Man City FFP: ‘No appeal possible’ in APT case vs PL with ‘decision expected ‘within six weeks’

Lewis Oldham
Guardiola Man City
Pep Guardiola in the dugout.

According to reports, Manchester City would not have grounds for appeal if they lose their APT case against the Premier League.

Man City are facing over 100 charges for alleged breaches of the Premier League’s Financial Fair Play rules.

The English champions were referred to an independent commission after the Premier League conducted a four-year probe into their conduct between 2009 and 2018.

Pep Guardiola recently clinched their fourth Premier League title but some argue that their recent success should come with an asterisk as long as they have these charges hanging over their shoulders.

Since City were charged, Everton and Nottingham Forest have been docked points for breaching Profit and Sustainability rules.

The case involving City is far more complicated and a verdict is unlikely to be reached before the end of the 2024/25 season. If found guilty, potential punishments include a fine, points deduction, transfer ban or relegation from the Premier League.

A further spanner was thrown into the works as City ‘launched an unprecedented legal battle’ against the Premier League as they campaign for the removal of Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules.

This case will get underway on Monday and it is anticipated that the outcome will alter the course of the larger case revolving around City’s alleged 115 breaches of FFP rules.

According to former City financial advisor Stefan Borson, the APT case should conclude “within a month or six weeks”.

There’s not much scope for this case to be dragged out,” Borson said.

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“If you look at the Premier League rules, it looks like there is no appeal possible for anything.

“It specifically says within the Premier League rules that they can’t appeal on a point of law.

“Given that this is a law-heavy case, that would be the most likely area that somebody would want to appeal but it is a closed door.

“So I would expect this to be done in one hit – it will be heard over two weeks. I would expect the decision to come out, probably within a month to six weeks.

“So that takes us close to the start of the season, but to be perfectly honest I think this is largely relevant to the football.“

An ‘update’ from Football Insider has ’emerged’ with ‘City expecting to win their ATP case against the Premier League’.

‘There will be other top-flight clubs backing Man City’s case due to frustrations around the regulations on commercial deals.

‘Man City will be confident they will come out on top over the Premier League after Uefa previously tried to ban them from competing in European competitions.

‘Man City’s relationship with the Premier League has already been strained by their 115 charges, which are due to be heard in November across a six-week period.

‘The governing body’s CEO Richard Masters decided not to go to the Etihad for the final game of the season, where the Manchester club lifted the trophy for a fourth year in a row following their victory over West Ham.

‘That decision shows how “toxic” matters have become between the Premier League and Man City ahead of the APT case.’

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