Man City fans could become ‘heroes’ by walking away from the club

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Man City fans
Man City fans

Man City fans think they cannot win but there’s one way to curry favour: Walk away. But Man City fans are bizarrely reluctant.

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You could be heroes…
I disagree that City fans can’t win no matter what they do. In fact I think that they are in a very enviable position if they change their mindset a bit. They have had a decade of dominance, and now been given the opportunity to make a real positive change. Man City the villains? Man City fans can be the heroes of this story.


What would make this fan walk away…
Leeds fan for 54 years, most of that time living in London and some of that time a season ticket holder.

Since 1970 there has been a lot of bad stuff that stopped me going – racism on the Kop being probably the lowest ebb even worse than Ken Bates and L1 with Wise as manager.

I don’t think I could ever boycott the club unless we got owners like City and the Barcodes. It’s quite clear that neither of these owners will do anything other than pay lip service to the history of the club and the fans. The ridiculous threat to withdraw funding from the women’s team and other social projects if found guilty is a typical response, not dissimilar to the current government’s: be nasty to me and I’ll pick on the poor people and then blame those same people for their own problems whilst ensuring that the money all stays at the top.

I can’t condemn any fan for continuing to support their club – all I can say is that I would walk away, I certainly wouldn’t parade around in a Russian fur hat if we got bought by Putin.
Steve Turner


Some subtle sarcasm from a City fan
City fan here. Well, it’s been a pretty hectic week I can tell you. I’ve not only boycotted the club I’ve followed since 1972, but I also went further and built a bonfire in my back garden and burnt anything from my house with the colour blue in it. I’ve accepted that I’m nothing but a brainless pawn who has merely been facilitating sportswashing on a global scale.

That the owner of my club is, in fact, the Prince Of Darkness and that Manchester City Football Club will not rest until the entire football pyramid as we know it has been destroyed completely. And that they will not stop until the only football game anybody can watch will be Man City A versus Man City B every single week.

Still, I feel better now. It’s wonderful to have the shackles of ignorance released and I’m so grateful to the kind mailers for their sage advice. Especially those wise, balanced, and selfless supporters from Arsenal, Liverpool and United.

Thanks Guys!
Mark (Right, off to find the PL club I can support whose owners aren’t just in it for the money) Ex-MCFC


Further clarification
I don’t suppose pointing out yet again that City are challenging an amendment to APT rules from February 2024 that they were advised was illegal under UK law is even worth it now?

If City win the case, the rules go back to what they were in January 2024 and the PL redrafts the amendment to comply with UK law. That’s it. That’s the entire flapping of the media about this “civil war” and the absolutely ridiculous stuff said in Mailbox.

To F365; you are complicit in allowing this misinformation by broadcasting these people.


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Man City absolutely cannot win
Great email from Lee – apart from fundamentally misunderstanding EVERYTHING about the current situation with Manchester City.

I agree, when you sign up to a competition, you agree to the rules. But then, if the rules change, are you beholden to agree with them? No matter what the change is? City are suing regarding changes made in December 2021 and then revised in January 2024. So not the rules they’ve signed up to? Other than that, spot on, destroying football, should be ashamed etc.

When City are inevitably cleared of all wrongdoing, I’m sure Lee will be writing In to state how we got away with it, and in some way are definitely still guilty. Never going to win…
Mark, Manchester


Nobody cares about FFP
I was writing a long email about how few people truly give a crap about football club wrongdoings, and midway through I couldn’t be arsed about this either.

We have so few craps to give about this in reality that we can’t even give a crap when trying to give a crap.

For all its bluster football is nothing more than a soap opera.

That’s all.


Half the England squad won’t even play
On the face of it, the article about squad numbers seemed pointless, but… actually reading it was quite enlightening. Not particularly about the squad numbers themselves because who gives a damn, but on how many members of the squad don’t play and those that do but aren’t in the favoured XI play so little time, no matter how well they do.

Foden, Grealish and Rashford in particular all stood out quite stunningly, the latter of course ending the WC2022 as our equal top striker with 140 minutes from 450 available (88m from 690 at the Euros before being brought on to take a penalty).

Even Saka only got 288 minutes from 450 at the WC and joined Rashford as top scorer, 269m at the Euros.

Foden barely played, but when he did, was good. Sancho barely played at all at any time.

I can go on, but it’s worth reading. The TL;DR of it though is that 10-13 of the 26 squad may as well put their feet up, the other two might get some game time as a desperate roll of the dice from a manager who either has no idea how to use his squad or just doesn’t trust half of them to play. And if they do play well, it won’t really change anything.