should be immediately dismissed by the FA.
Jeremy Aves


And finally
If the Belgium away shirt really was inspired by Tintin, can someone tell me what sort of world we live in where the England away shirt isn’t inspired by Bananaman?

Or pink and orange in homage to Zippy and George – but not Bungle. I hate Bungle.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London