Man City FFP: Football Leaks hacker to release ‘hundreds of emails’ exposing ‘deliberate cheating’

Will Ford
Man City boss Pep Guardiola
Rui Pinto has 'hundreds of damning emails' to expose Manchester City.

Football Leaks hacker Rui Pinto has threatened to release ‘hundreds of damning club emails and documents’ that will show Manchester City ‘deliberately cheated’ Financial Fair Play rules.

Manchester City are due for a hearing into their 115 alleged breached of FFP in November with some of the emails Pinto handed to authorities in 2018 forming part of the evidence.

Pinto ‘confident of criminal relevancy’

The previous leak included details of Roberto Mancini’s contract, image-rights agreements involving Yaya Toure’s agents and emails about club sponsorship.

Pinto, who has been in a witness protection programme since 2020, told the OffShore-Alert Marbella Conference via video link from his safe house: “The Man City releases showed amounts of money being paid into by the club that were not mentioned to the football authorities.

“These documents form part of the Premier League investigation into City. I have now handed five hard drives to French and German authorities with millions of documents, including more on City and I have described what is on each.

“I am confident they will find criminal relevancy.”

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‘A massive file’ on Manchester City

A legal representative for Pinto added: “We have been approached by investigators to share information regarding Manchester City that has not been released before.

“We haven’t released the information yet but we have a massive file of Manchester City-related documents that has yet to be released.

“The files will be published at some point, we cannot say when but we will do it.”

It’s claimed by The Sun that there are hundreds of emails and documents on Pinto’s hard drives that prove City were ‘deliberately cheating’ FFP.

Pinto further revealed that he has received anonymous death threats since Football Leaks and explained that some clubs were looking to source information on the hacker’s life.

He added: “I know that a group  of European football clubs were investigating me.

“They met in London and were very worried about new leaks. They were looking to gather information about my life.”

Pinto’s previous leaks saw City banned from European football for two years, though that suspension was successfully overturned, and the club slapped with a £25m fine.

He received a six-month suspended sentence in November last year after admitting to illegally accessing confidential information on Paris Saint-Germain.