Man City one-time expulsion won’t work. They should pay off a 690-point debt…

Ian Watson
Pep Guardiola looks frustrated during a Manchester City game.
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

The Mailbox suggests a punishment for Manchester City that would act as an adequate deterrent. And England’s defensive problems can be solved by Newcastle…

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Crime and punishment
Just read your article on possible City punishments and none of them really fit the bill.

There is no point in stripping titles, it may affect the history books but nothing can take the AGUEROOOO moment away from those that experienced it.

The only proper punishment is one that will have an downward effect that lasts as long as the positive snowball effect of the alleged breaches gave.

That can only mean a points deduction for each of the alleged breaches if proven. Given the precedent of Everton and even at the reduced value of 6 points per breach that would be a cumulative total of 690 points. Applying this in one season is pointless as City would go to the Championship, play mostly reserves and still get promoted in one season. The first team could go on loan for a season to champions league teams and come back the season after.

Instead the 690 deduction should be applied on a cumulative basis for points earned in the Premier League only. That means each time City get promoted they start with the outstanding balance of points from their last premier league season, for example say City get 80 points this season, points deduction applied and are relegated, when they win promotion to the Premier League the season after next they start on -610 ensuring relegation to the championship that season also but slowly over the course of a number of years they would earn enough premier league points to have worked it off.

As I have said in the past, I think FFP is a farce and any owner of any team should be able to spend their money on whatever they like, but rules is rules.

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Expulsion clauses
If I’m an agent of any player involved at Man City, I’m 100% getting a clause out in there that says any expulsion or demotion, or whatever they call it, that happens, buy out clause of £1 gets activated.

If Man City are so sure that there has been nothing doing, they should be fine to sign them…


Toon solution for England
Left back, Tino Livramento. He’s one of the best players I have seen in a Newcastle shirt this season, and can play this position.

Centre back – Maguire replacement – Dan Burn. All the faults of Maguire except one – he doesn’t make a blunder each game. He’s on the left for Newcastle, but is a centre back. And if Dunk plays, they’ve played together before so that should count for something. At least he’s a good option for the subs bench.

But I’m in the Southgate out camp. The issue surrounding Ben White is enough for him to go. He’s lied about it.
Charles (NUFC)


English disease
For the last two tournaments I’ve said England will not win, while everyone else has felt confident they will.

I’d love to know where that confidence comes from because while England has talented players they lack the collective winners mentality. Perhaps because the best players in that team have never won anything. But mostly because that’s the england mentality in general, pretend they created anything good and ignore anything bad because it spoils the (somewhat delusional) self image of being the powerful and kind rulers of the world.

I genuinely believe it’s a talented team, give it to Carlo, Jürgen or Pep and they’ll win the first trophy they enter. I even think Jose would probably win. But English managers aren’t good, they all have small club mentality of “how do we not lose?” Instead of “how do we win?”

There’s no history of winning like Italy, France, Spain etc. if you’re an England fan I am always surprised when you get angry at losing in a tournament and then racially abuse your own players online – why? Aside from it causing more damage than the loss itself what did you expect and why? You expected to win?
That’s like west ham expecting to win the premier league? (No offence to hammers)

Which is why I said England fans are delusional, you have an expectation of success when there’s absolutely no history of it regardless of who manages and which players are available.

When England reached the final fans should genuinely be proud because it literally is the greatest achievement since 1966 and totally unexpected by everyone except England fans. If you entered with realistic expectation you’d probably enjoy the whole thing more and feel less disappointed. Go into the tournament thinking and expecting to be a decent group stage game for your opponents, because that’s genuinely England’s level, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

Don’t be delusional.


No way, Jose
Another mailbox, another football “fan” suggesting to get Jose in. Anyone that wants Jose anywhere for the purposes of entertainment should try having him manage your club in the last decade. Sadists, the lot of ‘em.
Jon, Lincoln


The pessimistic view​
Southgate is an okay coach, but I think the pressure is too much on him. Let’s look at the England Squad.

Pickford isn’t world class, Ramsdale is 2nd Choice at Arsenal.. and Pope is injured.. that leaves Johnstone and the likes

Trent is said not to be very good at defending, Walker is 34, Trippier is around same age and out of form, James is rarely fit, Konsa and Gomez ain’t natural right backs and White is….
Shaw is rarely fit, Chilwell is not fit for purpose, Gomez and Trippier ain’t specialist LBs and can be exposed and Rico Henry is injured

Stones is world class but plays DM this days for City, Maguire is Maguire, Gareth doesn’t trust Tomori, Guehi, Branthwaite, Collwill are good but untested.. Dunk is Dunk

Rice is really good, but is he a 6 or and 8, fantastic as both but not world class in any.. lacks the brains to be. Mainoo is 18, Trent is not a midfielder. Gallagher and Henderson are the same. You struggle to remember them playing well. Madison can be great and Jude is phenomenal.
Saka and Kane are world class, and Foden can be if Gareth plays to his strengths (he an instinctive finisher, can get 40 g/a a season of utilized correctly.. but what he will never be is a playmaker or a creator… Lacks the intelligence for that)..

Grealish is cool…

Aside from that Watkins, Toney, Bowen, Rashford, Gordon are useful players

My Question is how do you say that a side with at most 6 quality players .. with no specialist defensive midfielder is talented.

Is there any English born specialist DM? Bar Mainoo and Philips in the EPL?
Kufre, Nigeria


Man Utd for England
Ronnie; Your question on what Rashford offers is fair. I would say that what he offers is a threat that has to be managed and that others in the squad don’t offer. That pace is electric – not many can stay with him and if he gets behind the line, there’s not much they can do but hope he fluffs it, as he’s also pretty strong. He can be brilliant in dribbling too, although he’s definitely more knock and chase, something shown all the more when he plays next to Mainoo.

His shooting is definitely more “hit hard” rather than placed although it has improved. But he can absolutely score, either a well placed finish or one completely unexpected. And critically, he will nearly always try if he can, while also being willing to set others up. He has that quality even if it shows it inconsistently. But what he always is, is a threat that you can’t just ignore. And usually you need two or three players on him, which makes space for others.

And from my perspective, I want a wing forward who will take a risk. He might get tackled or he might break through. That risk/reward is what football is about, for me.

On your other points, Mainoo is the natural selection for that second deeper midfield role. Yeah, he doesn’t have huge raw pace, but he can burst through gaps and then has the tricks, awareness and physicality to take advantage. Plus the lad can tackle. He can progress play in a way I’ve not seen at United since Scholes, but with – dare I say it – a superior all round game. He shouldn’t be expected to last 90m though, but that’s when Gallagher comes on to close out, rather than be thrown on to rescue a game.

If the thought of Mainoo, Bellingham and Foden on the same pitch for England doesn’t get you excited, you need to watch a different sport. They all know where the goal is and between them can create enough that even Watkins can score a few.

Final one, Maguire remains the riskiest defender going. He can do good things but he is always ready to drop a bollock and that’s not what you need in your backline.


The England team in happier times, before the game

International breaks​
Is it time to rethink the timing of these international breaks?

When you consider the club season in late March/early April is moving into fifth gear it is then interrupted by international friendlies where key players can get injured (and have done, if you believe that, but legit injuries could occur) and be out for a significant spell at possibly the most crucial stage for the clubs chasing major honours, one wonders whether it actually makes any sense to have them at this juncture of the season.

You get the idea some of the players would rather not be risking their fitness ahead of league title run ins and latter stage European competition. Certainly, a lot of fans have less and less time for international matches such as these.

I’m sure there’s many moving parts and traditions which would instantly veto the following suggestion but would it make more sense to not interrupt the club season and end it a week earlier, then play a series of international friendlies when the tournament squads have been named, and build the cohesion with the national team right before the beginning of the tournaments?

I know there are actual qualifiers taking place this week but these always used to be wrapped up by the autumn before the tournament, not sure what has changed now (more and more games)

Anyway just a thought! I’m just not a fan of these interminable international breaks but I’m sure I’m not the only one!
Chaz (roll on the weekend for the return of club football)