Man City FFP: Pep Guardiola exit claim dropped amid ‘surprising’ APT development with PL case

Lewis Oldham
Man CIty boss Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola could leave Man City.

A fresh claim has been made about Manchester City’s APT case after they launched an unprecedented legal battle against the Premier League.

At the start of 2023, it emerged that Man City were facing more than 100 charges for alleged breaches of the Premier League’s financial rules. This followed a four-year probe into the club’s conduct between 2009 and 2018.

If found guilty, City could be given huge fine, points deduction, transfer ban or could even be expelled from the Premier League.

This process has already dragged out longer than most would have liked, but another spanner was thrown into the words to complicate the situation even more as City launched a legal battle against the Premier League as they campaign for the removal of Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules. 

If the result of this case is in Man City’s favour, it would dramatically alter the FFP case as it would make a large portion of their 100+ charges redundant.

While this is ongoing, Pep Guardiola‘s long-term future at Man City is in doubt as his current contract is due to expire in 2025.

Guardiola to leave Man City?

The respected Spanish head coach is widely expected to follow Jurgen Klopp in calling time on his spell in the Premier League next year and Man City have reportedly selected Liverpool legend Xabi Alonso as their preferred replacement. 

Finance expert Stefan Borson claims Man City’s ‘surprising’ APT case proves that are ‘preparing for life after Guardiola’.

“When you are established at the top, you generally want to build as big of a moat as possible to prevent other clubs being able to challenge,” Borson told Football Insider.

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“I guess in that context it’s slightly surprising that City are one of the clubs arguing very strongly for a lack of regulation despite being at the top of the table.

“But I suspect they are looking into the future beyond Pep Guardiola and thinking in a more rounded way around that.

“It’s acceptable for all of the clubs to sit around the table and position themselves selfishly.

“It’s for the governance of the league to moderate that and come up with a set of rules that are fair.”

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