Man City ‘fear expulsion’ is possible as ex-PL chief reveals ‘real reason’ for ‘two-pronged legal war’

Lewis Oldham
Man City boss Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola's Manchester City 'fear expulsion'.

It has been suggested that Manchester City “fear expulsion” from the Premier League is “really an option” if they are found guilty of breaching FFP rules.

Man City recently clinched the Premier League title for the fourth year in a row, but this incredible feat was achieved with a dark cloud hanging over the club.

Man City “fear expulsion”…

Pep Guardiola‘s side were charged with over 100 alleged breaches of FFP rules at the start of 2023 and were referred to an independent commission following the Premier League’s four-year investigation into their conduct between 2009 and 2018.

If found guilty, it has been suggested that Man City could be given a huge fine, points deduction, transfer ban or even be expelled from the Premier League.

Since these charges came to light, Everton and Nottingham Forest have been docked points for breaching Profit and Sustainability rules, while six Premier League clubs ‘must sell’ players to balance the books and avoid sanctions during the 2024/25 campaign. 

As for Man City, a further spanner has been thrown into the works as they have ‘launched unprecedented legal action’ against the Premier League as they campaign for the removal of Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules, claiming that they are not lawful.

In response to this new case, former Everton and Aston Villa CEO Keith Wyness has argued that this new case proves Man City “fear expulsion is really an option”.

“Given the time this is taking, the Premier League will be fully prepared,” Wyness told Football Insider. “This new case is going to soak up management time and resources for them.

“I think what we’re seeing is City going to these extreme lengths because they fear expulsion is really an option if they’re found guilty of these 115 charges. They’re throwing everything they possibly can at this.

“I would ask City fans to look beyond blind club loyalty and really think about this. Put pressure on your club, because this is going down the wrong road for football.”

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Wyness has also argued that the ‘real reason’ for Man City starting ‘war’ against the Premier League is to “distract away from the 115 charges”.

“I think this is all about distracting away from the 115 charges,” Wyness added.

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“It’s a two-pronged legal attack designed to attack the rules just as much as attacking the charges which they face.

“What I think it would mean, if City were to win, is that they could spend as much as they want to. There’s no doubt that other clubs would be disadvantaged in that case.

“One of the points they make is that they believe the rules are discriminatory against the Gulf states. I presume they’re trying to bring Newcastle and Saudi Arabia into the picture.

“I don’t see any discrimination against those countries. It’s a question of whether City are going to play by the rules – or are they going to try and buy their way through.

“It’s not in the spirit of the Premier League and it would eventually ruin the Premier League.”

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