Man City FFP ‘deal struck’ claim emerges amid ‘watch this space’ warning with the PL ‘damaged’

Lewis Oldham
Man City boss Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola's Man City are accused of breaching FFP rules.

It has been suggested that Manchester City and the Premier League could “strike a deal” to end their conflict concerning Financial Fair Play rules.

Man City are facing more than 100 charges of alleged breaches of the Premier League’s FFP rules. This follows a four-year probe into their conduct between 2009 and 2018.

The English champions have insisted they are innocent and recently launched a huge legal battle against the Premier League as they campaign for the removal of Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules. 

If an independent commission rules in Man City’s favour, it would make a significant portion of their charges redundant and their potential sanctions would be much less severe.

But if Man City were to lose the cases, their possible punishments include a huge fine, transfer ban, points deduction or even expulsion from the Premier League.

Former Everton and Aston Villa CEO Keith Wyness claims the legal fight between City and the Premier League is “getting messy”, but a “deal can be struck”.

“It’s gone quiet, and to me – that suggests a lot of behind-the-scenes conversations,” Wyness told Football Insider.

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“In both parties’ interest, it’s best to try and use private channels to find a way through this.

“I know there will be pressure from outside sources, like governments – for example.

“We’re thirsty for information, but I’m guessing there is still a lot of jockeying going on.

“It’s getting messy, certainly, with governments now involved. The real heavyweights are trying to sort something out now.

“What sort of deal can be struck behind the scenes? I don’t know. But some of the best brains in football, government and legal will be working on this problem. Watch this space – it’s gone deathly quiet.”

Earlier this week, Wyness argued that a final verdict in the Man City FFP case may not be reached until 2026 in a ‘damaging update’.

“There are two cases – the Man City legal challenge, and the 115 charges,” Wyness said.

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“With appeals, this could drag on for another two seasons.

“This is a very tricky situation to solve, and there has to be some way that this can be got through.

“People just don’t want it to drag on, they don’t need that. It affects the Premier League brand considerably.

“Sir Jim Ratcliffe has got to think about his points about the top six having more say. Here is one of the top six potentially damaging the whole Premier League more than anything else.

“If they want that responsibility, they’ve got to show responsibility and not galivant around shouting about a European Super League. Right now, these clubs are completely absent from any leadership position.”