Man City slammed for ‘craven, greedy grab’ at odds with champion of morality Rob Burrow

Will Ford
Man City Rob Burrow
Man City's 'craven, greedy grab' stands in stark contrast to morality champion Rob Burrow.

Manchester City have been slammed for their “craven, greedy grab” that stands in stark contrast to morality champion Rob Burrow in the week of the Rugby League legend’s passing.

It was revealed on Tuesday that City had launched ‘unprecedented legal action’ against the Premier League as they see themselves as victims of ‘discrimination’ because of the APT rules and that the ‘tyranny of the majority’ is attempting to halt their progress as a club.

Man City to blame for EFL snub

They want the rules that limit how much companies linked to club owners can pay them in sponsorship, with their case to be heard at a hearing starting on Monday, which is expected to last a fortnight.

It’s been claimed this is a deflection tactic from City as they head for another hearing in November over their 115 alleged breaches of FFP rules, though it’s also thought that success in the ATP case could ‘blow a big hole’ in their FFP charges.

But is was also one of the key factors in the Premier League’s failure to agree a crucial financial deal with the EFL and clubs in the top flight could now fight for £1bn in damages from City for their FFP breaches and also want their expulsion to be considered.

‘Craven, greedy grab’

Keith Wyness – who served as Everton CEO between 2004 and 2009 and now runs a football consultancy advising elite clubs – thinks City are “going too far”.

Wyness told Football Insider: “We’ve got to say a big ‘well done’ to Matt Lawton of The Times, who broke this story.

“That seems to be the only information we’ve got to work on right now.

“The Premier League and the clubs haven’t commented yet, so we’ve only got this as a starting point.

“One thing that struck me immediately was that in the week we’ve seen Rob Burrow pass away, and the moral sporting compass that he had.

“Compare that to this craven, greedy grab from Man City. It stands very starkly together.

“I would hope that a lot of the City fans I grew up with would start to question the direction their club is going in.

“It’s a really damaging situation they’re bringing to the Premier League.

“I just want to stand back and look at it overall, and set the tone. They’re going too far.”